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  1. I disagree. At least in this game you don't get gold screwed. Sure your opponent can have all power cards out and all you get are vanilla but you won't be losing bad. I never had a game where I felt I had absolutely no chance of getting back, and I've had games where everything seemed great and in the end winning or losing by a thread. I honestly think for the most part this has been the most balanced version of L5. And I remember the old l5 being more complicated then this with more things to keep track of. Are you sure we are talking about the same game? Don't get me wrong, I love both games, but in the old days there are just matchups that you can't win no matter your cards. IE playing dishonor against Oni, or that crazy Crane Honor Running deck that could hit 40 by turn 3. What about that dragon unli stand, break 4 provinces in one turn with one peep? The list goes on man.
  2. looking forward to this. more power to you and everyone in the project
  3. First of, I love the 3D card mod, I might try it some time with the Stronghold if I have the time. What I do now with my old cards is use the height of courage and truce from EE to proxy for banzai and courtgames, cause I only have 2 sets each, and hate taking things out of the sleeves cause I usually forget to put them back. I do this only for practice games only, though I wouldnt mind if a shop allows proxies for those who didnt get enough cores since its sold out currently.
  4. You could say the same about "court games" though, which is why non political decks have 3 of each. But yes, the ability to break a province with a 1 fate character, and 1 honor loss seems a bit OP especially against Military decks that focus on province breaking than removal.
  5. To be clear, its not just for me its for the newer players too, to help them plan out their decks, this is especially important for those on a budget. You guys are probably right. To be clear, I didn't really expect them to re implement the old koku system, I was thinking more of it being a good promotional move on FFG's part to acknowledge those who have spent so much time and money on a game they now own, you know for those who have enjoyed the previous game and are continiously supporting l5. It doesn't have to be big or expensive, at this point anything would be great. Yes, I agree. I cannot stress enough the need to have a list of available cards at the disposal of a player, whether casual or competitive. Allowing a period where only a few cards are available for legal play will greatly hinder the momentum this game has had so far. There are a thousand other options in terms of games for players out there that can easily distract them. I have never played net runner, don't even know how it works, but I've seen people move to other games and forget about the game, despite its potential, all because they got bored playing with the same decks while waiting for their cards to be updated. I witnessed how it got interest from many players in one month, grew exponentially, and saw the diminishing playgroup in the next month. Now only 2-4 people play it in the shop, and they recently bought L5 coresets. I believe this game can generate income for FFG, and at the same time keep the fans happy. At the end of the day, as long as FFG can do that we all win.
  6. That I did not know, though I wonder why it isn't on the L5R website. Thanks. My expectations in that regard have been fulfilled. Fair enough, I too enjoy the wiki in that regard.
  7. I am aware of third party card databases out there. But you missed the point about it being official. And yes it matters if its official. Its important that FFG does this since they own the game, and if third parties can do it for free why can't they? You are also at the mercy of the third party updating cards when it can, and doing it for free no less how long can a person do things for free anyways? While were are on the topic I'd like to add that there should be a rules reference for each specific card which I am sure can easily be incorporated in the card database. I feel we need a centralized database that is owned by FFG or at least endorsed by FFG. The context if fairly simple: I expect FFG to create an Imperial Assemble like database like those sites you posted, only its official, reliable, and not open for the public to edit whenever they please. See if the context was, is there a card database for L5R then your post would definitely be a great response. Thanks for the effort anyways. Also this is better in terms of searches: https://fiveringsdb.com/
  8. I don't think we are in the same page here. You keep focusing on the ownership and management of imperial assembly, while I am talking about getting an updated official card database with an advanced search feature, and various other tools, with regard to the koku, I'd like to at least get something out of it, if you had an abundance of that wouldn't you? You're telling me because AEG used to run the website that FFG can't do that?
  9. I like this idea! Ill try to get my friends to do this, it sounds fun!
  10. Hi! There is a difference between spending $200 a year to be COMPETITIVE and spending an extra $100 on COLLECTIBLES. Both of which I am willing to do. Whats illogical with that? For the record if it does go beyond my bugdet to play competitively I'd still buy the foils if they are good. See not everyone will buy the foils, but I will, I enjoy collecting things, nothing wrong with that. In fact I am willing to bet there are things that you spend more on then necessary just because you enjoy it, also nothing wrong with that. See I am not the type of person to judge people who buy RGB on their computers, or people who buy sports cars, or people who have subscriptions to pornhub, that's their money, that's what they want to do that's what they can afford and I respect that. And while where at it, I just might buy an extra $100 on merchandise because I have a decent job and can afford it. Well hopefully your prediction is wrong, this game isn't like the previous LCG's that FFG made, hopefully they will change it, that is what I expect (as an optimist.) Aside from the Koku (as stated by Tebbo), which I still have an abundance of, the also had oracle with advanced search mechanics that would really help me out, and it needs updating. Yes! A slower release cycle would be nice after the game develops a decent card pool with decent options for every clan. And yes, I'd rather have balance over substance any day of the week, but I believe it is possible to have both. I for one do not want the cycles to end every year with an introduction to a new cycle. Hypothetically I believe this is the best possible rotation: Year 1 Imperial Cycle = First Coreset and Imperial Expansions. Year 2 Imperial Cycle = Deluxe Imperial Cycle release and Emerald Expansions release Year 3 Emerald Cycle (Hypothetical) = First corset and Imperial expansions go out of standard rotation, Deluxe Imperial and Emerald expansions remain, Emerald Coreset introduced. Year 4 Emerald Cycle = All Emerald expansions rotate. Deluxe Emerald and Diamond Expansion released. Year 5 Diamond Cycle (Hypothetical) = Emerald coreset rotates ect... That way we can always have a decent card pool regardless of what cycle we play in. Also I'd like to have 4 Strongholds playable at a time, and at least 2 champs playable. The issue of balance can easily be solved through rotations.
  11. As most of you know, and for the benefit of those who do not, MTG and old L5R (note that people I know still play the old AEG version) have cycles in which cards are declared non-standard but would still be retained in other formats, example modern, commander, legacy, ect. I think that in the future FFG will probably implement a similar concept in the future, provided that it lasts a long time, and hopefully it will. Here's what I expect, my cards to last at least a year in "standard" before it phases out and will belong to a "Modern" format. Now this opens up a plethora of possibilities that can make or break the game. I for one do not think that the current coreset will be printed after 2 or so years and FFG will probably release new coresets with expansions every 2 to 3 years, which I hope they will so as not to make the game stale. This will of course make it easier for newer players to jump into the game, while giving the older players a fresh set of cards to play with. And sticking to this coreset only serves the newer players and the older ones probably wont buy a set, predicting the supply and demand could be detrimental should the supply run low, a potential player may have trouble getting into the game, should there be an overestimation of the demand, FFG might abandon this game when it loses money, we ALL lose. Of course it won't be for free, that's the downside, we the pioneers of this new card game will have to shell out a few dollars every now and then, this is after all a business. But as long as I am having fun with my friends and enjoy the game, I am down with that. But at the same time I don't want to put too much money into this game as much as I want to. Here is what I expect: -It won't cost more than $200 a year to be competitive. IF it comes to that, I'd rather play boardgames or share with my playgroup, and if I have to spend more than $200 a year i'd rather play video games or MTG. -There will be a Modern format where all cards from all sets are playable -That standard cards will at least have a 2 year playing time. I don't want to buy a booster that would last only 6 months or a year. -Storyline events! -NO storyline events that potentially kill off clans. -NO dominant decks that would see play 80% of the tournaments. I would like to see each clan winning a Kotei or at least have a chance. -NO HARD COUNTERS TO DECKS AS TO RENDER A DECK USELESS. Example: Scorpion dishonor against Oni Shadowlands not losing honor. -Foils. Yes foils. Do it. And don't get me those cheapo versions of MTG foils that bend and curls when it rains in the summer. I want an all foil deck pls. I'll pay an extra $100 for it too, i can make the buget work... -Merchandise. I want to go into a tournament looking like the son of bayushi himself. Hat, collared shirt, rings, the works. Don't give me $100 shirt though, thats stupid. -NO exclusive membership to get powerful cards. NO, just NO. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH... NO. PLease. No. Paying an extra $10 a year to get game changing cards? WTH. No. -Can you improve the imperial assembly website to reflect the newer cards so that we the players can easily reference the cards? I have to search google just to look at some cards. I am sure it wont be that hard.
  12. Well I personally think they are underestimated, I guess the fact that they have such a high glory makes it either harder or easier to break provinces depending on the match up. I wouldnt put too much credit on my opinion though, I am very new in this game, but from my observation i feel that they are powerful in a sense that they have versatility. Ill be playing Phoenix for the week and ill give some feed back. Yeah everyone is new in the game so I understand that things like that happen.
  13. LOL looks like the guy I was observing got cheated. Good thing it wasnt me, but still bad. Thanks for the heads up, not gonna get tricked by that.
  14. Phoenix is one of the most powerful clans out there IMHO. What I see other Phoenix players do with their champ is: Step 1: Attack. Your clan champ can Stomp a province (with help with some sacrificial lambs, highly recommended against crab) claim a ring, go home bowed end conflict, then use her ability to Fire and Honor herself +4 pump from glory, and stand herself with Water. Step 2: Defend with your Champ, more or less win with an 8 MIL (FORCE)/ 8 POL stat. If the attacker is foolish enough not to claim Water, then you can Stand her again to attack. Repeat Step 1 and 2. Break 2 provinces and defend 2 your champ, she is hardworking haha. And you can use rings a maximum of 8 times in one round if no one claims water. although denial is fairly simple, just claim water and hope the phoenix have no ring swap shenanigans.
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