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  1. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    This really is a fine quest. High marks to the designers!
  2. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Yeah, I would say this is ending on the hardest note.
  3. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Much harder than Cirith Gurat and much harder to play right too. Take your time reading the cards folks.
  4. LOTR Digital

    Thank you. I really don't want to see the paper game forum over run with digital discussions.
  5. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    No way. There is simply no way that there won't be more demands on Caleb's time. We have a new normal now which will be slower than the old normal. (As inconceivable as that is.)
  6. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    I don't believe that for a second. I believe that with Caleb working on the DCG they knew that Rhovanion wasn't going to be released until this summer and so the started to delay the releases instead of having a 9 to 12 month break.
  7. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    I have a dim recollection of someone finding a line in the rule book that basically said it doesn't matter if a hero has the unique symbol or not. Did I dream it?
  8. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Funny that is today's article they link "In our last article" and that's a year and a day ago.
  9. Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    I got the distinct feeling that DCG would be much harder multiplayer. I agree that solo it's not an 8.
  10. Rhovanion Heroes

    It non-bos with Sterner than Steel too. Basically I like the tactics requirement of triggering out of sphere effects by requiring a weapon to exhaust, but when you need to exhaust the weapon for something else you have decisions to make. (Which is fine.)
  11. Rhovanion Heroes

    "This is not the bow you are looking for."
  12. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    He will be missing the unique symbol and we will never hear an official explanation.
  13. Crossing of Poros on the boat

    Finally shipping.
  14. Bucket List

    I just want the release pace to get back to what it was: not great, but bearable.
  15. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Well said, but I'm not holding my breathe. The schism between the creative arm of FFG and the business arm of ANA tells me that we will never see it.