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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew what the enemy/player ratio is? Unlike D&D enemies dont have a point cost so im not sure how many enemies to use per encounter. Is it usually 1 on 1? and what about hordes? 2 on 1? Thanks for your help
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    Unless FF release new corner add ons for chaos in a big expansion ? who knows, all i know is im ready for more!
  3. player1369279


    I think they'll add chaos to playable characters next because it says theres no pvp at the moment because they are for the imperium so chaos should be a playable race so pvp would make sense …fingers crossed
  4. If FF decide to make one last expansion, i'd love to be able to play as chaos. It'll be awesome if the roles were reversed like in black crusade
  5. Hi there, i was just wondering if anyone knew what monster traits do? each monster card has a trait icon but it doesn't explain what its for. It must do something other wise what's the point in it? Thanks for any help. This game is awesome!
  6. Yeah it does say it can attach to a development. Strange. Thanks for the reply anyway
  7. Yeah it does say it can attach to a development. Strange. Thanks for the reply anyway
  8. I Don't really understand this card and i wondered if it was just a misprint. the card reads: Attach to a target unit or development. Attached card is considered to have a blank text box, loses all power, and becomes a development. Why would you put this on a development? developments have no text box or power and already is a development. I wondered if instead of attaching it to a development it is supposed to read "support"? any suggestions? thanks
  9. I'm not sure how i got my partner to play this game as she has no interest in Warhammer at all! But i guess i just asked her if she fancied it and she did (there's a joke in there somewhere). The trouble is she always plays dwarfs and i very rarely beat her lol.
  10. Its great that FF are making expansions for this game but i just wish they'd add more tiles and minis. As the board game is based on gears 1&2 i'd love FF to make an expansion of gears 3. It could have more "outside" tiles and have different COGs and include Lambent minis and cards. It could also include a team based 3-way scenario, in which one team are COGs and another is Locus and they fight waves of lambent and each other. Just an idea but one i'd kill to have .
  11. Also with the Forbidden Alchemy expansion it includes keeper action cards and tokens for dead hands so i'll include those into the game to represent ash's hand in evil dead 2 .
  12. I've had a flick through your scenario idea and i will definitely give it a go. Although i have one query, for your final event card called "dead by dawn" the zombies melt away and the keeper wins. but surely the investigators should win if they survive until dawn. In Evil dead ash leaves the hut in day light so i think it should be for this game too. But as a massive evil dead fan i will definitely give this a go.
  13. ah cool thanks very much for you replies . i'll have to check winds of magic out!
  14. Ah i see, thanks. So what do mutations do? do they add certain dice for example? or add to any stats?
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