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  1. We have recently released a new Website for Valkyrie, the new user friendly interface makes it easier to download and play Valkyrie! As always thank you to the dedicated community for making this happen. https://npbruce.github.io/valkyrie/
  2. Can you post an issue here, someone should be able to assist. https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/issues
  3. For those Valkyrie authors out there that are interested in creating custom UI puzzles, i've added a section into the MoM tutorial. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi5gTwKkw84Px0Lvk-bJ3Aml... Pages 119 - 148. It walks through step by step how to create a combination lock, that looks like this:
  4. I am pleased to announce that A Strain on Reality has been translated into Polish (including all UI images such as the journal). Thank you so much to Litas for your hard work and dedication, in translating this huge scenario!
  5. Redwolf created a toolkit to make custom Investigators: https://github.com/redwolf2/valkyrie_content_creation_kit_mom However there are no built in features to add them natively. Its possible if you knwo the Valkyrie code, as are custom tiles and other content. You can of course just pick an investigator then use your custom one, you're only looking out for their Name anyway. I linked a scenario creation guide, if you're interested in writing your own scenarios. I am also happy to give advice or help were I can so feel free to PM me or reach out on discord. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi5gTwKkw84Px0Lvk-bJ3Aml_vF3ZoljjB6a8FjWGt8/
  6. Personally I drilled my clear bases, as I am not sure if i'll ever get round to painting them. That is another option will save you from super glue clouding on the acrylic.
  7. I am very please to announce the latest release of Valkyrie - 2.4.07! This update includes all of the Path of the Serpent content, several bug fixes and some much needed enhancements. Thank you very much to BenRq, Tantum and Redwolf for working on this application release! Also thank you to the members of the community that took the time to test Tantums pre-relase which made this version possible. You can download the latest version of Valkyrie here: https://github.com/NPBruce/valkyrie/releases/latest
  8. It will remain on steam as is, FFG are unlikely to take it down and you can expect it to be compatible with at least a couple of newer OS versions (due to OS level backwards compatibility). The Android and IOS versions, I have less hope for. Android are talking about forcing containerisation of apps, which may require the app to be re-deveoped to work and I wouldn't be shocked if Apple did something similar that would require apps to be updated and republished.
  9. They released the conversion kit, for those that have the revised base game: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/mansions-of-madness-second-edition/ Reccurring Nightmares is possible to proxy apparently. Also if you use Valkyrie you can enable just the 1st Edition Investigators (including in the conversion kit) and any RN tiles shouldn't be placed by the scenario.
  10. I've updated the OP with updated information. Just an update on the scenario, I am still working through it. I have added events to all locations that can appear on the map now, including the Shop and other static buildings that were originally for utility purposes. I have nearly completed my newest scenario in draft form, it will be a while to sanity check, play test, tune and then link into the Campaign. I would say that 70% of the story missions are complete for the campaign. With tuning and the finale to write. I also have some shorted side missions that I would like to complete before release. Here is an example of one of the events: Updated Shop: Encounter: When you revisit the shop the encounter option is gone until you next return to the campaign map (after a mission). I won't give away what happens, as a lot of the event outcomes are based on tests or are semi randomised. Events are designed to never be repeated again in a campaign. This is to limit the amount of time that players can procrastinate! You may also regonise some of the events, I was heavily inspired by Arkham Horror on the campaign map side of this creation.
  11. It's important to clafiry "Evade" is not an action, its a consiquence of doing things in in a space with a monster. So in your example 1. You are in the space adjacent to the monster. You use an action to move 2 spaces, one space puts you next to the monster so you can interupt your move action (without forfiting that second space of movement) to attack. Attack is an action that can be done in a monster space without an evade check, so you do so. The monster doesn't die, so you can then continue your move action to move back, but since still technically part of the earlier "move action" you are subject to an Evade check, (this is a consiquence not an action). Peform the evade check, if it doesn't tell you to stop moving, you can continue moving regardless of result. Its a common missconception - that people think if you fail an evade check (aka take damage) you must stop moving, you don't. You only have to forfit your move if it specifically states "Forfit the remainder of your action", if you become stunned/restrained or there is any other wording that would suggest you must remain in the space. If the evade check states that you must move one space away, then you should do this before continuing your move.
  12. One of my valkyrie scenarios does exactly that "Escape" when you go through a door it semi randomly picks a tile of a pool available. There is at least one room for each expansion (excluding PoS, as I am waiting for it to be added to Valkyrie). The scenario only requires Base, but every expansion enables adds to the pool of variability. EDIT: I wanted to clarify what I mean by "Semi randomly picking a tile" each section of the board may have 2-4 possible tiles, each with its own unqiue encounter. When you go through the door it will do a random number generation to pick with of those available tiles it will place, the pool size will depend on what expansions are required for the tile and which are enabled by the player. For example room 1 may have a base, SoA, SoT and RN option, 1/4 chance each time you play to get a different tile with all expansions. If you only have SoA then its 1/2 chance, as two of the possibilities are locked off due to the lack of expansion content.
  13. No, the space you are in doesn't count. You the first adjacent space as 1, then the next until you make the shortest past to the object/monster. [Inv][ 1 ][ 2 ] [ 3 ][ 4 ] Yes they would, the first unoccupied space would be 1, the second 2, the one containing the monster 3.
  14. I don't think DLC scenarios are that cost effective. They can release a big box for $50(?) with 3 scenarios ($15 if sold as DLC) thats $35 for some card board and profit. If the DLC was priced to make profits like the physical material I doubt they would sell. There are currently no campaigns for MoM2 in Valkyrie. They are quite the undertaking (trust me). MoM2 was designed for single play scenarios, so they didn't put any campaign mechanics in (shop, player advancement, etc). For my campaign i've had to build them from scratch. However there are lots (i thnk nearly 50) of individual scenarios that players have created in Valkyrie. If you need any help and advice feel free to PM me , i've written 3 and the scenario creation guide - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gi5gTwKkw84Px0Lvk-bJ3Aml_vF3ZoljjB6a8FjWGt8/
  15. Nothing has been announce to suggest they will make campaigns, but it is possible. I've been working on one in Valkyrie for the past year (its not ready yet), so know its completely possible.
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