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  1. Awesome, glad it was a decent experience and was great that you dived in at the middle of the pack. I am not sure if I missed it in you post, was the scenario overall comparable to the similarly rated official scenarios. One thing i worry about is that people are going in with lower expectations to Vlakyrie scenarios and marking them higher than the official ones. I have a couple of scenarios that i wrote in there, would love to hear your feedback if you play them: A Stress and Strain A Strain On Reality
  2. This weekend Valkyrie exceeded 1000 plays since we begun collecting in game Statistics in the app. All of the data is contained within the following spreadsheet, where you can find quite granular data of all plays. Including number of plays, Investigators used, plays by language, win/loss charts , average play times, player reviews (these contain spoilers) and more. You can find the statistics here: https://goo.gl/xgxdMb If you are interested in giving Valkyrie a try (its a free community project with no adds so why not!), you can find the latest version here: https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases/latest We also have a discord channel that is used to discuss all things Valkyire including development and Content creation: https://discord.gg/QneeU8Z If you want to try your hand at Valkyrie scenario writing and produce your own content I have written, with the help of some community members a (nearly 200 page) guide that covers everything you need to know to get started (and beyond): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi5gTwKkw84Px0Lvk-bJ3Aml... Here is an info-graphic of the statistics for easy perusal (i'll try to keep it up to date as I do on BGG), however you can dig deeper in the google sheet linked above: Here is a list of the scenarios and their Expansion requirements: Please use this thread to discuss anything Valkyrie, be it feed back on the app, suggestions, scenario reviews that you could not put in game or just if you want to bump the thread.
  3. I dont see legacy in MoMs future personally. Simply because of the App and the vast amount of untapped potencial contained within it. Campaigns for MoM are the next logical step in my opinion and the functionally is already there. I have built a tiny PoC in Valkyrie (MoM homebrew app) and can see a campaign mode being completely doable.
  4. I've actually been giving this topic a lot of thought. I write scenarios for Valkyrie (Homebrew scenario editor for MoM2) and as my next project an looking at creating a scenario campaign for MoM2. Here is the active Valkyrie thread on bgg and here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2100734/valkyrie-home-brew-scenarios-statistics-announceme I've built a PoC to test the functionality and it is certainly possible with Valkyrie in its current state. I've given examples and discussed ideas in this thread on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2174239/thinking-about-future Also a few of the community have started discussing a converting a German campaign (released in a German magazine) in Valkyrie: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2181654/mansions-madness-first-edition-campaign-already-ma The majority of the MoM2 discussion seems to be on BGG, it seems like a more active community for HomeBrew ideas than these boards. If anyone is interested in Valkyrie there is more information in the first link I have posted, including play statistics and reviews for Homebrew scenarios.
  5. We are pleased to announce that Valkyrie v2.3 has now been released. This content patch includes content imports for the Horrific Journeys expansion. If I don't see a Valkyrie scenario with an airship or a train in it soon, I will be upset! https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases/tag/release/2.3/v2.3.03 (Remember to click the Assets drop down to see the installer files for each platform)
  6. I wrote a guide for the Mansions of Madness module of this. A lot of the systems are the same, though I have not got around to delving (get it!?) Into the descent side of Valkyrie. For example, campaign maps are just UI elements covered in the guide. The shop is created by adding more than one QItem in an event, Etc. Monsters spawn in groups for Descent but are just Spawns (in mom they are individuals spawns). The MoM guide can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi5gTwKkw84Px0Lvk-bJ3Aml_vF3ZoljjB6a8FjWGt8/edit#heading=h.jztkz7qo4mnu A lot of work is going into Valkyrie at present, we've added a built in rating system and feed back, which can collect statistics.https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2100734/valkyrie-home-brew-scenarios-statistics We also have a discord channel that has a dedicated section for Descent: https://discord.gg/A63GpT If anyone wants any help or advice feel free to contact me by PM (on BGG is more likely to get me, ornon discord).
  7. 2.3 is current.y in prerelease and looks good so far. This contains HJ content.
  8. Hi @Jake That is currently scheduled for 2.3 (the next release), hoping this will be a smaller patch with a quicker turn around.
  9. 2.2 has been released, you can get it here: https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases
  10. From my experience - Owning Arkham Horror 3rd (having played a log of AH 2nd), owning MoM 1st and 2nd (writing scenarios for Valkyrie) and playing a lot of AH LCG. I would strongly recommend re-basing to clear bases. Here are my reasons. * The black bases are far too large - they block out too much of the board and make it almost impossible to use with AH LCG and AH 2nd/3rd. * They are designed for MoM and AH 2nd - where the monster stats are printed on the bottom, however they fall out when moving monsters and generally most of the text is blocked by the base. I personally find it easier to just place the tokens on the side of the board (one for each monster type). WHen I get round to it I am going to print off the monster reference sheet on photo paper (or laminate it) - BGG Post to get updated sheets on new expansions (Direct Link to PDF) * I like seeing the artwork under the bases in MoM - This is why clear is a better choice in my opinion
  11. I'm big on screenshots, there are also two 'see how it looks' sections for each of the major topics and flow charts haha. Don't let 30 pages put you off, should be an easy read.
  12. @Maluskhan I've added the section on how to create the Journal system to the guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi5gTwKkw84Px0Lvk-bJ3Aml_vF3ZoljjB6a8FjWGt8 Page 142 - 172 (ended up being 30 pages!) The concept can be used to develop many interactive puzzles and informational menus.
  13. I am actually in the process of writing an article up to do this, i'll link the guide and the pages its on when complete.
  14. @Maluskhan I'd be more than happy to. I have been meaning to write up how to do these systems for the guide. I've just not had time. Please feel free to copy my scenario (you can do it from the editor menu). Look at the QItemJournal. It should give you some ideas. The image files are mostly pngs with transparency layered over the top of each other as UI elements. When I get a spare moment I'll try to whip up a guide to explain how to write one. I've been discussing how to make 'event packages' that authors can just add and reference, with the Valkyrie community, I'd like to share some of these ideas out. Are you aware of the discord channel? Reach out to me there and we can chat more. https://discord.gg/64Kx5s
  15. Hello All, Been a while since I updated the stats screenshot here, but you can get the live stats from the link below: https://goo.gl/xgxdMb We have broken 400 recorded play sessions in Valkyrie since we started collecting statistics in November: There are also some very interesting features coming in the latest version of Valkyrie, the most exciting (for me) is the ability to filter scenarios and the fresh new look to the scenario selection screen.
  16. The shop system is for descent. Not sure if it works for MoM. Mainly because the game and it's items are designed around getting items in game. But if it doesn't work I doubt it's much work to get working if there is good reason. Submit an issue about it.
  17. If you use discord we have quite an active channel you can join. Someone there may be able to assist! https://discord.gg/yrVeSVt
  18. Drop an issue on GitHub, someone may be able to assist with getting it working on Mac. https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/issues
  19. Can you raise an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/issues Also in the issue can you give a full screen shot? As much of the event as you can get in. I'm not very familiar with the descent side of the editor but we have a few pros on that side that check GitHub and discord.
  20. Give an item to the players, then use the inspect event on the item to display the running total. You can't place a UI elements as a floating button. The reason UIs do not work during UI elements is to stop accidental end turns during the intros and outros. I use the old journal as a one stop shop to clues gained in a scenario. You could do something similar and have a wallet in there. If you are using a later expansion you could have an inspect on the tote bag for example. Just remember to tell the players it cannot be discarded!
  21. As LordPyrex says. If you're looking for unique abilities for character, you could hand out ordinary items and give those items 'special abilites'. For example, you create a qitem for a sledgehammer and give it out as nrmal. On the qitem add an inspect event (like you would inspectable evidence). In that event you could then create an event that emulates a special ability. Use a charge to also Restrain a creature on your next melee attack. Use variables to control how many times a player can use the item, then use remove component to 'remove' the item after all charges are used. You don't need to tell the players to discard the item, the remove item will just remove the on use ability and no longer make it inspectable. You could do the same with dynamite for example, to allow players to use it more than once or a special action to blow up a wall or something. I hope that helps, a lot of the time you can work around the things that are not possible in the base game. For example you can use UI elements to create custom puzzles. I've done some in my latest edition scenario and although they are quite long winded they are really impressive to play.
  22. It can definitely be done. You just use the following in the dialogue box (it can be in line too): {var:variablename} Similar to using the {c:Tilenameoftile} to display the in game name of a tile selected. Edit: I have tested it, that's correct
  23. Valkyrie 2.1.5 has been released for both Android and Windows, this has resolved the issues with import and token icons that were introduced when MoM 1.7.0 (offical app) was released. You can download it here, please remember to update the Official App (android or play store) and "reimport" the content in Valkyie. https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases
  24. A new version of the windows Valkyrie app has been released which fixes issues with import,introduced by the latest official MoM app (1.7.0). https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases/tag/release%2F2.1%2Fv2.1.4 We are still working on the Android import issues.
  25. Thanks for bringing this up Vyking. It seems the most recent Official App update has caused problems with the import, this is not uncommon for Valkyrie unfortunately. I've raised a bug with the team, hopefully we'll have this fixed soon. I'll post here and BGG once it's fixed.
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