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  1. Hi, I have read on old threads about moving large/huge monsters but am still left with one question. Is it allowed to expand a monster that is shrunk to one square mid move in order to attack even though this one square version is not yet adjacent to the target? This would save one movement point as when expanding you will be able to position your monster adjacent to the target. I appreciate any feedback. Cheers, Kjetil
  2. My group had a discussion on one of the Special Rules for the quest Fire and Brimstone. The text reads: "During his activation, as an action, Lord Meriek Farrow may continue his ritual. If he does, the overlord may place 1 fatigue token in the overlord's play area." The discussion was: Can he use this action once or twice per turn. OL argued that it does not specify that the action can only be performed once per turn and since Lord Meriek has two actions, he could add two fatigue in one turn if he chooses to use both actions for this. The players claim that if the OL can add two fatigue tokens per turn, this quest becomes too hard. I am also interested to know if you have played through this quest, how did it go? Exelor