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  1. Nice suggestions - for now, I have added a sleazy bar.
  2. Why do players not run away? I have several theories…. a.) They do not realize they are outmatched (the enemy was just lucky…. there must be a weak point..) b.) They play people very devoted to their cause (Brother Ignatius will not run from the foe!) c.) Because nothing is sweeter than winning a battle that the GM designed to be "unwinable". :-) These are my theories. Often when I think as an GM - "why are my players acting like idiots" - it is not necessarily their lack of mental capacity but very often a different interpretation of the situation. Ask yourself. Why is one combat a tough challenge that can only be mastered by true heroes and the other one a situation where only a fool would stay and fight and what do you as Gm do to make sure that this difference is obvious?
  3. Hi Guys, I am currently working on a set of "generic" WH40K Floorplans and this is what I have created so far: http://www.hardpoints.de/Steampunk_Map_Collection.pdf Comments, suggestions etc. are welcome…. (To see the rest of my maps, go to: http://www.hardpoints.de/html/handouts.html)
  4. Hi, these are some maps I am currently creating for my game - somewhat generic to throw at my explorers. http://www.hardpoints.de/Steampunk_Map_Collection.pdf What do you think? Any type of location I should also do? (For more of my maps and material, go to: www.hardpoints.de)
  5. Hi, sorry to resurrect this thread but I just wanted to tell you guys that I have now posted all the adventures of my campaign. We had the climatic battle last week and it was real fun to see how the story wrapped up. http://www.hardpoints.de/html/dark_heresy.html
  6. Radulf St. Germaine said: Hi, I used Campaign Cartographer with the Dungeon Designer add-on. Ah, an I should mention that I use quite a few custom elements I created with Corel. If anybody wants them, just send me a message.
  7. Hi all, thanks for the input- I will definitely use some of the ideas. However, my main intention is not to crush the players like the vermin they are - instead I want to challenge them with interesting combats and still give them the joy of squirting firey death upon their enemies. ;-) I guess creative placement of explosive/inflamable material is a cool idea. Plus, I need more helpers with extinguishers and more outdoor combat at longer ranges. (BTW, what does a real army do angainst flamers?) Fighting fire with fire is sth. I have been doing - but whether that increases the fun factor for everyone? I am not sure.
  8. Hi, I used Campaign Cartographer with the Dungeon Designer add-on.
  9. MILLANDSON said: Also - use more long-ranged weaponry. They can't get close and use the flamers if they're being pinned down (remember to use the Pinning rules) or shot by automatic fire from heavy stubbers/bolters and other full-auto weaponry. I will look up the frenzy thing - that might work with the possessed madmen that come up next. Range is always a bit of a problem - most action takes place in tight spaces, underground or in space craft - there is never much room to use a longlas or similar things.
  10. DJSunhammer said: Also don't forget that Flamers.... Light stuff on fire. So you can put your players in a situation where extreme heat is going to get them killed, like fighting in a shallow pool of promethium, or the interior of a warehouse conveniently filled to the brim with explosives. Although you should watch out for the last one, you never know what crazy ideas players will think up to throw a wrench in your nice plan. I like that idea. :-)
  11. Is there a rule for power armor being immune to flame? I found myself in the ridiculous situation where a sort of mini-dreadnaught was engulfed in flames but could not be damaged by the ongoing effect -still, by the rules it would be panicked and unable to act. :-|
  12. Hi, recently, the flamer has become a weapon of choice amongst my players. Some pretty tough enemies (low agility most of them) fell to these weapons - basically not due to the fire damage but due to the fact that they were effectively stunned for several rounds and taken apart by their attackers in the mean time. What is you experience with these weapons? Is there a good way to "resist" fire attacks even if one does not have a crazy agility?
  13. Hi guys, I am new to this forum. Me and my lads have been playing DH for over a year now and I have started to put online the first of their adventures. If you want to reuse my stuffs, you are most welcome. I also look forward to any comments constructive or not. :-) My adventures can be found here: www.hardpoints.de/html/dark_heresy.html Cheers, Radulf
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