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  1. Bullroarer Took

    Not Fair

    I heard about this game before it was released and began following it on BGG back then. After the core set was released I felt so disillusioned. Eowyn and Spirit were SO powerful and the Three Hunters couldn't win a game. I almost quit, but I decided to stick with it throughout the first cycle and decide then. After the first cycle I almost quit again. Laziness kept me from listing everything on eBay and then Khazad Dum was announced. I decided I might as well keep my cards and see if things got better. One of the best decisions I've made.
  2. Bullroarer Took

    Ciridan and Erestor card draw

    Have Galdor (ally) out and draw another card as soon as you discard one.
  3. Bullroarer Took

    Thoughts on the Limited Edition Starter

    Good point.
  4. Bullroarer Took

    Thoughts on the Limited Edition Starter

    I noticed while playing the first quest that (I believe) it is possible to be locked out of winning. If the top two cards of the encounter deck are The Goblin Trail, and you decide to travel to them first they are then removed from the game. This prevents you from being able to succeed at stage 2. I think I have that right. (Obviously, don’t do that.)
  5. Bullroarer Took

    Thoughts on the Limited Edition Starter

    Well the first thing I checked was whether or not my One Ring worked and it didn’t. So disappointed. But maybe it only works in Middle Earth, so I booked my tickets to New Zealand.
  6. Bullroarer Took

    Noob Questions about Galadriel

    Every time. Every ****ing time. I won't even use the mirror without a harp anymore because of blood pressure issues.
  7. Bullroarer Took

    Noob Questions about Galadriel

    Do not overlook her second ability! It’s bonkers. Galadriel is one of my top heroes.
  8. Bullroarer Took

    Help a fan here

    I would try to distinguish the game being "hard to play" from being "hard to win". I don't think it's that hard to play. (Yes there are rules ripples, but that's the nature of every card game imo.) Some quests are incredibly hard to win though and that's what makes it fun. It IS a deckbuilding game, but you can go to www.ringsdb.com and see many different decks. Copy shamelessly.
  9. Bullroarer Took

    Withered Heath available now!

    After a couple of solo quests I’m not sure slog is the right word. It is a longer quest, and maybe I’ve been getting lucky with the caves deck, but I wouldn’t characterize it as a slog. (Which to me implies drudgery.)
  10. Bullroarer Took

    Withered Heath available now!

    Finished it. Fun quest. Like Redhorn... not feelin’ It. More like the King’s Quest. I’m reluctant to rate the difficulty since I only played solo and there are some player count scaling effects, but I felt it was in line with the first three. I was playing Noldor and Glory (ally) died and came back four times.
  11. Bullroarer Took

    Withered Heath available now!

    I have started the quest. It's DL6, but other than it being a long quest I am too early into it to give any more info.
  12. Bullroarer Took

    Three Men Go To [Insert Location here]

    I think Rouxxor has a pretty good build of this if you search him on ringsdb.com.
  13. Bullroarer Took

    Limited Edition Starter: Quest Exclusivity Confirmed!

    I was just charged so shipping should be soon.