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  1. I agree that's a strong twist, I'd play it out as they have dishonored themselves (albeit this may not be known to other marines unless they stated so to one in the campaign) and they seek to fulfill their mission by tracking down the remaining men and either returning with their geneseed or their battle brother intact. You have a strong capability to build a huge side story arc ontop of whatever one you already had in mind. You can penalize them mechanically if you like, but I'd have it play out in roleplay if possible rather than tweaking the rules.
  2. Anyone is welcome to use my Silver Skulls or Scout Marine Specialty.
  3. I created the specialty as a means to an end. When I looked at what scout marines do in tabletop as well as how it's been applied to the various virtual versions of the world (Dawn of War, and Dawn of War 2 being the prime examples) the scouts do more specialized functions than were permitted for any of the core specializations to do. It was difficult to by default craft a tactical marine, or a devastator into the role of having the scout specialized focus and extended training. This is what inspired me to craft this in the first place. In the end the mixture I came up with is a bastardization of Tactical, Devastator, and Cyrus from Dawn of War 2 based on the rules provided in the Rites of Battle and Core rule books. Now that I have First Founding I may integrate some of the features from the Wolf Scout specialization they added in there, or generally mine could get tossed out the window as they have the full specialization there. In hindsight I could've made this a prestige class along the lines of Chaplain, or Forge Master which would be selectable at Rank 1 or Rank 2 for Tactical Marines and Devastators. But I like having it as a starting option for someone. Via the fiction for Dawn of War which is considered cannon to some degree now. Cyrus as a marine was selected for his unique talents and choice of tactics. While those tactics were considered cowardly by the usual Space Marine methodology they proved immensely effective. Davion Thule Acknowledged these talents and even said his influence on the current generation of Blood Ravens would change the chapter forever. In another view the Raven Guard follow the similar ideals of how this Scout Marine functions of Infiltration and Ambush. They adopted the tactics after a great deal of their numbers were annihilated in the Horus Heresy. For them it became a means for survival as a chapter while still combating enemies of the immortal emperor. Take it or leave it for how I did this in the end, it functions for the group I'm running. The player using the Specialty opted for going the route of a sniper and has been using it to play an advanced vanguard infront of the rest of the killteam. It has proven effective and the player doesn't feel weak or useless compared to the rest of the kill team, while no severe balance or power issues have arisen either.
  4. I use my 15" Laptop, with the actual hard copy books next to me, So I take notes and keep all the NPCs and Enemies stats on a spreadsheet infront of me, and the rules are all in the books as well as the GMs dice screen. Then I have a dice roller on my phone I use to roll dice as its a little quicker than me actually rolling dice when i need to.
  5. If you want google docs will take word formatting and you could just use any google account to host it.
  6. I like the idea of the diagnosticator. I'll probably use that as a house rule if the apothecary in my group ever decides to get one, or even asks about it. I can see it absolutely integrated into scout armor, not a bad idea. A similar question to this thread came up in my games though- just where do Astartes put all the extra junk the req- the dataslates, the 15 grenades the req'd, the two extra pistols they wanted to carry, the 'unlimited' (or otherwise) ammunition that they carried? Magnetized to the armor, to some of us, just feels silly due to it's bulk and imagry. I can totaly see the 'just don't worry about it' route, my players didn't like the idea of just pulling things out of thin air. Honestly troops today carry this many grenades through a plate carrier vest designed to hold that many grenades. And I'd think a Space marine would do something similar where they'd either have small magnetic attachments hooked onto the exterior of the armor, or some sort of satchel or bag that would be worn to hold all the additional supplies. Typically this isn't well represented in the art designs for the troops as they're intimidating as larger smooth lean lumbering hulks. Similarly though the design in Halo had clean look armor with no distinction as to where the ammo or grenades were stored. With the release of Halo Reach we saw the addition of combat webbings in various formats to be able to distinguish how they hold the ammo and carry the weapons. Not that Halo is a good analog to WH40K (WH40K being superior in every regard) the idea would be similar in my opinion. As would be the addition of that combat webbing. I did have the combat webbing as an available option to the add-ons the scout marine specialty could have by default for the Scout Marine specialty doc I wrote (link can be seen in my signature). Though having it as default to the scout armor seems mildly excessive as it is an optional item.
  7. 10 wounds seems awfully low. I'd say double it to 20 and call it good, the minimal armor it has would make it extremely easy to destroy by either friendly fire or from a foe in most instances.
  8. Ah okay, let me know if you'd like another format in the future. I used the Google doc format as it was easy to distribute and easy to maintain. I'm still in the process of figuring out what sort of Psyker powers to give to the player who chooses to be a Librarian of the chapter.
  9. The boss I had was an Ork Warboss called HumiEatah - He'd obviously engaged Grey Knights and killed them at somepoint as he had a large forge made from their force pikes, and had his lower body chopped up as well, most of his legs and lower back had been replaced by a generator and mechanical parts. He had an unnaturally large jaw made of metal with some flesh and teeth either grown over it or around the parts that had been replaced. He forked a tech marine and killed him in the battle (or it was the 2 shots to the head from the friendly devastator that did the job) but it took them a bit of ingenuity to take down this boss.
  10. At the moment no... But as it's a text document, pretty easy to copy and paste into something else.
  11. Sanguinary Priest said: Did they change the necron awakening timeline in this newest codex? I realize that we're got some initial necron stats in The Emp Protects but I thought the timeline DW is officially set in is before the general necron awakening or even acknowledgement by the imperium. No big deal as you can just have the DW consider them to be some xenos life form specific to Jericho Reach or just play in a more advanced time setting. I've set my campaign period during the Awakening of the Necrons and the Inquisitions interest in figuring who/what they are.
  12. I've realized, I have come up with Psychic powers for the chapter. I'll be making a small update to this in the near future.
  13. Now updated with available Oaths under the special rules section. Have fun, Enjoy, I think I'm done tinkering with this until someone points out a flaw or a balance issue or unless I've forgotten something again.
  14. Kasatka said: Aluwin said: So hypothetical question. You have a starting group and a librarian pushes with basically every smite on hordes or rebels(not a big challenge), always causing psychic phenomena,and in a couple cases actually causing injuries to fellow members and in one case actually causing a death(saved by fate point). How do you handle the situation? This is already covered in the mechanics - insanity and corruption. The more your librarian causes phenomena, the more he is going to deteriorate until he won't want to risk pushing anymore at all. So let the player feel all big and mighty as he descends towards inevitable mental breakdown or worse... Out of mechanics, it's already handled by how the other players react - they don't seem to care, so just leave it. If however the librarian is 1-shotting all of your mission bosses, then throw more of them in, or give them psy powers to fight back with, or even psy shielding. Or here's a thought - throw some blanks against him! I've done psy checks against my librarian when he's interacting with power psykers. if he fails to beat their psy rating, he gets a sort of feedback and/or mental anguish. I've only awarded one Insanity point off of this as he tried to interact with one of the more powerful tyranid psykers.
  15. Stannis Ravensight said: Gaire said: Maelflux speaks the truth. Eldar are more likely than Orks. Heck, much as I'm loath to acknowledge the existence of that bit of fluff, the NECRONS are more likely to help than the Orks. The problem with that is Tyranids don't fight Necrons, as there's nothing to gain from them except death. This would be to the Imperials favor should the Tyranids force be larger that both necron and imperial force, however once the Nids have executed their retreat, the imperials must then deal with a less favorable enemy. This just happened in our campaign, Hive Fleet Dagon was suckin resources from our planet, (forget the name) and we'd eliminated Chaos and Eldar, but Orks and Nids were left, we chose to eliminate the Nids next and save Orks for our all out final fight climax, when we we're blowing up the Tendrils from the Hive Mind, the Necrons awoke(hell if i know why) and the tyranids ran off like *******. now we and the orks have to deal with a necron fleet arising from the surface, with very little space reinforcements, due to our inquisitor leaving the sector with our fleet to deliver the Titan plans we just retrieved from the destroyed chaos threat, leaving us, the kill team, with Commissar Yaricks fleet (Ghazghul Thraka was the Orks Warlord, but he left cuz you know how he is) The White Scars with Jubal Khan, and the Space Wolves fleet that came from nearby Fenris. Fresh out of Castellan Missles (our last one just got used on the first Nec ship to rise from the surface) and now we're stuck on the inside of a Necron ship after encountering a Cryptic, that ran away due to our dipshit Salamander Lib summoning a DP midfight with the cryptic. By rights my Black Templar Fleet should be there with High Marshal Helbrecht, as he left armageddon with the Commissar to chase Ghazghul, however I discovered this too late in our campaign, and our GM didn't know Necrons will seek out great sources of life energy as they feed off of it. The Tyranids are their ultimate prize, being able to consume a hive fleet could reinvigorate an entire Necron tomb world, bring hundreds of thousands of soldiers back into action. Might even be enough to partially sate a C'Tan and bring up its strength to a frightening fighting potential. So while the Tyranids would try to avoid or ignore Necrons - the reverse can't be said to be true. The Necrons will seek them out, as they seek out all life to consume it.
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