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  1. thank you for your responses... i will hold onto buying for now till future expansions..But a sure buy in the future
  2. I am liking what i see and hear...but want to know will they add more factions so that it can be a 3 or 4 player game or..it is meant to be ONLY 2 player game. Cheers and ty for responding...
  3. Will it be as before only 1vs1 or wiil aow 3 players etc.. otherwise pointless as a second editon really dint help in one of its crucial isues. PvP is fun if 3 or more not always 2. Anyone know to this?
  4. anyone with an answer to this be real nice
  5. 14+ views any responses??
  6. When Hoax invisibly attacks (melee) Hoss. Is he still able to use his "prescience" even though the melee attack against him was invisible? Thank you
  7. I am confused arent some of the expansions provide gameplay for 3 players? Am i wrong on this?
  8. checkout artscow... they did the D&D game boards for me.. they great and efficient + reliable...
  9. Well i am sure there is someone witht he talent to be able to concieve something. The reward is well worth it?
  10. Is no one up for the challenge or its too much of a challenge?
  11. Please go to for more info: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1004109/descent-2nd-edition-competition-giveaway Thanks, Ely
  12. Awesome and Thanks
  13. thats me and seems that they are more prompt to responding. Thanks though
  14. When the Canoness lands on a threat place of lets say strengh… She has the ability of; " At the start of your Engagement phase, you may draw 1 card from any threat deck and place it on your space" Does this mean? Instead of facing off with the 'strenght' threat she can choose instead a 'cunning' threatcard? If wrong what is the interpretation to this ability? Thank you
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