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  1. Maybe I am just missing something. But the rules for decloaking say to perform a straight 2 manuver or do a barrel roll with the straight 2. But in the diagrams, it looks like they are using bank 2 templates. Am I seeing it wrong or reading the rules wrong or are the diagrams wrong?
  2. Miniature Market here in the US has them for preorder. They even have a picture of the packaging for the rebel transport, so I would believe them to be legit.
  3. You would only need 11 X-wings right? I also want to do this. Someone already has, in fact: http://ramblingsofawargamer.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/rogue-squadron-stand-by/ He likely used the paint schemes from here: http://swc.fs2downloads.com/sshot.php?subdir=Misc/Brand-X/&page=1&images=0&sort=ALPHA_ASC (unfortunately they don't have one for Gavin Darklighter) Technically you need 12... Bror Jace rejoined the squadron and also got his X-Wing painted up in Zaltin family corporate colors. I want that guy's set soooo bad, but its missing Bror. Books should NEVER have dog ears, use a bookmark if you care about books. Very cool though. Ok, buddy, its ancient, pages get folded, creased, I've had it SINCE 1997, thats 16 years, and I've had it since I was NINE. Nine year olds do stupid stuff, even to things they care about. And yes, it's very cool, Stackpole is a cool guy to meet, I also met Timothy Zahn, the only favorite author of mine in terms of Star Wars I haven't met is Aaron Allston. Now THAT is someone I would love to meet. I had to rebuy the Thrawn Trilogy because I read it so much. OT - Now that the EU is in the arena of possibility, would anyone besides me like to see the Rogue Shadow with a Juno Eclipse pilot card and Starkiller crew card. Maybe even a PROXY card that gives you an advanced training of some sort.
  4. I read it, but then couldn't find it to quote it, but the idea of ground wars with Walkers and AT-ATs is awesome. The only problem is, what vehicles besides snow speeders for the rebels would you have? Unless you pulled out a bunch of vehicles from the Clone Wars movie. I can think of: Imperials -AT-ST -AT-AT -Scout Bike Rebels -Snow Speeder Granted, I am not as familiar with things outside the movies. As for Wave 4 ships, the only one I would really like to see would be the Rogue Shadow. But as of right now, isn't the only non-movie ship the HWK-290? I'm also unsure what the next "Big" ship would be for the rebels. And I can't really see capital ships being produced due to the sheer size of them.
  5. That is SO obvious. For some reason, I keep seeing the Boost action as just going straight. Thank you.
  6. I have a question about the demo for the Navigator card. After the Lambda Shuttle uses the Navigator to view the X-Wings manuver and changes to a forward 3 to cause the X-Wing to run into it; how do Mauler Mithel and Soontir Fel both do a forward 3 and then a bank 1 to pounce on the X-Wing? Am I missing something obvious, or do they both somehow get to make a second move?
  7. If you want to add this question and then delete my post, I'm ok with that. But where in the time frame of the original trilogy is Edge of the Empire set? I mean does Alderaan still exist? Would we possibly run across the Death Star or a rebel base on Hoth? Is it possible to meet any of the central characters in a short encounter?
  8. Thank you. I guess if I had just waited a couple hours, I could have just watched the video and gotten the info.
  9. I would love a copy as well. fuelstaind@hotmail.com Thank you in advance.
  10. I just got the Beginner Game and it says that the Core Rulebook is the first in a line of items to be coming out for this AMAZING game. What else do you think will be/ should be coming out? I would think there would have to be some sort of Players Handbook to go along with the Core book. Also, I could see additional maps and token, but those may be included in the adventures. I certainly look forward to a lot of time playing this game.
  11. I had asked if anyone knew if there was going to be an expansion encounter set list like this. I'm hoping that a complete list (with symbols) gets printed soon.
  12. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there will be Encounter set lists for the adventure packs and sets such as Khazad-dum, like they did for the core set? It would also be nice for a full card list too.
  13. Here's a couple questions I have. 1. When combining multiple core sets, what cards do you use and which ones do you not? 2. When adding cards from the adventure packs, do you just keep adding the cards from a particular sphere to the ones you're already using? 3. Is there a max number of cards that the player can have in his deck when playing against a scenario? As you can see, I am REALLY a beginner.
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