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  1. Hi. First of all, this is a brilliant idea, very well done. But i’m afraid this method can’t work on the some of the expansions spaces. I remember that in the Highlands, for example, some spaces guide you to draw a card even if there is already a card in that space. In the city expansion as i recall, most street spaces guide you to draw one card, with a maximum of 3 cards which can be on the same space. i’m aftaid you will need text for that kind of spaces? Or maybe another smart symbol?
  2. First of all, i want to appoligize for any grammer and spelling mistakes, english is my second language --- The dragon expansion was awesome, in many ways... the game was very enjoyable, we played with all the expansions. unfortunatly it was just a 2 player game, but it still was good and highly enjoyable! --- It was good, exept for the ending... we played like 4 hours, and at some point in the game, both of us had something like 20 sterngth points, and the dragon king only has 12... so basically it's - The first who gets to the crown of command, wins, which is no fun at all I was in the dungeon board, and in when i got to the treasure chamber at the end, I "fought" the lord of darkness, which also had a strength of 12! so after i won (there was no other way but winning), i subtracted the Lord of Darkness's attack score from my attack score, to see where i get teleported to... and guess what: I got teleported to the Crown of Command! So to make it short: I fought the lord of darkness in the dungeon and automatically won, than i got teleported to the crown of command (in the dragon realm side) and automatically won as well. --- "So that's it?" I thought, "After several hours of epic and fun game, i won by going to the dungeon?!" And further more, The lord of darkness in the dungeon had the same ammount of strength that the dragon king had?! It just didn't feel right... I mean, why the dragon king only has 12 strength?! ••• Beside that, i have a few questions: 1. A player dosen't need a Talisman in the dragon tower? It's not mentioned anywhere, and i think that the talisman is an important part in the game... 2. If i want to use an alternative ending, from, let's say the frostmarch expansion, i need to play with it INSTEAD of the whole dragon tower & realm board, or do i play IN ADDITION to this board (for example: alternative ending from the frostmarch expansion on top of the crown on commmand in the dragon tower board side) 3. About what i did, when i won by teleporting to the dragon realm's crown of command through the dungeon, is this aginst the rules or is it ok? ••• Anyway, that's about it... it's a good game, but there it has holes and confusing situations.
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