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  1. Let's say it is the Challenges Phase. Player A is playing House Stark and Player B is playing House Targaryen. Player A has a Robb Stark [LoW]. Player B ambushes a Flame-Kissed onto Robb Stark. Player A knows that Player B has one Forever Burning in their hand, and thus would like to use a) Robb Stark's ability to name a trait to gain +1 STR or b) Forever Enduring to protect their character. Is it the First player who gets to choose which player is allowed to make a player action when both players want to? (Also, just to verify, once Player B uses the Forever Burning on Robb Stark, if Player A has not yet used a +STR effect on Robb Stark, it is too late to do so. His STR is 0 and he is killed. Right?)
  2. Okay. So on a card like "To be a Wolf", if Rickon copies it, he only copies the search part but not the standing part because those are two separate parts of the card's effect?
  3. Real quick to verify: If a character is subject to an effect like Field of Fire or Flame-Kissed, and they have 2 or less STR (either printed, or because of another STR reducing effect), they can be saved, but then just are killed again and again until their STR becomes greater than 0, correct? Thanks.
  4. So you're saying that you may choose a new opponent, or that the opponent is undefined, so you could just search alone?
  5. @Saturnine: I think you misunderstand, I want to build decks from all the houses! I like to build "fun" decks and competitive decks. The point of this thread in particular is both to learn about the game, but also to help build better decks for each house. This is helpful for understanding the tournament scene, but also so that when a bunch of friends who come over and want to play but don't want to deckbuild, I can hand them a good deck and they're off to the races. @Ratatoskr: I look forward to you finding time to scratch your itch! A different perspective is the one I want to see. @Michaelius: Siege of Winterfell... Build a deck with a lot of Direwolves or good cost ratio armies, maybe a few Epic Battles and try to march your way to a violent victory, killing many of your opponent's characters?
  6. I have a 3x PotS, - the Narrow Escapes. Would be happy to part with 1x of it.
  7. I should mention I have 3x core set and multiple copies of several chapter packs, so lots of trade fodder.
  8. I am curious which cards make people want to play various houses. I'm not talking about Refugees, which are solid but each house has their own variations. I mean cards that do something unique and powerful that make you choose that house over the others. I am pretty new to the game, so I would love to hear what other people value in each house. In my (limited) experience the best cards seem to be: HOUSE STARK Guilty! Bear Island Maester Luwin The Blackfish Guard at Riverrun Nymeria Forever Enduring Respect of the Old Gods Deadly Counterattack HOUSE LANNISTER I'm You Writ Small Tyrion Lannister [Core] Golden Tooth Mines Grand Master Pycelle [Core] Lannisport Brothel Pyromancer's Cache Castellan of the Rock Enemy Informer HOUSE BARATHEON Lightbringer Ser Parmen Crane Ser Eldon Estermont Salla's Escort Ship The Iron Throne [TotH] The Laughing Storm HOUSE TARGARYEN The Hatchlings' Feast Field of Fire Flame-Kissed Forever Burning King's Landing Assassin Dragon Skull Mad Kings' Legacy Dragon Thief The Dragonpit Dragon Bite Flaming Pitch-Tower HOUSE GREYJOY Longship 'Foamdrinker' Longship Silence Longship Iron Victory Longship Black Wind Balon Greyjoy [KotS] The Iron Cliffs HOUSE MARTELL He Calls It Thinking A Game of Cyvasse The Prince's Plans The Viper's Bannermen Venemous Blade Thoughts?
  9. What are people looking for? Alternatively, is there any reasonable place to buy singles?
  10. If a Maester with a Tin Link and a Copper Link attached kneels, who chooses which effect resolves first, the owner or the "first player"? If there were one other attachment in play could the owner this to prevent themselves from being forced to discard a third attachment by giving it the trait "Chain" with the Copper Link so that the Tin Link doesn't discard it?
  11. 1) The player who wins initiative assigns the first player. Plots are then resolved clockwise from the first player, correct? 2) If a character loses a trait, what are the consequences? (Example: Old Nan removes the Maester trait from a character with an Iron Link.) Furthermore, with the errata on the Maester's Path, can removing the Maester trait prevent the attachment from being equipped to the Maester? 3) If an ongoing effect (like Dragon Attack or Threat from the North) causes a character to be killed or discarded, and they are saved, would they just die or be discarded again? 4) Can the Lion's Gate choose a card with no power on it? I have been a little confused by a few responses on here that say a character can be knelt if it is already kneeling, unless the card requires a standing character be knelt. However if it is part of a cost, if it wasn't paid it can't pay for something. 5) I read on here that whenever you search your deck you must reveal the card. Is this true of something like At the Gates? If so, can you use the Weasel's Way to discard the Maester found with At the Gates? Thanks!
  12. Wish I could go that weekend. How often do you have these sorts of things?
  13. What do you guys think are the top tier decks of the meta? (I read a bunch of articles, but analysis seemed light; decklists shoddy.) My fiancee and I have been slowly building decks and testing them... The Lannister Kneel/Trait Manipulaiton decks seem very powerful. Tin Link and Copper Link off Maester's Path seem like very versatile answers to all sorts of permanents. What sorts of decks usually beat these?
  14. I mean, I don't even need the play to be "organized"... I just want people to play with. Is there anyone who plays AGoT up here? I know there must be some because they keep selling out of stuff at stores in the area... A
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