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  1. 1. Campaign mode 2. Ultramarines
  2. Hi! I recently got Stefan and Johnny One-Eye and I'd like to add them to my Revised set, which doesn't have any Allied units that could benefit from Johnny's skill (Badass). So I'm wondering what other skill could I give him to make him useful for the Allies, keeping in line with the miniature/character's theme, and maintaning his value at 2 points. Any ideas?
  3. Major Mishap said: (…) and the words earth and dust are sort of related. Yeah, but it doesn't relate to WWII, Mechs, alien technology…
  4. So, I've read the introductory material and the comic books, but I still don't know why the universe (and games) are called "dust". Does anyone know why? Beyond curiosity, this always gets me when I'm introducing the game to someone…
  5. DerWunderWaffle said: I'm writing a lifestyle article on tabletop wargaming… 1. How long have you been playing tabletop-war games? Since 2010. 2. Why did you start playing tabletop-war games? Because I had friends willing to start together with me - and because we loved the miniatures! 3. What do you love about tabletop-war games? The miniatures. 4. What advice would you have for someone who wants to get into playing them? Play games with someone else's minis, use proxies to play your own games, read the manual before buying anything, read lots of forum posts, research prices, understand your favorite faction, see if you like the miniatures - and then start spending money.
  6. loken14 said: do you keep that rule for the locust also the drone's heal immediately comes to mind without the game in front of me. My Omen house rule is for when Locust roll an Omen but have no use for it (like an unwounded Drone) - I use their weapon's triggered ability. Yep, I like a challenge
  7. I too played my first solo game yesterday. Four hours later, I was killed by a swarm of one Boomer, one Drone and two Wretchs. I had so much fun! Best $60 (plus $20 for sleeves) ever!
  8. I won't go into the debate of what your cards really represent (the game works so well to me that it's pointless), but I wanna comment on the difficulty of the game. It's not a game to simply attack, roll dice and mow opponents down; it's a game to move strategically. You gotta know when to advance and when to fall back. The AI is really tough, so if you try to kill everything before trying to achieve the mission's goal, you might find yourself without ammo, surrounded and outnumbered. So you may want to game the system and go for the objective, dismissing dropped markers and "easy" kills. And yes, I'm for Guard whenever you have a good chance of killing the Locust. Dodge is for when the chance of taking much damage is higher than killing the opponent.
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