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  1. "Let the Ring-bearer decide." No, really. "If a boon or burden is included as part of the setup instructions for both scenarios, the player who controls the Ring-bearer decides which scenario receives that boon or burden."
  2. Finally On the Boat.
  3. Might as well put this here as anywhere: Ares will soon be releasing a hidden movement game called "Hunt for the Ring" that you can use as a lead in to "War of the Ring". Results from Hunt can affect setup for War. (That part might not work so well for the Free Peoples player.) I've got my eye on it anyway and it should be out in November or so. Maybe we'll even have Cirith Gurat by then.
  4. Shipping.
  5. It's Fantasy Flight, there is no normal.
  6. Are you guys able to beat Belegost solo with any deck? It's turned into my nemesis.
  7. Put a carriage return after Skulk, and then put -- Uta Falkenwrath on the same line as the quote. Everything fits? Or maybe I misunderstand?
  8. Side Quests DO count towards your deck size.
  9. Exhaust Wingfoot to ready attached hero... Exhaust Burning Brand to cancel the effects of a shadow card...
  10. I didn't read through everything as I don't play NR, but did they really rotate out the old core and cards from it? I would be pretty pissed if I were a relatively new player and they did that.
  11. I thought that the core and deluxe expansions didn't rotate?
  12. The Netrunner re-core doesn't really do anything to the game except maybe help new people get into the game with less upfront expenditure by giving them more relevant cards in the core. That could happen to us or not. I wouldn't care one way or the other unless it brought more players in (which is good for our game). We still see new threads of people joining our game all the time though. If we were to get a V2 - and I don't think we need it yet, but maybe in a few more cycles - I hope that it's a complete reboot and we start from scratch. (I have a lot of ideas, but I'll keep them to myself unless Caleb asks me.)
  13. I get where you are coming from GS. I still think that Burning Brand is the worst of these attachments that does not exhaust to create awesome effect. I don't quite think we're ready for a reboot, but these things have to be watched. As a pure solo player these two are innocuous.