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  1. A large Emp ship in general would be nice... so far the tantive and the rebel runner are both... well... rebel ships! emps got nothing :/ I'd also like to see some large Pirate faction ships too down the road. I really hope they keep making really cool models and stuff. i love this game :0
  2. Ive thought about using the figures as supplements when playing role-play games too. More for a face value than anything else though. Pretty things and all.
  3. True. When I put it in there I didn't think to much on the usability of the K-wing in that sense. I want to amass a huge fleet and play on large tables and play this game with friend(s). One of my co-workers was interested in playing this game when I told him about it. He's not a huge star wars fan, but he and I have been in works on making a gaming group to play a variety of board, card, and table top games such as this. So I'm having my little brother bring all my X-wing stuff from my parents when they come visit this weekend. I'm in the works of buying some more figures soon as that I can start building a larger fleet and practice playing the game again. I've not played a game of X-wing in over 5 months since I moved to DC.
  4. love the fleet. i am an Empire man myself. I can't wait for the pirates to come out either. I do have a small fleet of both rebels and as more pirates come out... im gonna have such large dogfights!
  5. I'm glad to have seen some of the suggestions (regardless if they were inspired by threads like this or not) used for the actual game. Such as the Tie Defender and Phantom.
  6. Since the Vong didn't appear until after the Rebellion I didn't want to add them to the lists.... However I love the Vong they're my favorite threat to the Star Wars universe. I looked at the uglies and I didn't even think about adding them cause they're so ugly BUT you have a point... They'd make a great addition to the pirates! Just seeing them in play would make me pee myself... But they'd need to be low points and skills so that you can use more of them in combat...Since they're scavenged and all to me that would make sense. Note on the V-wing... There are 3 variations of V-wings. 1 being the Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing that is seen in Ep3 and was put in by Lucus himself... Great design seeing that it has V-shaped wings. Then there is another V-wing that doesn't look like a V exactly, but its a shuttle; the V-wing airspeeder transport. The V-wing Shuttle actually transported a multitude of V-wing Airspeeders around to their combat locations. Finally the 3rd variation is the well known one from the Rogue Squadron games and that one is my technicality known as an Air speeder, but simply known as the V-wing. The V-wing Airspeeder used as a star fighter but more commonly used in terrestrial combat, but can be used in space. It's a cheaper starfighter that the New republic Deployed after the rebellion. As for the ARC-170... I love that fighter to be honest... But it doesn't fit in the Rebellion era. It was out dated and replaced by Z-95 Head Hunters; by cannon references. However to be fair they weren't created until the prequel series...
  7. Yeah when I was doing my research on the different vessels to add to the game that actually was brought up a few times and even got some good pics on them. I forget what they are now I did manage to add one in the above list however I don't remember which ones they were.
  8. I heard, but I felt like putting it down anyways as a feel good mention. I figured it'd be worth mentioning than nothing at all. Seeing I only found 2 corvettes to put down in the list.
  9. XeroNecross

    More ships!

    A list of cool ships that would be neat to add to the game: Republic: Star fighters: Z-95 Headhunter V-wing airspeeder E-wing starfighter K-wing assault starfighter Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor Gunships / Cruisers: CR90 Corellian corvette(CR70 Corellian corvette) Marauder-class corvette Alderaanian War Frigate Corellian Gunship Nebulon-B escort frigate MC30c frigate (Mon-Calamari) Empire: Star fighters: TIE/ad Avenger TIE/D Defender TIE Phantom TIE Sentinel D-Wing Space Superiority Fighter Gunships / Cruisers: Broadside-class Corvette Tartan-class patrol cruiser Guardian-class light cruiser Lancer-class frigate VT-49 Decimator gunboat New Factions would be interesting. Even during the Galactic Civil War (first and second Civil War) there were multiple factions running around. This including the Chiss, Hutts, and other various Pirate led organizations such as the Black Sun and Zann Consortium. *Couldn't find a lot of Chiss vessel related sources* Chiss Ascendancy: Star fighters: Nssis-class Clawcraft (rebellion era) Clawcraft (pre-rebellion era) Chiss heavy fighter Gunships / Cruisers: Chiss assault cruiser*This includes several various pirate related vessel sources* Pirate Factions: Star fighters: Alpha-3 Nimbus-class (V-wing star fighter) Davaab-type starfighter StarViper-class 'attack platform' 'Uglies' (referring to the hybrid scrap fighters of destroyed rebellion and empire space debris) Gunships / Cruisers: Crusader-class corvette (gunship) AEG-77 Vigo Interceptor IV frigate (Interceptor-class Frigate) Yuuzhan Vong: Star fighters: Vong Coral SkippersGunships / Cruisers: *More suggestions to the thread is of course mandatory **The star fighters i listed above for both factions I spent some considerable time researching into and reading up on. Primarily to see if they'd be worth putting into the game as a contrast to what is currently already deployed with the game. Ideally such things as if it'd be less than or equal to a current star ship such as the E-wing was supposed to be an equal to the X-wing if not better, but turned out to be less efficient in combat. This also works with the T-wing interceptor which turned out to be a very bad alternative to the A-wing. ***Note that I added the Vong in there because it occurred to me that the game isn't exactly themed to just the Rebellion-era and thus possibly maybe even accept the Expanded Universe (EU) factions such as the Chiss or the Vong (who are Über awesome!).
  10. This has always been on my mind honestly; like both Brother Anselm and Lynata mentioned... They're like holy space knights, but at the same time it makes sense they'd pick up traits from their homeworlds before joining the Legions of Space Marines. I mean almost every chapter has a home world they recruit from and most of those worlds are hive cities and gang ran and such. Makes sense to me each world is a little unique to this. Space Wolves as mentioned I could see swearing like a normal modern day people like we do because of their animalistic but tundra culture. I see them more as Norse gods though... Like Norweigan type people and they swear like sailors too... Ultramarines and Blood Angels I see as being more up tight about that kind of stuff honestly. ESPECIALLY the Ultramarines. They're pretty stuffy about that kind of stuff being the ideal model of the Space Marine (hince why they were the modeled Legion for the Codex). I would look at swearing for Space Marines by both personality and origins of their chapters/homeworld. I have a couple custom chapters I designed for DW and my main chapter is from an old semi-deserted hive world. Gangs aren't really a problem... BUT its semi-aggro as well. When my chapter took over the world they tried restoring it so half the population is farmer based and the other half is aristocat-like stiffs. So they're not inherantly rough and tough like other chapters recruit, but they also don't have much of a choice... So in my first chapter that I'm mentioning they'd be more like the Ultramarines but also... They're perfectionists like the old Emperor's Children. So they speak proper and they attempt to speak in perfect english with proper pronounciations and such. Grammer nazi's... We all hate them... This chapter's vocal patterns... no swearing. No supplements... Just proper english.
  11. This is AWESOME! Ever thought about putting this up on the RPF? People would be making replicas of your replica in heart beats per second! If I had the money I know I would
  12. lawlz I was telling my little brother every thing I learned from you guys and we're working out a plan for tomorrow to try a test-battle. Thankfully all I got today is a babyshower instead of the halloween scare-asylum to go to... Which I surely would have wet myself from the video I saw alone... Cannot imagine the actual place :S So as soon as I get the results of that tomorrow and if we get confused again I'll come back here and say what got us, but I think you guys covered most the much needed bases.
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