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  1. I'd like to know what other players around the globe feel about the game. From my opinion, the game is taking a bad direction since ancient relics came out I will state some reasons why I think this way: Supports are becoming really powerfull (i.e. the new neutral relics from Terror in Venice, flooded vault...) and still Shub is the only faction which can destroy them. Some other factions have one card, but not as good as the shub cards (burrowing beneath, thunder in the east, the cthonian) Also shub has a lot of cards to gain more than one resource per turn (festival, feed her young...) With yithians the game has added something that can't be countered: triggering abilities from the discard pile. There is no card that can counter that. The Asylum Pack or Deluxe Packs are now preconstructed decks: serpents, yithians, explorers... and also they've given a large pool of powerful cards to some factions which were already too good. These makes competitive game boring, as there is small variety of decks if you want to destroy supports, you need to include shub, + m. myths and a few more cards that are lmost in all decks What do you think?
  2. I wanted yo sacrifice the Living Mummy to trigger its effect using the ability of Nyogtha sometimes happened that Nyohtha was ready and had no wounds, so I did not know if I could sacrifice the mummy anyway
  3. But if you see the FAQ (the part I just copied above), Y'Golonac can choose a ready character to "ready" it…
  4. Thank you =) what about the possibility to trigger Nyogtha's action without wounds and readied?
  5. About if GP would ready: Yes it readies. It was committed to a story as a character, in this particular case that means any effect that would trigger on or because of a character being committed would also be able to effect Guardian Pillar. To go one step further, as long as it is committed it is considered to be both a character and a support card. Everything clear now =)
  6. I just got the answers: About the gug wounded til death: a player found this FAQs frangment that he thinks may contradict your answer: Some cards respond to leaving play, or to effects that may cause them to leave play. Such responses can be triggered as if the card were still in play. Note that only Response or Forced Response effects can be triggered in this manner, and they must respond to leaving play or the effect that causes them to leave play. Cards may not take “one last Action” before they leave play. For Example: The “Response:” effect on Professor Nathaniel Peaslee (Core Set F24) can be triggered in response to Professor Nathaniel Peaslee entering the discard pile from play. Does "effects that may cause them to leave play" mean sacrifice and destroy only? We thought the case with a gug and the short fuse would be included here as well… No. There is nothing in the Gug's effect that refers to it leaving play. So this rule is completely inapplicable. To determine this all that needs to be done is compare Professor Nathaniel Peaslee's response to Laboring Gug's and it becomes abundantly obvious. What about cards like Mi-Go Observer? Can he respond to his own death? This one actually refers to a card leaving play, but the answer is still no. A card's response to another card leaving play is not the same thing as a card's response to itself leaving play and that is what this FAQ entry is addressing, a card responding to itself or an effect making it leave play.
  7. Hello again, while i was reading the FAQ, I found this: (2.13) Multiple Effects and the word “Then” Some cards have effects that attempt to do more than one thing. Generally, these effects resolve independently of one another. (If the first effect of the card does not or cannot resolve, the second effect will still occur.) For example: Y’Golonac’s (Core Set F122) ability reads: “Action: pay 1 to choose and ready a character. That character must commit to the same story as Y’Golonac, if able.” Y’Golonac can target a ready character with this ability, and even though the first part (ready a character) does not resolve, the second part of the effect does resolve. as it says, you can pay the cost even if the consequence cannot take place (the character is ready) so I don't see why I couldn't do the same with Nyogtha… and in this other situation, could I drain my domain and put a success token if my opponent can't drain on of his domains? (I coun't it as 0 resources, but maybe it's not like this…)
  8. I'm starting to feel tired of having to ask doubts every time I want to build a new deck… May I copy what Zephyr wrote (the FAQ) and ask Damon? I think he is right, or at list the FAQs should be re-written at that point
  9. I thoutgh you would understand the answer like this, so I did not write anything else but at first I did not understand the GP and SK part, so I ask Damon for a Yes / No answer to this question: Can I commit Guardian Pillar to a story with the Silver Key attached?? His answer: Yes. Because when Guardian Pillar is ready it is not a character The Silver Key's passive effect cannot prevent it from being used. It only counts as a character if you have exhausted it to commit it. And I suppose it readies, he would have said it otherwise.. ?¿? what do you think?
  10. Damon just gave me the answer to this: How would Short Fuse interact with a Gug like this one? How many cards would I draw? (1 per wound or 1 in total?) None. The Gug's response cannot be triggered from the discard pile since it does not state explicitly that it can do so. It would need to survive the execution of Short Fuses ability and remain in play until the Response window opened up. Then and only then could it trigger its ability. Now if it had a means to trigger its ability each wound would be an opportunity for a response. In order for Laboring Gug to only respond once to a wounding effect rather than each wound it receives it would have to be worded, "Response: After Laboring Gug receives 1 or more wounds, draw 1 card."
  11. This is Damon's answer: Guardian Pillar does not become an exhausted character. The location support card exhausts to allow Guardian Pillar to commit to a story as a character.The Silver Key prevents readied characters from committing to a story.While Guardian Pillar has not been exhausted it is not a character and therefore does not fall under The Silver Key's passive effect at all. It is only by exhausting it does it count as a character. In short, no, you may not commit Guardian Pillar as an action.As a passive its ability lets you exhaust it to commit to a story as a character. The only time you can commit characters to a story is during the commit step of the framework action (as of right now). As a passive its effect alters the rule about what can be committed. If it had a trigger, like Action or Response, or even Disrupt you could do it at any point that an action of that type could be triggered.Committing a character is a framework action, that is to say, it is something the game creates a step for and has specific rules governing. The only way for a player to commit a character is through these framework actions. Now a card can become committed to a story through a card effect, but that is not the same thing. For example, playing a card means paying its cost and placing it on the field from your hand, putting a card into play means using a card effect to put the card into play from any out of play area. The end result,, a new character being in play, is the same, but how it is achieved is different.The same is true for committing a character and a character being committed. The Black Dog is put into play committed, it does not go through the commitment process which is what its response effect triggers off. A Black Dog can never respond to a Black Dog.Now if there were ever a card that said "Action: Pay 1 to put this character into play. Then, exhaust and commit it to a story of your choice." The wording on that card would specifically create an additional commitment process where a Black Dog would be able to trigger its effect.Does that make sense? So, Zephyr was right all the time: GP has to be committed during its controller commitment turn, and the Black Dog cannot respond to a Black Dog as it skips the commitment process Thanks for your answers!
  12. I didn't find any topic related to this How would Short Fuse interact with a Gug like this one? (how many cards would I draw?) I don't know if the word "wounded" refers to "taking 1 wound" (so the short fuse wounds 7 times) or if we must consider the whole action of taking 7 as wounding 1 time
  13. Thank you! I'll let you know what Damon thinks about this issue
  14. ****, hope this official answer would have come out some days earlier!! this weekend was the National Championship in Spain and Alyssa Was played the wrong way… Thanks for clarifying =)
  15. Everyone understands the FAQ this way? I did not, but I believe you, I've been playing for only half a year and my English is not so good How could I contact Damon? I would be pleased to clarify my doubts and share the response with you all
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