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  1. A lot of the issue is they ( Games Workshop &FFG) are looking to max the profits for the minimum spent.  This is why that they have to put out errata out almost before the books hit the stores.  Editors are failing to catch basic errors.  With the economy not doing so hot for their customers overall is cutting into their profits for the games.  What they also need it a movie or tv mini series to drive sales for all their Warhammer products.  They have so much material that they could do shows for years and never "damage" the fluff of the game.

  2. Anhydration  could be replaced with a set of gills, all depending on how much time is spent in the water.  Gills would have to be covered or there would be modifiers for to fellowship as well as they might dry out and bleed.  Tech priest could be used to maintain all the traditional stuff as well as any specialized equipment that would be found on your home world.

  3. the untouchable can be a very annoying background especially if you are running the Apostasy Gambit since this group of adventure is very dependent on the warp and Psykers .  So be warned if you want to run these adventures since it can require a lot of changes to run them as a GM.


  4. the biggest need for improvement is the need for more maps to help tie the story in better and less reliance on psychic ablities since with the right combo of backgrounds, players will be immune to or at least not all that effected by the ones in the book, I had to change the powers of some of the bad guys to even make them a challenge to my party since one player was a blank vs psychic powers and the other was a tech priest that was not effected by mind attacks.

  5. The untouchable only makes the target numbers higher.    The Radical's Handbook page 38 states that the Untouchable PC can never gain psychic powers, pure faith, sorcery or related talents, they completely immune to psychic powers, energy or effects directed against them as wells as warp powers, possession or sorcery, Corruption from warp shock and so forth.  They can not be detected by Psyniscience, sense presence or similar powers, these powers simply fail when directed at them, but not other party members. :)  Their disruption area has a radius equal to the Will power bonus in meters and the threshold for powers manifested within this are is increased by 10 and will power test are at a -20. Also those affected by Warp instablity suffer double damage.  The best way to attack them is indirectly, example using TK to drop a boulder on them.

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