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  1. Bullroarer Took

    Mount Gundabad

    It is now listed as "On the Boat". But apparently that only matters for the states.
  2. Bullroarer Took

    Arwen + Spare Hood & Cloak

    You need two SH&C.
  3. Bullroarer Took

    The Fate of Wilderland

    I’ll wait to see the decks to be proven wrong. Mono red eagles (Teowyn/Hirgon/??) is already a reasonable deck. I’m not sure adding Radagast will make it better. Especially on the first few turns.
  4. Bullroarer Took

    The Fate of Wilderland

    I am glad for news of this last pack, but none of the cards are blowing my mind. Some of them are good sure, but none of them have me printing up proxies.
  5. Bullroarer Took


    I'm not. I wish I could buy them pre-painted though.
  6. I like managed probability versus pure luck so I’m for it.
  7. Bullroarer Took


    Wow. Shortest “On the Boat” of all time.
  8. Bullroarer Took


    Sorry folks. I got On the Boat and Shipping mixed up. That said, at least On the Boat is progress.
  9. Bullroarer Took


    Finally shipping.😉
  10. Bullroarer Took

    Best order of play?

    Always A if possible.
  11. Bullroarer Took

    A Stereotypical Three Hunters deck

    Pre-errata Boromir decks could get pretty strong, even without Blood or Fire. Probably still decent.
  12. Bullroarer Took

    A Stereotypical Three Hunters deck

    Interesting take. Do you have your deck listed? I'd like to take a look. 3X Legacy would also help. If I understand you correctly though, we agree the deck is not tier 1.
  13. Bullroarer Took

    What do we think this will be?

    For those of you that have experience with this type of game from FFG, how much table space will it need and about how long will a single game be?
  14. Bullroarer Took

    A Stereotypical Three Hunters deck

    I have tried many Three hunters decks including the core set version back in the day. I think the "modern" version can go one of two ways. Using Lore Aragorn (as you have posted) gives the deck a better "top end", but can have very inconsistent starts. Using Leadership Aragorn (as Caleb planned btw) is much more consistent off the line but does suffer from lack of healing. (Dunedain Remedy only goes so far.)
  15. Bullroarer Took


    That’s encouraging.