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  1. Try running a Squad without Las weapons, e.g. Autoguns and you will quickly have ammo shortage that is the main reason the IG uses Las weapons as much as possible, hugh ammo capacity and the ability to reload spent batteries in camps, apc, tanks or whatever other source of energy including a campfire
  2. yes, Rubicae are not much more than say a Servitor under the control of Sorcerer, they have no will or intelligence of there own, thats why the rulebook states them as followers not as a character class
  3. The whole Javelin-comparison was mainly to illustrate that the same technology, a Krak-Warhead, can be used in many different ways to massivly different effects just like a HEAT-Warhead and for every employment of a weapon soon countermassues are found like reactive armour so mainly my point would be that, like someone already stated, for example make a master-crafted hunter-killer that always hits in the side armour if you took a full action aim adapt the rules if you find something fun to replicate or something unheard of its 40k dammit, one book makes Space Marines nigh unkillable and in the next a Guardsman shoots a Marines arm of with a shotgun hit
  4. why dont we compare to reality? considering Forge Worlds awesomly good Imperial Armour book in why they give many details on tanks, weight, weapons and so forth its not a farfetched comparison arguably the technology of armour in 40k seems to be stuck at WW2 level even though armour steel toughness has increased but i cant remember ever reading of reactive or fragmentation armour (ceramic plating) used on tanks (even tough they use it for Power Armour it seems) HEAT warhead which by description are most similar to Krak Warheads are actually pretty good against steelarmour unless it gets ridiculously thick at which point it has almost no effect Melta weapons would to extremly well against steel too but would have almost no effect on ceramic (its used to shield space shuttles during reentry after all and is non-magnetic and non-conductive) so again tank armour seems to be made from steel the reason i used a javelin as example is because it is still basically the same HEAT missile but uses a top-down attack (it aims to strike the turret from the top) which is less armoured then the front (TT: barrage hit in the hull hit side armour) so this seems viable also the javelin uses a bit of a trick called a tandem warhead, its actually 2 HEAT warheads that fire after one another to defeat standoff armour (the cages you see on modern APCs or the sideskirts of WW2 tanks) and reactive armour its not the actually warhead that is weak but the way it is deployed against the tank is what makes all the difference
  5. Vanquishers work wonders too, or Destroyer weapons of course both beyond Infantry capabilities since there is no Javelin-equivalent in the 40k universe the most reasonable thing for infantry to do against an MBT is to score a mobility-kill by tracking the tank and then either charge the **** thing or line a shot up at the rear (not considering terrain like cities which are a tanks worst nightmare without infantry cover)
  6. yeah almost got nerdgasm when those pics where unveiled forgeworld truly sets new standards every release all thats missing now is a 40k Mechanicum codex altough my group doesnt mind me playing them with the horus heresy rules
  7. sure since all Astartes are from Terra the original Raven Guard was recruited from a nomadic tribe that used bone shrimshaws and stuff and had a very savage style of combat, rapid raides, extrem violent and rule of the strongest (which gave the Legion its informal name Pale Nomads or Dust Clad) those became the original Raven Guard that were attached to the Sons of Horus (at that time still Lunar Wolves) since they were undernumbered somewhat and Horus treated them more like a company of his Legion than a seperat Legion they actually worked great together since both employed rapid raids and tactics aimed at the heart of the enemy when Corax was found and after the whole slave moon thing on Deliverance he stopped recuitment from Terra and mostly used recuits from his homeworld (in addition to some made on the way of course) which included many of his old rebel fighter buddies that favoured a much more subtle and covert style of fighting so the terrans and the original commander of the raven guard (Shade Lord Arkhas Fal) Before the Istvaan Massacre the Terrans and Arkhas Fal had already been send of as "Predation Fleets" to the edge of the empire to hunt xenos and fight alongside Rogue Traders there is a bit more details so i highly recommend the book (all Horus Heresy Forgeworld books actually)
  8. Also a few hints as to the parent chapter of the Carcharodons hidden in the Raven Guard background
  9. The main thing to keep in mind for the whole Ally System in the 40k Table Top is this: Do you plan on playing a fluffy army that looks coherent? Or do you wanna win? My play group plays for fluff and because the game looks awesome when every army is painted and fighting on a good painted terrain with buildings and stuff, my tyranid and necron players would not even dream of taking a knight because it does not fit on the other hand my chaos player will because we dont give a **** if the codex states otherwise, on the condition that he adequatly chaosifies it of course of course tournament players or people needy of wins always find ways to break the system or abuse a rule just keep the distinction in mind and most problems will solve themselves
  10. it's a hobby, there is no realistic pricepoint
  11. yes i did GM for a Tank Regiment with Leamn Russ normal infantry in a open field is hardly a threat and makes the players feel kinda allmighty, but watch them sweat when they have to travers a forestroad or through a city, so many chances of ambushes dont forget a wooping -30 awarness penalty to characters not being turned out (or even more) makes them think twice about not sticking their heads out
  12. guess Space Marine is just to iconic to let go
  13. from a trademark standpoint the comment is absolutly right also imperial guard was never really fitting since the imperial navy flyers are included still not happy about the namechange... why not just name it Departmento Munitorum, that is at least already established and includes everything you can actually field in a TT army
  14. seeing a muzzle flash is a misconception of hollywood as well real ammuntion produces almost no muzzle flash, only hollywood blanks do for effect if a suppressor or silencer is attached there is no muzzleflash left at all as to guessing where the shooter is from an impact, its not that easy, doable but not easy
  15. you cant hear nor see a suppressed 7.62mm nato or .338 lapua sniper rifle from 300m or farther away (maybe even closer havnt tried) since those are 2 of the most used sniper caliberes for military use i guess it would be similar for a sniper rifle in OW
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