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  1. Superraiderman

    Penalty for using Xenos Tech / Weaponry?

    if a pc grabs a xenos weapon or any other artifact all they need to let it be seen out in public and it gets the attention of various factions of the inquisition and that can be a adventure in itself.
  2. Superraiderman

    My group's Psycker is unkillable

    a untouchable can make life very hard for any psyker. The raise of all the target numbers and the like making their powers much harder to use. p 38 of the radical's handbook is where you can get some ideas how to create such a NPC.
  3. Superraiderman

    Ritual of Exorcism

    Spoiler alert In the Dark Heresy Church of the Damned - Book 2 of The Apostasy Gambit p 22 the pc's do a exorcism and this would be a excellent way to do such a complicated issue.
  4. Superraiderman

    Backpack and carry weight

    I would say that you can carry the 30 kg or about 65 lbs and after that it effects the pc's movement, attacks and etc.
  5. each branch of the imperium has females with exception of the Space Marines.
  6. Superraiderman

    Dark Heresy Digital Character App now available

    since each of the games in the FFG/Warhammer line seem to have different systems it would seem that they would have to make different apps for each until they sync up the systems in a second edition.
  7. Superraiderman

    Daughters of Death

    I have not a problem with Battle sisters Space marines, and it is your campaign so your the boss.
  8. Superraiderman

    Purple Dragons (Astartes Chapter)

    great story, the story works well with existing fluff. here is much better pic
  9. Superraiderman

    Rest of the 40k line

    A lot of the issue is they ( Games Workshop &FFG) are looking to max the profits for the minimum spent. This is why that they have to put out errata out almost before the books hit the stores. Editors are failing to catch basic errors. With the economy not doing so hot for their customers overall is cutting into their profits for the games. What they also need it a movie or tv mini series to drive sales for all their Warhammer products. They have so much material that they could do shows for years and never "damage" the fluff of the game.
  10. Superraiderman

    Physical Appearance and Non-Core Home Worlds

    as for the hooves or any other extreme physical change, you might create a problem for the pc if you are seen as a mutant.
  11. Superraiderman

    Ocean Homeworld

    Anhydration could be replaced with a set of gills, all depending on how much time is spent in the water. Gills would have to be covered or there would be modifiers for to fellowship as well as they might dry out and bleed. Tech priest could be used to maintain all the traditional stuff as well as any specialized equipment that would be found on your home world.
  12. in our group we use the damage rules for weapons from Black Crusade since they tend to be more balanced.
  13. Superraiderman

    Untouchable powers WIP

    the untouchable can be a very annoying background especially if you are running the Apostasy Gambit since this group of adventure is very dependent on the warp and Psykers . So be warned if you want to run these adventures since it can require a lot of changes to run them as a GM.
  14. Superraiderman

    Tricks and Traps

    the fun thing about flying bullets even in 40k universe is metal on metal creates sparks and promethium and sparks are a bad combo. With the right amount of "consequences" happening as a result of spray and pray will make most players will find a new plan much better to their liking.
  15. Superraiderman

    Critically failing a grenade throw

    I have found that such a mishap is what fate points are for, If you are pressed for time and they fail the fate roll, just let them come in with a "new" pc that is clone of the last one. We all have had that time when we killed our own pc's before the GM did.