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  1. So the raptor was so incredibly advanced tecnologically, so well designed, so technically marvellous, so superior to other fighters... that the USA army must discontinued it, use only a few and the continue with the fabricación of muchos less optimal (but cheaper) fighters? Ok, sounds rassonable. Then could we continue with the discussion of how absurd is the idea of the SW Empire not using his best fighters, the defenders, in episodes IV to VIII. Is so unveliable, that it dropped me completely out of the escenario.
  2. So, very very Star Warsy then... ¡Oh boy, I'll surely love it! Thanks
  3. The first, you will need 5 shoots to kill the first ship, 4 for the second (statisticaly with lots and lots of events, actually there are not much diference, if the attacks are only modified by focus OR TL, instead of both, the advantage is for the second ship; with mixed good attacks both are even more equaled).
  4. Or... You could consider that missiles and torpedoes are nearly ineffective against shields, but extremely damaging against hull. So even with ordnance you will need some dogfighting to bring down the enemy shields.
  5. So, the "for childs but not for chiles" is not a problem of SWRebels or Clone Wars, but a general problem of SW, an acepted one, because there are no light without shadows...
  6. But don't forget about the original trilogy, a group of films aimed for kids, but full of death, that present the killing of millions just because you hear voices in your head as a cool thing. The history of a military uprising with a death tool of untold billions, as something exciting and fun, an adventure full of pew pew woooooh colors and lights. The storm troopers don't have faces, so you can kill them without hesitation, they are not actually people... Your wingmates die for you, but it's all right, cause you are the hero. If a bully scream at you, cut off his arm, you are the good guy. Canibalism and tedybears... cruelty for kids. All in the OT. And I love it.
  7. << We knew we needed to pace Thrawn out. As exciting as it was to bring him in, it also presented a lot of difficulties because I was determined not to have him losing on a weekly basis. That would just have been terrible, so we created scenarios where it was reasonable that he was involved, but it was not his fault if they lost. In the last episode arc, we went a very long way around to explain that it’s really Konstantine’s ineptness. Thrawn even calls it out — “If you don’t listen to me, you will create a problem and we could lose.” When you’re in command, you have to rely on other people. He can’t do it all himself. Thrawn knows, at the end, the right move to play, but unfortunately for him, Konstantine undermines his efforts. I think Thrawn gets a win regardless, because he, pretty much, destroys the rebel fleet. >> So much love...
  8. As a dedicated imperial player I could take the aggressor, as the only imperial ship. If not, the Scurrg, because I was a fanatic Elite plater whem I was a child, and I'm a fanatical Elite Dangerous player now. And the Scurrg is basically, an Elite ship.
  9. Because choosing the faction that can bring to the table the biggest and hardest combo right now is not the main reason to choose a faction, for a vast number of xwing players at least. And outside the ubercompetitive meta, playing with imperials is a perfectly fin, enjoyable and rewarding experience, quite different of the scum variant (both rebel and main scum). And then... Because they are cool as ****.
  10. I have bought more than a dozen iPhones over the last years (that's a lot more € than 180 ships). I'm a customer, a premium one! I do, in fact I absolutely deserve accesos to the apple prototypes, and their testing, and even their brainstorming...
  11. As rpg master, I can say that making a narrative in the SW universe is hard because of the jedi powers. Both in the new cannon and the EU (more even in the EU) the jedis are much better at combat, but also better pilots, better mechanics, better diplomats, better thiefs, better ... everything. Or your history is about a one an only protagonist, or all of them are jedi, or none of them are, otherwise things become more and more difficult as time goes for the narrator viewpoint. Of course, you still can build a theme about various protagonist with an stellar powerfull one, but is difficult. I can understand the "force nullifier" enemy, is an easy way of put in the same level several important characters, some of them not jedi. The all threatening menace from beyond the unknown is also a well known element to disrupt a tired status quo (or to give a new enemy to the winner faction if you close with an undisputed win the previous act). The all-biological enemy is also a solution to give something "new" to a universe like the star wars one. A tyranid/zerg menace could be something new, as an all-tech one (borg/reapers). All the elements of the Vong made sense, just they implemented them in a really awfull way, narrative and aesthetically.
  12. A conquering race of dinosaurs from other galaxy with an all biological tech? This is Tyranids in SW... Well, event this Vs Is better than githyanki/skorne in space.
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