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  1. The Chainfist is indeed limited to termies, but that isn't the point. All Legion Weapons are Extremely Rare. A Legion Chainsword as rare as an Legion Energy Sword etc.. I'd change Legion Chainsword and Chainaxe to rare and the Legion Energie Sword to very rare. legion Bolters and Pistols to very rare, maybe Pistols even to rare. you're right about the cursed heirloom, haven't looked at it that way. Another suggestion: Power Armour is restricted to 3 sub systems. What about giving pa with higher quaility more active subsystems, like 6 for good quality and 9 for best. Additionally y'd say you can repair/reactivate inert or broken systems with an Infamy roll vs. Extremely rare or an Tech-Use/Trade(armourer) roll vs -40
  2. Zane3

    legion rules

    Read a little bit about the Traitor Legions backround and chose an appropriate skill, an fitting hate talent and one talent. Giving an drawback makes it round. Don't forget to use penalty's if they choose a legion dedicated to a specific chaos god, and getting the Devotion of an other god. Example: Iron Warriors Tech-Use, Hate: Imperial Fists Hardy or Siegecraft (Imperial Fists skill, Rites of Battle) Has to replace Mutations with Cybernetics, or looses 1W5 Infamy per week until the Mutation is replaced The Legion follows the Undivided Chaos: gets -10 on Fel rolls vs other Iron Warriors if devoted to an single chaos god . just an idea
  3. Hi there First sorry for my bad english I've noticed a few issues. Nearly every Legion Weapon got the availability Extremely Rare, leaving balancing to the common sense of the game master. Why bother with getting a legion chainsword, if you can get a chainfist with the same roll?(you can even get it for free at charakter creation: downgrade it with an downgrade option,extremely rare->downgrade +10 ->very rare -20 +only one item +10 -> rare = -10 -> available for free), thats only one example, you could get a legion weapon of choice, leaving only the restrictions of the gm and common sense or characterplay as restriction The Talent "Cursed Heirloome" reads: "The Character may choose any weapon (melee or ranged) or armour with an availabiltiy of very rare or less without the need to roll", Maybe i lack a bit of praxis in english, but does it mean less available, (very rare, extremly rare, etc) or the opposite (very rare, rare etc.) The first possibility seems a little bit overpowered to me. A best quali Hellblade right from the start (nothing says it isn't allowed) would be ridiculous. The second let me wonder if anyone would buy this talent cause most items you could obtain with this talent are available without the drawbacks of Cursed Heirloom, leaving again only a practical use for roleplay (would'nt be bad at all, just wondering if it is intended) The CSM Sorcerer gets a Force Weapon. No one said which one or restricted it, that would mean a starting sorcerer could have fun with the Staff of Change, which would be rather strange. There are different sources of unnatural Attribute. CSM are getting UN St +4 and gifts of khorne or Synth Muscles too. Count the highest or add them up? I've noticed a few times it's Unnatural Strength +x and other times Unnatural Strength x in the book. Does the + imply that these one should be added and the other ones not, or is it a simple mistake and everything should read +x? I haven't played the game so far, but it looks a little bit half-baked for me. so long Zane
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