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  1. Bullroarer Took

    There And Back Again

    The article doesn't say what size the ring is because it automatically adjusts to the wearer's finger... Edit: I now have that playmat in 3 different forms, but at least this one's a collector's edition!
  2. Bullroarer Took

    New Spotlight

    Aside: The last four or five times we had group sessions nobody brought Steward. And I think it was more that no one felt they needed it rather than not wanting to step on toes.
  3. Have me collect all the packs for you, and then fly me there to hand deliver them is best I think.
  4. Bullroarer Took

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    I've played all three quests now in solo and think the ratings are "about" right. While all of the adventures are side quest friendly, JutA basically demands them. If you don't have sides you are in for a beating. Being able to force engagement to pull down the Goblin Snipers is also really useful. I like the variance of the second quest and the third really gives you a lot of decision points. Having lots and lots of threat reduction really helps on the third quest. Player card wise the box is almost entirely centered on developing and making playable the Dale tribe. And I'm totally good with that. I don't think there were any Dale decks before this box and now ringsdb is littered with them. Great job Caleb & Company.
  5. Bullroarer Took

    The Withered Heath preview

    On ze boat. (Since 6/14. Lost in the Rhovo hype.)
  6. I’ve been toying with this idea: many decks really want ONE card in their opening hand so start with that card automatically. Then draw five, no mulligan, and begin.
  7. Bullroarer Took

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    Having a bunch of side quests at the ready pushes the easy mode button on the first two quests. Now on to the third...
  8. Bullroarer Took

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    I know the first quest can be metagamed, but otherwise it’s pretty obnoxious. I had a Goblin Sniper out and couldn’t get rid of him (solo). Eventually I basically didn’t quest for five turns in a row and kept pulling enemies from the encounter deck. By this time I had a bunch of allies and then got hit with the location that has X threat where X is the number of characters you control. Game over. Was this playtested? Edit: Now having explored the quest and box more it really appears that Caleb wanted to force encourage us to use side quests. Once you do that the threat of sniper lock is strongly mitigated. If you don't have SQs, bring some engagement effects.
  9. Bullroarer Took

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    We played Journey up the Anduin. It’s the only one I’ve tried so far. All are rated at level 5 and it’s all of that.
  10. Bullroarer Took

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    Just finished a four player run through with a couple other board members. Really wish we’d had a few side quests early, but not one in 200cards. It’s a tough quest that really attacks from different dimensions.
  11. Bullroarer Took

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Seems like.
  12. Bullroarer Took

    Too Much Cancellation?

    @WingfootRanger Yes, that’s the kind of deck I’m talking about. Good job cancelling all those. Savage South is a home wrecker for sure. So in your opinion, how much is too much? All the recurrence cards hinge on you having AToW in the first place. (Obviously you had fetch cards too.) @GrandSpleen I’ve played the Lore cancellation decks too. During the last Fellowship event my deck’s job was just to remove key cards using OotW, ToW and TDiC. That was an extremely finely tuned set of decks for a specific quest though. I’ve tried a similar strategy two player and found that it ended up “condensing” the encounter deck so much that it was hard to beat.
  13. Bullroarer Took

    Too Much Cancellation?

    I meant Weaver... duh. And Elenor is a good point for sure, but she requires the card to be replaced.
  14. Bullroarer Took

    Too Much Cancellation?

    The Jewler and the map can bring back the tomb right? Which can then bring back Test?