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  1. Wave 4: What it means for us and FFG

    I think you mean that Disney is trying to erase all things EU. The movies (even the ones written after George Lucas was replaced by a talentless clone) are the only true canon.
  2. Wave 4: What it means for us and FFG

  3. Cog ’o' Two acryllic tokens mini-review

    Glad I only play with friends. One of the big reasons I don't bother with LGS's. Bring too much drama (as either a cheat OR as a rules lawyer) and you magically never get invited again.
  4. Reflective Millenium Falcon Engine Glow

    Very nice looking effect on the engine glow.
  5. Storing damage and upgrade cards Here's one version of it
  6. Storing damage and upgrade cards

    They make a pocket page protector for coins/35mm slides that have 2" x 2" pockets. This would leave approximately 0.5" of the card out of the top of the pocket which shouldn't be an issue if you've sleeved the cards.
  7. 3rd Core Set or...

    Nah, you didn't make an @$$ of yourself. I just don't follow the shorthand on here very well since I don't really come here much.
  8. Placing manouver dials

    I had seen some youtube matches where they put them on top of the ships. I sorta figured this would be pretty common since it works so well.
  9. 3rd Core Set or...

    @StevenO: thanks, this is the information I needed to make my decision. The CS would give me (2) fewer Swarm Tactics than getting the additional expansions. @Khyros: you made my brain hurt. I have (2) ST from my TIE expansions and (2) from my T/Adv expansions. Would I need more than that? I followed your logic until you said : That threw me off a bit.
  10. 3rd Core Set or...

    Thanks. That's what I was thinking, but wasn't sure if I was overlooking some benefit from additional expansions.
  11. 3rd Core Set or...

    I bought into the game when it first launched but never played. Now my son has taken an interest and we've started playing so I've started adding to the collection. I have 2 CS's and also have (1) X-wing expansion and (2) TIE expansions. Due to a compulsive nature, I need (4) total X-wings and (8) total TIEs. Should I get the 3rd CS or is there some reason to still get expansions?
  12. Tournament Questions

    Sideboard or no?
  13. There's a building materials outlet near me that has kitchen cabinet modules. Thinking about getting a couple of 30" base cabinets and framing up a top using a sheet of plywood. Gaming table + storage
  14. Terrain Ideas

    Was just going through some toys my daughter has outgrown and found some toy houses that are the perfect scale. Figure I might start watching at flea markets and yard sales for more like them. I can't wait for the quonset's in Icarus. Those will be great for all my games
  15. Super Star Destroyer Mini

    ShadowJak said: Estimation isn't a math concept. Oh, really. Look it up. It's usually taught in 2nd or 3rd grade, and a quite useful tool.