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  1. Is there a worked example combat somewhere I can look at? I'm trying to settle into the rules, and having a sort of standard combat would help. Specific questions: Does physical resistance reduce critical strikes from damage? Does physical resistance reduce "direct" critical strikes from things like the Strike ** ability? Is the critical strike from the Strike ** ability applied in addition to the normal damage? Can Water stance just take Calming Breath in addition to the normal Attack most rounds? Is this common? My general impression is that a lot of fights end up sitting in Earth stance to stop stray criticals, unless you're foolhardy, or think you're safe, or have someone protecting you. With the possible counter-intuitive exception of Hida characters?
  2. Thanks folks. Thinking about this more, I'm focused on it because it's the only way to get the Stolen Knowledge effect, and to a lesser extent Imperial heritage. I think I'm just going to re-write the last couple (pulled from previous editions, probably) ignore Stolen Knowledge, and let players pick. Getting Spells/Invocations on a Bushi has been a sort of bright line and it's probably not a great idea to either allow it as a choice, or have it randomly show up if someone gets lucky. Alas, I really like the idea of a Kaui Engineer with Wall of Earth. I guess another option is to just make Stolen Knowledge an advantage or a generic Technique that lets you buy (paying XP again) an out of school technique.
  3. Do most folks let everyone pick their Samurai heritage in question 18? It seems weird to have one step that's randomly determined. But the results also don't really seem to be created equal. Does anyone have any experience one way or the other? In particular, I was immediately drawn to Stolen Knowledge to learn Wall of Earth on a Kaui Engineer. I'm GMing, so I can let my players choose, but wasn't sure what experiences folks had in letting players choose?
  4. Is it worth picking up the beginner's box if you've already got the core rules? Or better to grab extra dice and one of the downloadable modules?
  5. We played our first chargen+mini skirmish session of WFRP last night. I'm pretty sure we messed up almost every rule, but we'll work our way through. I had a few questions looking at the advancement rules afterwards: 1. Is there some limit on how often you can change careers? It seems like a Reiklander can get to almost any basic career (except the casters) through free career changes with 3/4 matching traits. Do most humans end up freely changing between the basic careers? 2. Is there a limit on fortune dice for an attribute? I seems to remember three from somewhere, but I can't find it. Again, with Human free career changes, it seems like it would be pretty easy to pice up fortune dice on your primary attribute with almost every advance. Do most groups limit this in some way? three per, one per rank, no more than the attribute's value? We have an all-human party of three, and the way we drew/decided on the premise, I think we're going to be changing careers quite a bit, at least near the start.
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