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  1. I think that cards for psychic powers would be handy and a quick reference for skills and talents would be good as well for those talents that you don't often see or use.
  2. I would suspect translations to French, Italian, and German will be first, but I suspect it will take as long as it did for previous FFG products.
  3. I like some of the ideas you have shared, I really like the idea of psychic cards to use as a quick reference for what each one does, if they were laminated you could use a marker to input thresholds and the like. I think that a quick reference sheet for what talents and skills do and modifiers would be helpful.
  4. I would like to see a move to make DH,BC,DW,RT and OW use the same system so that the cross over of both bad folks and PC is very seamless. That way I can take my Grey Knight to any of the systems and work or any other combo.
  5. Rogue trader gives some stats on ships in the main book that may work
  6. it is fine to use the Alpha legion and the word bearers legion to advance the story but anything that would have killed a deathwatch team is way more powerful than little old humans could survive. The plot works but keep to a minimum what the Space marines NPCs do, the alpha legion does use regular humans as pawns in their overall chess match. Let the players choose to use the artifact or call in their boss and they can get rid of the artifact.
  7. The pc's are currently aligned somewhat with tzench. The area was a small mining base for the Imperium that the two pcs were tasked to take out and "repurpose" for the marines chapter to arrive. For now the pcs are trying to stay under the radar so that the imperium will not come retake the base.
  8. I think we would need more info than this to be of much help. Like more details about the characters and perhaps also if there are other people in the warband, you mentioned a Traitor Marine for instance. Also information about the Chapter would be nice, what kind of stuff are they looking for? Or is it just two players? Anyway some more info would be needed to give more help. On what has been given I think that you should make two or three rough drafts of planets that the characters can choose between and then when they've chosen you can pick one of them out and flesh it out. The traitor marine has not decided what the chapter name is and the other player is his brother. The unnamed chapter sent the two brothers to take a out of the way base and prep the base for the arrival of the chaper. For now there are only 2 players in the war band and a few locals that are hangons.
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