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  1. That is my thinking as well but surprisingly, or not surprisingly, I've gotten "disagreements." LOL
  2. So here is the scenario. I have Rebel Nym and I dropped a bomblet the previous round and left it on the board. This round an enemy ship with 1 HP remaining moves up within range 1 of me and the bomb. Nym reveals dial, drops another bomblet and moves away. So at the end of the activation phase is when bombs detonate and I can use Nym's ability to keep one on the board. Do I have to choose to use his ability before resolving ANY tokens or since there are multiple simultaneous effects happening can I allow the first token to go off, hopefully killing the ship, THEN decide to leave the other one one the board?
  3. Seeing a lot of Imperial lists doing well in Store Championships have me wanting to do something with the Palp aces archetype. Has anyone tried converting the Mynock Special to use Countdown instead of Omega Leader. OL is great but sometimes just want to change things up, plus adding another red dice can be effective. With Yorr close he could pull the Countdown ability stress enabling Countdown to do his ability more than once a turn if needed. Also added the ION projector to Yorr for some control/deterant. Thoughts? Whisper w/FCS, Adv. Cloak, Rebel Captive, VI Countdown w/Lightweight Frame, with or without title Cap. Yorr, w/Palpatine, Col. detector, and ION projector 98pts.
  4. Exploring different types of rebel swarms. Thoughts on these? Jess w/R3A2, Integrated Bandits x 6 (1 with chips/tracers) Ezra Bridger w/TLT, Rage, Inspiring Recruit Bandits w/Tracers, chips x 2 Gold Y-wings w/plasmas, chips, AB turret x 2
  5. 100pts Jess Pava w/R3A2, integrated astromech Bandit Z-95 w/Thread tracers, guidance chips Bandit Z-95 Bandit Z-95 Bandit Z-95 Bandit Z-95 Bandit Z-95
  6. The Mynock Special is still one of my fav. lists but can it compete in today's meta with the Palp nerf and fear of Miranda, Kanan/Biggs TLT stuff? If not could palp be dropped for a different ship? Mynock Special Whisper w/VI, FCS, Kallus, Adv. Cloak Omega Leader w/Juke, Comm Relay Captain Yorr w/Palpatine What about..... Whisper w/VI, FCS, Kallus, Adv. Cloak Omega Leader w/Juke, Comm Relay Starkiller Base Pilot w/Collision dectors, Kylo Ren's Shuttle No Palp but a slightly better dial, 4 att. dice and a stress inducer Thoughts?
  7. Its on page 12 of the Rules Reference guide, under the heading "Guides"
  8. I apologize if this has been answered somewhere before. If I move let's say Miranda and then drop a mine on top of another ship, but the mine token only overlaps that ships movement guides ("nubs"), does the mine detonate? I know that nubs don't count for attacking. "Each ship’s base has two pairs of movement guides, one pair on the front and one pair on the back. These guides are ignored for all purposes except executing maneuvers and overlapping obstacles and other ships. In those cases, the guides count as part of the base." The rules for bomb tokens say that the bomb "guides" count as part of the bomb for overlapping. I think that determining "overlapping" is the key component here and that the ship nubs would count in determining if the bomb overlapping thus detonating? Correct?
  9. Store Champs start in a month and we don't even know yet what's in the kit?
  10. Hoth Day 1A is today (Thurs, March 23rd). I have a group of friends playing in the event. 105 players for today, day 1.
  11. Reported on FB that the final is Heaver vs Grasser
  12. Two 7-0s at Naboo is Old Man Fennaroo (Duncan H.). The other is a Jess Pava (swarm leader), 2 Greens and a Blue T-70. Other top lists are several triple defenders, couple Ghost/Biggs , triple scouts (me).
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