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  1. I think I would call this one 'Shafted'. Thinking out loud here. In the expanded Mos Shuuta file, I was reading about the slagworks. How it is a series of mine shafts and a smelter. My idea here is to run a classic infested mine mini dungeon. Inside they would potentially encounter any relevant Tatooine lifeforms (got to go through the list on wookiepedia), but I do want an infestation of mynocks. As the group fight this, and dangerous destabilising passages that should be stable (what? why? - you'll see). The "boss" keeps digging new tunnels all over like a crazy, as it can't find a way out (its scanner are only short range). we'll come to a narrow shaft (single file), filled completely with a huge mining droid. As they approach, its sensors begin audibly twinging. Essentially, this droid has not been memory wiped. The Gamorrean guards have been lax about it, and for the last month even the miners have been scared of it, because it keeps backchatting them. By the way, the droid would have been given a voice processor because it can relay readings and situation status from a distance within the dark mines. The droid has flipped out finally, that even indentured miner slaves try to tell it what to do, all for some fat slug hutt. Fight the oppression! Kill and be free. This works well as a little foreshadowing precurser to the droid uprising that is hinted at in several books, including Debts To Pay (GM screen adventure). It has been pushed even more over the edge by the Mynocks that keep attacking it. So the very place where they don't want to fight this mining drill droid boss is where they have it, inside a tiny shaft. They will have to lure it into an open cavern if they want to surround it and fight together. In fact, it could make its entrance by burrowing straight in to the tunnel they are in from the side, creating new tunnels as it goes. This explains the destabilising going on. As it moves, we see mynocks attached to it. It could be shouting at them too, calling them freeloaders etc. Inside the big cavern, they would then have mynocks swarming through additionally, trying to get at the droid, which will complicate firing at it. So, anyone want to stat this mining drill droid up?
  2. I'm trying to work out the beats to another job and how it should go down with my group. See if you can fill it out some more. Jawas in need of help. Attend jawa fortress and have flavourful encounter there. See some creepy spider droid things skulking about and several parked sandcrawlers. Jawa main water hole is infested with some aquatic creature. It is unsafe to obtain water there at the well and the water level is falling! The water is poisonous to other races for some reason, but Sand people and jawas both share this one source and feel no adverse effects. The water could be heavily filtered by others, but the danger that would pose as "stealing it" would be great. The well has runes etched into its walls, and is oddly not made of sandstone, but of stone material that is not of Tatooine. Inside the well is a weird beast, drinking the water, or more appropriately, absorbing it, and growing larger all the time. Something that was under the surface before, and wakes up every few thousand years for a sup, that has been forgotten by the current age. So let's design a creature. I can't think of anything yet, but I do like these sponge idea, lol. If the party deal with the problem, I think I would like to include a follow up scene on their return journey, inspired by one of the images in the rule book. My lot have made an enemy of Lieutenant Herkin from Escape From Mos Shuuta. He sends stormtroopers to attack the party. The party have a parked speeder there or whatever transport, but a tie fighter flies in and blows it up before they can get in. The jawas scramble for cover. The party will need to get away, perhaps using a sandcrawler as cover, and driving it (slowly) while firing out at the stormtroopers giving chase alongside it on dewbacks. The Tie may be a problem too. Inside the crawler should be capable infantry weaponry (perhaps part of an AA gun) to brace and shoot at the tie. What do we reckon?
  3. Maybe the trees have a reverse oxygen effect going on? Maybe they're stealing your oxygen? lol
  4. Since Tatooine is such a common place, I wanted to get a regular job board going for my group. I've been thinking of what could work and have some ideas to share, but they are very much unfinished and could use some community input to collaborate towards improvement. So let's write some jobs down, with as much detail as we can. Much of this is inspired by the works of the expanded Mos Shuuta creators. Seedonio's Sand is Fine I was inspired by the expanded Mos Shuuta details here. See that file elsewhere to make more sense of these ideas. The group are hired by a morbidly obese rodian who collects and exports high quality sand. He wants the group to recover the finest of all sand, from 'Glass Heap'. There may be a few womp rats around it...But that shouldn't be a problem for brave people such as you? Facts to learn - Lightning often strikes the massive sand heap, turning parts of it to glass. It is unknown why it has a tendency to be hit so often. This is even stranger, consider the lightning actually arcs upwards into the sky. Also, precipitation and storms aren't really known here, so that's another oddity. The womp rats like the area because the fine glass created attracts one of their illegally imported non indigenous prey, the Taiwee-Dee (I'm thinking like larger translucent slugs with crystalline carapace sections. These semi armoured slugs consume the glass and turn it into enzymes for their carapace, as part of mating rituals. The womp rats seem few in number on approach, but as the party get closer, loads more burst from the sand, as a minion swarm encounter. The womp rats are mutated by something. A medical check to determine this perhaps. Some sort of radiation like mutations. We can have some fun thinking things up here. If the party dig down deeper into the sand, they will discover the remains of a crashed ancient unknown alien ship. Suits of armour with long dead occupants inside. Something in here is mutating the womp rats of course, but the real fun can be had with unknown pieces of alien technology, from that which still works after all this time. So what would you have them find on this derelict passenger ship? (Size, no bigger than a small freighter).
  5. Excellent. I think you are onto something there. I didn't realise you had to use adv to exclude a target...I hope the player realised...
  6. Another thing is, if they can bring out more modules, I will gladly throw more cash at them. I just love a module. Love stories I haven't written - exciting to pre-read them the first time myself.
  7. The only thing is, my player will claim he can just remotely detonate them, so it doesn't involve the droid's skill.
  8. Well, then that droid must have been specially modified (by the Jawas?) to work the moisture farms on Tatooine. Because, by and large, R5 units are astromechs. Again, I'm with the posters here who believe you should just use the R2/astromech stats from the core rulebook. A fantastic online source for astromechs, backed by a ton of canonical and behind-the scenes research, can be found here. Fabulous, good tip, thanks.
  9. Blast weapon yes, but as I read the rules in Dangerous Covenants - Page 54, explosives like detonite, which is what my player is using, don't conform to normal blast weapon quality rules. There are no advantages for more targets with that explosive. It hits everything in range, outright. Making sure that everyone understands the distinction here. Detonite, attached to droid, droid goes into enemy. Boom. All enemy targets in range automatically hit. Player elects to have the talent mean the explosive avoids the droid... That's what we're talking here, guys, just to confirm.
  10. Hey, that's not lazy, that's good GMing! Being able to reskin generic NPCs on the fly is an excellent skill to have as a GM, and the same applies to settings. Nobody wants to fiddle around while the GM looks something up, that's how phones come out at the table.... I thought the first rule of GMing was "no plan survives contact with the players!" Well, I thought it was lazy by FFG, because granted, being able to re-skin on the go is an important ability for GMs, which I have used for my 3 or so years of Dragon Age campaign prior, but it is assumed that anyone running Escape From Mos Shuuta/Long Arm of the Hutt is new to the system, and doesn't have the skill to re-skin just yet. I think if it came to it, I would have to base something around the Rancor as suggested, but then rule in all of its nasty preying mantis style slashy bits, perhaps as a "weapon quality". Less Wounds than rancor maybe, but more stuff like vicious/pierce.
  11. The player that took my R5 was a jawa, so, thinking about it, he never had any choice...
  12. So the group have gotten hold of R5-K3 from Escape from Mos Shuuta, as a joining member (ally). That's fine, I thought, as it's only a grumpy R5, and they need a bit of mechanics/engineering help. But then I noticed the book itself doesn't stat this droid up. I saw that the R5's were the cheapest R series droid. So I was wondering, how far do you think I should go in downgrading this little fella from the regular astromech? And how? They did after all get him free, as a stow away (troublemaker). Even if it's a case of them being able to spend credits on upgrading it later.
  13. I'm surprised that not even everything is statted up by FFG! Like in The Long Arm of the Hutt (MINOR SPOILER) The Lylek is dropped into a scene, and then it is explained to use the stats for a rancor if it comes to it. How lazy is that? I was shocked. Yeah, it's a low level group, but you know the first rule of GM planning: If you give it stats, it will be killed. Luckily we have really industrious players in the community who come up with resources for others. Love this community immensely.
  14. Hah, you're right, he is King of the Munchkin folk. He is very proud of the fact. Lots of player types in a normal party set up of course, this being a common one. Interesting that players have had to figure interpretations of how the talent works, because FFG have not put a lot of info there. Some people think it's the demo guy shouting to his party to move. Others (including my player) think it's the shape of the charge. I must admit, I figured it as being a shaped charge too. Really interesting useful replies guys. I will take this to my player, especially the possibility for consequences, such as getting blasted backwards and such. If acting like a claymore, sending the droid backwards, will that backing on explosive likely do the droid damage too, or just propel it, d'you think?
  15. You know that demolitionist talent that lets them aim their explosives to avoid certain people of their choosing from the blast? Selective Detonation? Well, my demolitionist player reckons this talent should allow him to go as far as to plant charges on the party's astromech droid, send the droid into the enemy, and trigger the explosive, with the blast being set as "directional" away from the droid itself. This tactic will be used and reused again if allowed, but what do you guys think? He seems to think such directional explosives even if affixed to a friendly are plausible. Do I allow it with a mechanics check to affix as normal but with failures being damage to the droid/user instead, threat being being additional GM chosen targets in range of the premature blast and despair being crits to all in range? Something like that?
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