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  1. Mnemonaut

    Star Wars: Ashes of Rebellion (In-Development)

    Hi Riptide. Do you know the name of the artist of your posted AoR Cover Art? It's quite brilliant.
  2. Mnemonaut

    MathWing: Comprehensive ship jousting values and more

    Not that easy as a Scum player.
  3. Mnemonaut

    MathWing: Comprehensive ship jousting values and more

    So better stick to Y-Wings w/TLT, Unhinged (and BTL-A4)?
  4. Mnemonaut

    MathWing: Comprehensive ship jousting values and more

    So, the Kihraxz fighter is crap? Just asking because I'm thinking getting a pair and fly them alongside an Aggressor.
  5. Mnemonaut

    Any Ideas for a Biggs Darklighter Build?

    I'm toying around with: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/370676/bbbx Can't tell if it's any good.
  6. Mnemonaut

    First character

    Thank you for the advices guys. You helped a lot. We will start our WFRP campaign tomorrow. Regarding the Accurate Shot Action: Is it a solid choice even if my character with Agility 4 is trained in the Ballistic Skill and has a Specialisation with the Bow? The extra fortune dice seem like too much.
  7. Mnemonaut

    First character

    I see. And did your Hunter player find another more useful Action for his ranged attacks?
  8. Mnemonaut

    First character

    I'm sorry but since English is not my first language I didn't know. Didn't mean to offend anyone.
  9. Mnemonaut

    First character

    Hi there, having played the first two incarnations of WFRP a while ago I'm now getting into the 3rd Edition of the game. I plan to play a Reiklander Hunter as my first career. Now I'm looking for some good Ranged Action Cards for that character. Accurate Shot and ***** in the Armour seem pretty decent. Or Sniper Shot (assuming critical damage is worth it). Later maybe Close-Quarters Shot and/or Rapid Fire? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Mnemonaut

    Upcoming products

  11. Mnemonaut

    YV-666 Armaments

    Hi, I have to ask: Where are the YV-666's cannons/launchers hiding? I can't figure out how this ship has a 180 degree firing arc. What weapon systems does it have? The actual miniature doesn't show any armaments. Thanks! (Hopefully this is in the correct forum.)
  12. Mnemonaut

    DH-17 blaster pistol stats

    Sounds like the BlasTech SE-14r (Dangerous Covenants, p. 43), just a little bit weaker. I absolutely like it.
  13. Mnemonaut

    DH-17 blaster pistol stats

    You're right. I'm blind. But how would you handle the (RAW non-existing) auto-fire capabilities of the DH-17?
  14. Hello everyone, I'm looking for the stats of a DH-17 blaster (http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20070224204231/starwars/images/5/59/Dh-17.jpg). Are there any official ones? Thanks!