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  1. OK, what you have said seems to be basic courtesy. But which passive can the opponent in the tournament be a tool about. I will give two examples. 1. Say you played a city plot and forgot to say kneel these 2 guys, (probably not a passive, but lets use this) assuming that since he had just 2 guys it was obvious. It was then noticed in the marshalling. Can he say, you didn't say it so the When Revealed doesn't happen. 2. Say you forgot to draw your 2 cards in the draw phase and you start counting gold. Can he say your out of luck.
  2. Mostly I am asking about what happens during a tournament. I understand that if you forget to trigger a response then you are out of luck. But what happens if you forget to do a passive? Can you remember later in the same phase, next phase, next round. What is the ruling on this? Cheers, Mooch
  3. If you use this new event, and you have cersei out (power for winning intrigue challenges), do you get power for winning the intrigue challenge?
  4. Cheers for the response, Mooch
  5. Hi all, Rule question. When a card says Limit Once Per Phase, does it mean you can only trigger that card once per phase, or all copies of that card too. E.g. Iron Link, if I had that card 3 times, could I trigerred each iteration of that card once for a total of 3 times, or trigger the effect one time no matter what. Cheers, Mooch
  6. Hi all, I am wondering if I could use Moqorro's ability on a card that is not in danger of being killed or discarded, and just to give the 2 str and intimidate. Cheers, Mooch
  7. OK, I think I get it, but just to make certain. ktom said: But if the effect has already initiated, then each player has to do as much as he can. So, since the plot text is passive and initiates because the plot is revealed, everyone who can has to discard a character. For this plot in particular, even though I have 0 characters, this plot would still trigger since the condition to be met is "When Revealed". ktom said: If instead Marched to the Wall was an event or some other triggered ability that said "Any Phase: Each player must choose and discard one of his characters," then choosing the targets would be a condition on the initiation of the effect and every player would have to have a character to choose before the effect could be triggered. To use your example above (if the card was an event), but without the word "must". If instead it said - "Any Phase: Each player chooses and discards 1 of his or her characters from play". Would both players choosing targets still be a pre-conditon that has to be met before the discard part happened? And furthermore if the text said "Any Phase: After ThisCard'sTitle comes out of shadow, each player chooses and discards 1 of his or her characters from play". Would then the pre-condition be coming out of shadows and then it is just "do as much as they can" for the rest of the phrase?
  8. Quick question. If I have no characters and my opponent has some, I then play Marched to the Wall, does it still trigger? I can never remember the rules when both players have to meet the conditions or just one. Cheers, Mooch
  9. Oh I forgot to mention, paying 0 gold cost? Is that possible?
  10. Hi all, Quick question. If I have Dragon Egg on my opponents character card, could I then ambush with a card in my hand that has the shadow crest, e.g. Black Hatchling? Cheers, Mooch
  11. Just to update everyone, the rule that gave points over the entire season for playing different people was removed from the league rules as too hard to implement. This rule: 2 points for each different person your Player/House plays over the course of the season (this is to encourage players to have matches against as many different people as possible and not just seek easy wins against the same players) Cheers, Mooch
  12. Hey Westerosians & Ottawans! The third weeks results of the new A Game Of Thrones: The Card Game - Ottawa League are in. Check out the highlights here: www.agotottawa.ca/results-of-round-three/ Cheers, Mooch
  13. Cool, thanks for the response. Cleared that up.
  14. OK, I need a clarification on the something. In the FAQ it states: After the first action has been fully resolved, the opportunity to take another action goes to the player to the left, and so on (continuing in clockwise order). After all players have consecutively passed on taking additional actions, then this player action segment is over, and the game proceeds to its next framework action or to the next phase. Now to me that seems to mean that I could continue to trigger actions until we both passed. What rule am I missing here? Mooch
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