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  1. It's the engines that make the E shape?! I always thought it was the laser canons!
  2. So this may have already been discussed elsewhere, but I'm wondering if the new ship revealed in the Star Wars Resistance announcement might be a new canon version of the E-wing. Thoughts?
  3. Ok, I'm sorry to open this can of worms again, but . . . I have to. I love the A-wings (original and prequel), and I want to see them done right. I seem to remember (though I can't find it now) some kind of hint that the A-wing will now have a rear firing arc (reflecting it's ability to rotate it's laser canons). If that's the case, I expect that the models will be updated to have rotating guns. And, if the models are being updated, it seems like a prime opportunity to revisit the question of A-wing scale. Now, the canonical size of the original RZ-1 A-wing from RotJ is 9.6 meters, but numerous comparisons of the on-screen A-wing to other ships like the Millenium Falcon and X-wing show that the A-wing is probably closer to 7 meters in length. I've always preferred the smaller size since the A-wing is supposed to be a small, zippy interceptor, and I'd hoped that the inclusion of new RZ-2 A-wings in TLJ would help clear up this misunderstanding. Unfortunately, it seems to only have exacerbated the problem. The TLJ cross-sections book (which is canon) lists the length of the RZ-2 A-wing as 7.68 m, which is a much better size. However, it also states that the RZ-2 is LONGER than the RZ-1. How can a 7.68 m ship be longer than a 9.6 m ship? It can't. Something needs to be fixed. Anyways, all that I'm really trying to say is that I hope we get a new model for the RZ-1 A-wing that is smaller (scale = 7 m), and that the RZ-2 A-wing is also small, like it should be. Do you guys think there's a chance this'll happen?
  4. Medium-based Arcs A-wings X-wings (65 and 70) B-wings Tie Defenders
  5. Man, I would LOVE some generic ARCs . . . this would be awesome.
  6. Low agility isn't a "problem" with Rebel ships, it's part of their design. Rebel ships favor heavy hull and shields, and have several mitigating strategies such as regen and Biggs. Low agility is simply a tactical issue that your squadron design needs to take into account.
  7. Pure speculation time: What do you guys think the odds are that we'll eventually see a stand-alone Rogue Squadron movie? Would you want to see it? How closely should it follow the Legends Rogue Squadron storyline?
  8. lkb57

    R4-D6 on Biggs

    Hi all. I recently picked up a rebel transport, so now I finally have all the cool astromechs to play with. I've noticed that a lot of people run R4-D6 on Biggs. Can somebody explain to me why that's a better choice than R2-D2 or R5-P9? Is it just because R4-D6 costs so much less? Or is there something else I'm missing? Thanks!
  9. Really? Poe closes and opens his S-foils in the Force Awakens to maneuver through some tight spaces. Not saying it happens a lot, but it does happen.
  10. lkb57


    Picked up to Arc-170s last week and was able to run my first list with them last night: Norra Wexley (29) Alliance Overhaul (0) BB-8 (2) Tail Gunner (2) Seismic Torps (2) Shara Bey (28) Alliance Overhaul (0) R7 Astromech (2) Weapons Engineer (3) Seismic Torps (2) Biggs Darklighter (25) Integrated Astromech (0) R2-D2 (4) Squad Total: 99 Probably not a competitive squad by any stretch, but I wanted to fly two Arcs and try out the new Seismic Torpedoes. My buddy was flying two Protectorates (Fen Rau and Old Teroch) and two Z-95s (N-Dru and Banana). I managed to catch three of his ships (both Protectorates and the Banana) next to two obstacles on the 2nd turn and had some Seismic Torp fun. The damage from that initial attack took his ships down far enough that I was able to mop up pretty easily after that. All in all, I was impressed with the Arc, the look sick on the table and are pretty fun to fly . . . not quite as sluggish as the Y-wing or B-wing, though they're still very slow on the turn around. I'm looking forward to trying out some more builds featuring the Arc . . . and that leads me to my question: what are other people running for Arcs?
  11. lkb57

    SF Fighter preview

    that has been covered so many times its sickening... Its a cramped ship, the ARC has some space in it atleast. The 2nd seat is the rear arc gunner, as we saw in the movie there was NO SPACE in there outside a gunner/pilot. Not sure what you're getting at. Regardless of how large the Tie/sf is compared to the ARC, there was a second seat for a second crew member. Thanks to the ARC we now have a crew card that is called "Tail gunner". There should have been a crew slot.
  12. lkb57

    SF Fighter preview

    I wanna know why there's no crew slot for the this thing.
  13. So the new timing chart in the FAQ says that attack dice (and defense dice) can be modified multiple times but each dice can only be rerolled once. Does this mean that if I attack with Han and I have a target lock, I have to choose between either using Han's ability or spending the target lock to reroll dice?
  14. So, from the beginning the forums have been crammed with topics about how to fix different ships, the T-65 being the current topic of choice. But last night I got thinking about how for me, the Thematics of the game are (in general) more important than how balanced or competitive any one ship is. For example, I'm ok with the idea that over time the T-65 has become less effective, simply because that's how things developed in the Star Wars universe. In other words, if the T-65 never became obsolete, what would be the point of developing the T-75? I like that the game reflects the technological progression of the story. But that's just me, and though I do play at my local store, I'm not a hard-core tournament player. What are your thoughts? Which is more important, the thematic flavor of the game, or that every ship be competitive?
  15. So, I'm sure has been addressed somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Question 1: Since Recon Specialist is non-unique, can I run 2 of them with Kanan? Question 2: Can Kanan trigger his ability more than once per round? (in other words, if I had 4 focus tokens, could I spend all four of them to reduce my opponent's attack dice by 4?)
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