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  1. Agendas only advance -during step 2 of the mythos phase if there is equal or more doom in play -if a card adding doom has the "this effect can cause the current agenda to advance" clause on them causes there to be equal or greater doom in play
  2. well thats fairly simple to stop if you are going to let the hero's carry supply cards between missions limit how many a hero can carry between missions to 1 per hero (or per activation if playing with less than 4 hero's)
  3. they don't have anyone with the leader trait and have to outsource to get one they also have the only deployment groups that only get 1 additional damage capacity when taken as elite
  4. atual there is a round limit after the virus is uploaded as there is a round limit for the mission the mission end one of 4 ways after 8 rounds, when all 3 terminals are destroyed, when all 12 mission tokens are claimed or all heros have been wounded
  5. in skirmish a deployment card can only have one attachment in campaign they can have as many as you like
  6. Page 4 of the rule reference guide under Agenda - Types of Agenda's - 4th bullet point Kept Secret: If the card says “keep this card secret” the Imperial player keeps the card hidden from the Rebel players. He resolves the effect at a later point in the campaign as instructed on the card. These Agendas are kept with the Imperial player’s components between sessions until resolved. All of these cards cost one influence but may cost additional influence when resolved. i would say you keep it till you use it then it's discarded
  7. the threat level for that story mission is 5 so you were penalizing yourself if you where only having 3 you did the round 5 part mostly right, it's "increase threat by 3 at the start of each status phase" rather than increase the threat level by 3, which matters if there is anything that gets modified by the threat level so from round 5 the threat level would remain at 5 but you would be gaining 8 threat each status phase
  8. i believe this is what you are after also known as the "pass rule" page 3 of the FAQ RULES REFERENCE GUIDE ACTIVATION PHASE The “Activation Phase” entry on page 3 should include the following bullet: “During a skirmish, if a player has fewer ready Deployment cards than his opponent, that player may choose not to activate a group and pass play back to his opponent.”
  9. well i'm unlikely to pick two as open groups but i now know i can and more importantly i can pick 1 as an open group if there is one in the starting or reserve group
  10. just incase anyone else wasn't sure Rules Question: The general weiss villain pack doesn't have the component limitation rule that the the stormtrooper villain pack has, does this mean that if you own the general weiss villain pack you can use 2 AT-ST's during a campaign ? If you can build up the threat for 2 AT-STs, go for it. Thanks! Paul Winchester Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games pwinchester@fantasyflightgames.com
  11. hired guns: you are limited by the deployment cards that come in one pack, 1-Elite and 1-Regular, and unlike unique Villains are not unlocked by an agenda mission
  12. c) it would take 2 of the damage the rest would get ignored (this is in-case there is an ability that needs to know how much damage was taken) then all damage would be removed leaving the hero with no damage markers then the hero card would flip to the wounded side page 10 Rules Reference Guide, Damage • When a figure has suffered damage equal to or exceeding its Health, it is defeated. .....other stuff related to damage...... • A figure cannot suffer damage in excess of its Health. Any damage over this amount has no effect. page 10 Rules Reference Guide, Defeated When a figure has a number of damage tokens equal to its Health, the figure is defeated. • When a hero is defeated for the first time during a mission, he is wounded and flips his Hero sheet to the wounded side. If a wounded hero is defeated, he withdraws and is removed from the map. page 25 Rules Reference Guide, Wounded During a campaign, when a healthy hero suffers damage equal to his Health he is wounded. He discards all damage tokens and flips his Hero sheet to the wounded side. If his strain exceeds his new Endurance value, he discards any strain tokens that exceed his Endurance.
  13. you are aware the faq changed it from interact with one terminal to interact with both
  14. so Vader's Finest you can have 4 as it's a none unique grey card right ? my Kayn Somos pack hasn't turned up yet and that has the first none unique grey skirmish upgrade card in it does it come with 4 ?
  15. if a mission says "deploy an AT-ST to a yellow deployment point" it is a one off special deployment if a mission says "the yellow deployment point is active" or "deploy an AT-ST to a yellow deployment point they are now active" then the yellow deployment points are active for future status phases
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