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  1. Agree with everything here. The third scenario ... wow. I can’t remember a quest that keeps you riding the edge of success and failure all the way through.
  2. Tactics Boromir is still very good. Not crazy like he was, but still very good.
  3. Both Bilbos should be 6. Both are "fine", but neither worth 9.
  4. Arkham Horror just got another stand alone adventure...
  5. I see three alternatives: 1. There is no contract. I don't believe this, but it might be true. 2. There are two neutral cards in this pack. Tom and the contract. 3. The contract has a sphere. This might means you have to have one, two or three (yes please!) heroes of the matching sphere in order to play the contract.
  6. I was hoping that the Lore version of the card that puts player cards in the encounter deck would be an Ent/Huorn card. I guess I kinda still do.
  7. Any time Caleb gives you a free turn to prepare you had better.
  8. Indiana Jones hero confirmed! That quest looks like a real back breaker. Can't wait! (I'll let John post all the images.)
  9. We know that this GenCon event is another build your own adventure don’t we? Imagine this for a moment: a seventh and final saga box with a slate of new player cards and Scouring of the Shire. For the other two adventures we get non-POD versions of The Old Forest and Fog on the Barrow Downs. Would you pay for that?
  10. With the Hobbity goodness in this box the irrational optimist in me is hoping that we finally receive Scouring in this box as a stand alone adventure.
  11. https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/11371/noldor-1.0 There are a lot of different flavors, but most (including mine) use To the Sea! To turn all the cards you get into virtual resources for allies. I like Silver Harp so I can hang on to key events later in the game.
  12. I used Noldor Mill for that entire cycle inc. Beneath the Sands.
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