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  1. While I would love to do that too, I have a hard time agreeing that it’s a thematic fail. In other words, why do you believe Dernhelm should be Spirit Eowyn? I’m going to lobby that the game needs to be extended until we get a Dernhelm hero now. Edit: Spelling
  2. The general consensus on Discord was that the card will not let you choose the same hero from a different sphere as it says a “different hero”.
  3. I used to use proxies shamelessly, but only of the core cards. Since the set included with the ill fated digital expansion I’ve only had to proxy Dwarven Tomb and Will of the West. I will occasionally proxy a spoiled card, but I really try to resist.
  4. Back in the day I considered those quests a bit challenging but not oppressive. But back in the day I was running a pre-errata Boromir deck with Loragorn & Spirifindel. My win percentage was well over 50 and certainly once I decoded the quests it was over 75. I say this only to highlight how things have changed. We can say “playing progressive”, but then does that include the errata that came out many years after the quest? It’s the curse of the LCG format I’m afraid and there is no perfect answer.
  5. Late to the discussion (as usual), but sphere balance has long been a bee in my bonnet. In terms of "fixing" the game I would agree that it can't be fixed exactly, but I don't believe it needs to be. Is it perfect? No. Do I want to return to a limited format in order to make it better? Also no. I vastly prefer the imperfect, deep card pool we have now to that. Can it be made better? Probably. Should it be made better? Not worth it imo.
  6. OMG I had completely forgotten about him. (He still sucks though.)
  7. Spirit Aragorn and Lore Arwen heroes that play nice together. Unique Noldor that heals. I want one that can make an all Noldor Fellowship. (Not Ioreth.) For the last two, make Dunedain good solo. (Without using Damrod.)
  8. Four years later and the Dunedain are still scattered, divided and leaderless. I thought they would get there but I was clearly wrong. Yes, they can be good multi-player decks, but they are really weak in solo. Edit: sp.
  9. No. I saw the card on my phone and have been thinking all day I must have read it wrong. Just a grand slam home run card for silvan.
  10. I would have said it much worse than than this. In the early days Spirit got questing, cancellation, recursion and threat reduction. It also got the ability to attack the staging area without engaging the enemy. So it could handle all phases of the game very well. Tactics got combat, but not terribly better than the other spheres. It did get the ability to generate progress through combat, but if you say that only about one third of the encounter deck is enemies then it can only generate progress one third of the time. Meanwhile its threat is spiraling because it can’t quest.
  11. I have now watched the video and put myself in the “cautiously optimistic “ category. Caleb has talked about bringing more of a story telling or saga style element into the game and maybe that’s what’s being envisioned here. Regarding the 2.0 vs 1b argument, put me firmly in the 1b category. I’m not saying the game is perfect, but I don’t believe the game’s problems are structural. Yes, Spirit and Lore got too much of the color pie and Tactics and Leadership didn’t get enough, but I don’t believe that can’t be handled with errata or future cards. I do not want to go back to the very limited card pool we had for so many years. Furthermore, if there was a complete reboot people would be wanting the sagas all over and I don’t think the designers really want to go back there again.
  12. I'm glad they answered the question and hat's off even though it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear. If the next iteration is first or second age though that would be nice.
  13. I’ll be honest: after watching him dodge questions after the In-Flight Report I’m not too hyped about hearing anything relevant.
  14. It was on Twitter that FFG first told us that they had a bunch of reprints coming, so that indicates to me that they are branching out their social media. Obviously that poem is way to long to tweet, but it also represents a LOT of work from someone. Just feels like an inside job to me.
  15. Just remembered we are probably getting a Thorongil card this cycle...
  16. This is pure supposition, nothing more. I think this is FFG/ANA branching out their advertising/social media and this is the equivalent of our Friday article.
  17. Not to my recollection, but I don't think it's a random reddit post and I don't think it's a play tester either...
  18. Just for grins here are my takes: 1. This is the hardest. Some have argued that this will be another two faced card like gollum, perhaps Gandalf or Saruman, yet the line "both in play at the same time" seems to speak to me of a new version of the twins. I wouldn't consider the bottom face in play, but maybe the text says it is. 2. Lothiriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil and wife of Eomer. Spirit ally/hero that provides a discount for expensive allies. 3. Wilyador ally. Eagles decks rejoice. 4. Grey Company contract that allows four heroes but no allies. It might also require one of them to be Aragorn. Alternatively it could be spirit Aragorn who has no threat cost and allows you to play four heroes but no allies. 5. Thorin Stonehelm. 6. Tom Bombadil. 7. Gildor Inglorian. 8. Army of the Dead ally.
  19. Agree with everything here. The third scenario ... wow. I can’t remember a quest that keeps you riding the edge of success and failure all the way through.
  20. Tactics Boromir is still very good. Not crazy like he was, but still very good.
  21. Both Bilbos should be 6. Both are "fine", but neither worth 9.
  22. Arkham Horror just got another stand alone adventure...
  23. I see three alternatives: 1. There is no contract. I don't believe this, but it might be true. 2. There are two neutral cards in this pack. Tom and the contract. 3. The contract has a sphere. This might means you have to have one, two or three (yes please!) heroes of the matching sphere in order to play the contract.
  24. I was hoping that the Lore version of the card that puts player cards in the encounter deck would be an Ent/Huorn card. I guess I kinda still do.
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