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  1. BH: Frodo Baggins BI: Legolas BJ: Elrond BK: Aragorn (T) Go, go Legolas! If I am not mistaken, the last time I was active on this forum was in context with your 2013 victory! :-))
  2. Very good summary, I fully agree. I am very happy about the Raider and the TIE/A upgrade. Really looking forward to it and pretty sure I will make good use of the Advanced in the future. Especially Vader - my favourite character - will definately see a LOT of play now! :-))Edit: @ Thrawn: Your field tests are GREAT! Keep up the great work and Danke/Thank you!
  3. Well the Agressor is already going to be the best ship in the game with the BEST maneuver dial. Giving it a white K-turn in addition would have changed the ship from "game breaking" to "game ending". Seriously. You found something a single ship can do (basically as its only strenght) and you want it for the agressor in addition to its awesome dial, awesome actionbar, cheap cost, AWESOME pilot skills and awesome stats? I am wondering!
  4. Nice Batrep, thanks! Fortunately I have no problem with the language ;-)) Your friend made a HUGE mistake when he cloaked the phantom before attacking. he would have fired first anyway and could have cloaked in response using his ACD.
  5. I want to have a regular Star Destroyer for X-Wing. Is that at all possible/realistic? I mean, how big would it have to be? How many Points? 300?
  6. I fully support your requests! 1) The Vader/TIE Advanced package has to be a viable choice (at least). Come on! He is the best Pilot in the Galaxy and the TIE Advanced is built according to his specifications. Vader should be a menace to every other Pilot... but currently he is basically not fielded by experienced players at all. It's a shame really! 2) In Star Wars, the Imperium is famous for its capital ships. It is beyond all bearing that the rebel scum is roaming the Galaxy unchallenged. Impossible!! ;-)
  7. I would like to rather see ally versions of the famous heroes instead of 3rd or even 4th sphere versions. While you may find some reason for a lore Gimli or a spirit Boromir I think recreating a character in spheres that don't fit them well would somewhat damage the story and the background story. I think it would undermine the general game mechanic thats bases on four different spheres as well.
  8. Thanks a lot for your ideas!! I am still undecided though. I like Encounter at Amon Din a lot in general. But wouldn't it be quite difficult with four players since you got only one Lord Alcaron and an increasing chance for locations/discarded villagers? What do you think about the Escape from Dol Guldur? I know it's DL 7 but it has a cool story as well and should be (much) easier with more players? You only get one prisoner and three guarded objectives solo or with four players, that doesn't change.
  9. Hello everyone. I am making plans for a four player game on the weekend. Two people never played the game before and one only a couple of times a while ago. I have already prepared four mono sphere decks. The decks are focused on theme, include the most famous characters and are easy to play. I included some cards that allow some nice player interaction like fast hitch in the lore deck that needs to be played on another players hero (Frodo). While the power cards are in there as well, I included no more than two copies of each card for more variety. So the decks are good but clearly not maximum strength and the players are unexperienced. Now I have been pondering what quest would be most suitable? I am looking for a nice quest that will provide for some fun, story and combat. We will probably play only one or two games and I want us to have a good chance for victory. I am NOT looking for a challenge, or a difficult quest that will ruin everyones evening - unfortunately that means most quests are already out of the question. I have litte four player experience and unfortunately I can't think of a quest that perfectly fits the bill? Can you? What quest (I have them all) would you recommend under the circumstances? Thanks!
  10. This is incredibly powerfull and I am very surprised that it is legal... But since it obviously is (at least at the moment), I will have to build new decks! ;-)
  11. Yeah, it's a complex (and difficult) game. Just played a two player game with like 35 cards being on the table at the same time. If there are a lot of effects on these (responses, forced effects and so forth) it can become difficult to play everything correctly...
  12. My opinion? You are not. I never won it and propably never will (especially since I don't tailor decks for a specific scenario).. The best thing one can do is not to play the EoN quests at all. Me and a friend tried these a couple of times when EoN came out until we were pretty fed up. It's difficulty 4 or 5 right? LOL! Sometimes I feel the designers try to frustrate people intentionally?!
  13. I agree. It would be a very usefull, strong and unique effect. Bejond game mechanics what I like best about it is that it seems so incredibly fitting for Galadriel! And it really should be strong and unique. Like Elrond with Vilya. Besides I think getting a free card and being able to play it for free would still be the stronger effect!?
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