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  1. Hello, This might be a strange question, but my gaming group has some troubles with Feudalism. I couldn't find any clarification on this forum, so I thought I'd ask here. Sorry if this question has been asked before. Our problems are with of the resource ability of Feudalism: 1. Do the recources mentioned include hammers? 2.If so, does that mean that if you have Feudalism as your government, any one of your cities can use any and all hammers of your other cities? 3. If so, and say that you have two cities: if the first uses the hammers of the second, can the secondcity still build using any hammers the first city didn't use? 4.And lastly, does that mean that if you have engineering, you can distribute all available hammers of all your cities at will amongst your cities? I'd say yes to 1. and 2., but no to 3. and 4., but I'm not sure. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I just bought the game and played a game with some friends yesterday. We were a bit uncertain about the mechanics of some of the wonders though, mainly the wonders that have abilities that happen at start of turn (i.e. The Collossus, Hanging Gardens, Panama Canal, Sidney Opera House). The Hanging Garders says 'Start of turn: build a figure in the squrare containing the Hanging Gardens for free'. Does this happen every single turn as long as the wonder is active (and you have figures in your stack), or just once (the first turn after you build the wonder)? Same question for all the others. If you have the Opera House, do you advance on the culture track every turn? Do you get one coin every turn when you have the Canal? We thought this was a bit much, so we treated it as though these wonders had a one time only effect, at the start of the first turn after you build the wonder. Did we interpret this correct? Thanks in advance if anyone wants to answer.
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