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  1. I think you were shortchanging yourself in prematurely quitting if you don't have Celebrian Stone, Unexpected Courage and Steward of Gondor in your opening hand. Even if you have those three, you cannot play all of them in round one anyway. With 2 spirit heroes and 1 leadership, you could only play UC, but not Celebrian Stone or SoG. You'd have to wait for the 2nd round. So, in effect, you'd just need UC in your opening hand and could hope to draw SoG or CS next round before quitting. If Eleanor (or Eowyn) is the prisoner, you'd have to wait for 2nd round before even having enough spirit resource to play UC.
  2. I'm against fiddly randomness like this, as it might complicate the game and would undoubtedly prolong the game (even for just a few seconds, due to 'mechanical' operation). It's at least a 2-step process, possibly 4. You choose, and you randomly discard. Then possibly, spawn and discard weapon. Of course, there is this incentive not to 'randomly discard' the chosen card (But that's up to the player's honesty). There might be unintended consequences/interaction (in future encounter/quest cards, maybe?) when an enemy engages you, or when an attachment is discarded, etc. The other problem I see is the usefulness of the card. If I only have one card in hand, then it's guaranteed the enemy will be spawned. If I have 2, then 50%, and 3, 33%, etc. Usually, in my games, I only have very few cards in hand, so there's a high chance I might trigger the spawning, What happens if I dont' have any cards in hand when I attack? Spawning an enemy token is off the spirit of the game. Usually, bad things are conveyed via threat increase, signifying 'corruption'. Would it be more in keeping with the spirit of the game if the negative effect is via threat increase?
  3. When you solo, you are effectively exploiting the glitch in the system because that lone investigator gets to act FOUR times in one day (before midnight happens). As compared to the case where you have 4 investigators, each of them acts once and then midnight happens. Investigators should only have one turn each in a day, no matter how many they are in the team, then midnight happens.
  4. 1. The number of turns (or midnights) needed to win the game should be negative. You should score lower the longer it took you to save the world. The faster, more efficient way you play, the less the penalty (or higher the score). 2. Midnight (or day clock) should move to the next when the all investigator(s) in the team has taken a turn. If you are soloing a game, midnight should happen after that investigator's turn (there is nobody else in the team). As the game is, after that solo investigator's turn, the clock only moves 1 spot. In other words, that solo investigator gets to act FOUR times in one day! As compared to when you have 4 investigators and after they've all taken their turns (4), the clock advances to midnight. With this glitch, the game is easier to win via solo than to have 4 investigators, which is thematically, absurd.
  5. FFG also dropped the ball on its choice for expansion symbol for Cities of Ruin. Eiffel tower with tentacles? Really? Paris is not even one of the cities in the game board. FFG should have picked a iconic landmark that's also depicted in the game board -- London's BigBen! With tentacles of course.
  6. Couldn't find any instruction about this. Do I include Frodo as Ringbearer a hero with One Ring attached if I'm playing the POD 'The Old Forest' in campaign mode (after Shadow of the Past)?
  7. I wish it's possible and FFG would design an expansion which includes a booklet of adventure/scenario with story. Something like the adventure booklet of Mice and Mystics game. A scenario adventure booklet that's like a programmed adventure where investigators have to gather stuff or find certain persons in certain locations, or gather specific artifact to combat the AO, instead of the usual solve 3 mysteries and win. The scenario could also flesh out the personas of the investigators (as mentioned in that Arkham book of Investigators). Just another way to play the game, I suppose.
  8. Yep, Passage through Mirkwood. If the deck even stumbles with this one or losses against it, you gotta look real hard at the deck and see what's wrong with the deck. Then for serious testing, Journey Down the Anduin. These two decks are in the Core Set, unlike the other quests which you might not have.
  9. Since your stat is excellent for tracking, I'd like to request that you add optional questions, only for games that resulted in a victory, what was the Doom on the track and how many cards were remaining in the mythos deck after solving the 1st mystery, and after solving the 2nd mystery. We could use the stats for these answers to develop a one-mystery and two-mystery variant of the game. For example, if the players want only 1 mystery to solve, we could use the stats to figure out how much doom and how many mythos cards the players could draw before the game automatically results in a defeat, based on similar play experiences as accumulated in your database. Similar benchmark could be developed and used for a 2-mystery variant (how much doom advancement and drawn mythos cards before game is considered a loss), all based on the averages of actual plays recorded in your database. Hope you could accomodate my request. Thanks in advance.
  10. Please let me know for games that you won, what was the Doom and how many mythos cards were remaining in the deck when you solved the first mystery, and when you solved the second mystery. This will hopefully give us an idea for making a quicker/shorter variant based on real play stats. For future plays, pls note the Doom and number of Mythos cards remaining in the deck after solving the 1st and 2nd mysteries and report it here or in the poll I made at boardgamegeek below. Since you could only vote once in the poll, feel free to just post succeeding plays (AO, doom and cards remaining, after solving 1st and 2nd mysteries. Thank you. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1594872/pls-help-your-play-stats-needed-1-mystery-or-2-mys
  11. The hard (or most 'un-fun') part for me is that I invest 2-3 hrs of play time only to lose. Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that I should win or expect to win just because of time I've already spent playing. What's hard to take, and this is the reason why ES doesn't hit my gaming table that often, is I get this feeling of "wasted time" (setup, actual play time, and cleanup/store game) and I frequently lose. It doesn't encourage me to try again right away (another 2-3 hrs), unlike other shorter, but also difficult game (lIke Lord of the Rings LCG), which even if I lose, I have only spent 30 minutes and I can try again, right away, and not worry about gametime running out. EH somehow feels like unencouraging, and very frustrating. I'm starting to wonder if money spent on buying this game was well spent.
  12. I guess the designers had to choose whether they wanted this epic 2-player space opera to be a tactical wargame that takes about 5-6 hrs to play or a strategic wargame with a less detailed battles but could be played in 3-4 hrs. Can't have everything, I suppose.
  13. I don't 'house rule' location lock. As a player, i have to be aware of the possibility of location lock and must be more aggressive in questing to avoid such. Besides, the encounter deck (the player) does not 'house rule' to make the quest/encounter deck tougher when he wins regularly with a particular deck. I haven't heard of anyone says "I'll house rule this adventure pack and stage 1 extra card, since my deck is pretty strong against it and wins."
  14. I just find it strange that FFG would mark the Land of Shadow as "on the boat", that it's coming from overseas (and not yet on hand). I mean why have two print runs and two shipping cost for Land of Shadow: one limited print run for Gen Con (and pay the shipping cost from China) and then the regular print run for the public release two months after? Couldn't FFG order one big enough print run for both GenCon and hold on to the excess until it's time for public release? If FFG ordered just one big print run, why label the LoS as "on the boat"? Is FFG just following the 'normal' stage updates (in development, at the printer, on the boat, shipping now, and available now), even though they already have the stocks in the warehouse?