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  1. We've mixed up the way we play at work too. We've dealt out plot cards, event cards and then even all neutral cards. The most extreme one we did was put all the houses cards into one big pile and played off the same draw and discard/dead piles. It was mayhem but fun to try once.
  2. If there is a Canada bracket I guess I should probably be moved into it instead of the US one I previously signed up for. I was thinking time zones might make more sense than actual geographical boundaries.
  3. I spent the gold on core set Robert this week and it bit me in the ass. My opponent playing Lannister opened with the plot which gives all characters -1 STR if they have no intrigue, then he played and knelt Illyn Payne on his marshalling - Robert dead.
  4. Has anyone ever considered setting up a OCTGN tourney so that players from all over the world can easily compete against the best of the best? I'm sure nothing beats playing face to face but some of us are stuck in regions where there is no live play per say. A draw could be created, then the two players have say a week or so to connect and then complete a game? It would take a while to actually complete a tourney but it isn't a problem if it's all online. Maybe have a North America and Europe side where the champs from each side of the ocean meet up? Good idea? Thoughts?
  5. A couple of noob questions and I'm sure they have been answered before - but we're actually breaking from the game right now until we have an answer while I search the forum or someone replies. HAHA Plot card lowers all characters with no intrigue by -1. Robert Baratheon has a STR of 3 and no intrigue - he becomes 2 STR. Can Illyn Payne kneel and kill him? Or is the base STR the guide for that? The gang says no, that the -1 is only used for challenges. I think it's encompasses everything including dominance. If Robert Baratheon is killed from play and later in the game I draw his duplicate. How is this situation handled? a) Keep him in hand and play him next marshalling, b) keep him in hand and hope someone discards him during an intrigue challenge, c) or discard him immediately and redraw a card in its place.
  6. BUMP Still looking and hoping for an emerging Calgary community.
  7. Four of us at work bought the Core Set so we could play at lunch time. Each of us chose a house and played it consistently. They seem balanced - wins were split; until one of the guys bought the Targ expansion set and now things are off kilt a little. I'm getting the Bara set in the mail tomorrow and another guy is waiting for his Stark deck. The guy who plays Lannister well he's kind of out in the cold until the new one comes out. Hopefully he doesn't have to wait too long.
  8. Sounds like they got hacked and the creator took his server down. I've switched to Google Talk - seems to be just as good.
  9. I'm strictly using google talk now - seems to be the best? Add me if you don't have me yet: rdfc20 [@] gmail [.] com
  10. I've been pleasently surprised by the help I've received from KTOM and others on this forum. Thank you very much for your patience and time!! You've made understanding and falling in love with this game all the more enjoyable!
  11. Thanks guys - this game makes me feel like a complete idiot sometimes. haha.
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