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  1. For me the art style of games is pretty important, especially in games that have a certain theme. And sometimes the art on some cards can make or break this theme or flavor. I'm happy with most art they chose for LOTR so far, but of course there are some pieces that I consider worse than others, but that's just a matter of personal taste I guess. What bothers me more are cards where the depiction and the mechanic don't go together very well. My example would be "Self Preservation". Its effect heals 2 to damage, but if I had to guess its effect from looking at the picture I would assume that it cancels 2 damage instead. I don't know if I'm making sense here, but it's something I noticed right away. Having different artists doing the artwork leads to variety, but also to inconsistency on the other hand. Depending on its degree this inconsistency can result in irritation on my part... (Take Thunderstone for example. As long as Mr. Engle did all the artwork the game and the theme felt very consistent. As soon as they started to mix in pieces from other artists the art direction became a complete mess in my opinion...)
  2. We never really stopped playing for a long period, although we went through various "phases" one could say. Phase 1: Getting the core set and playing the quests with the four starter decks over and over... But we never really liked playing "Escape from Dol Guldur" much, because we found it a bit too difficult. (Since then it has become one of our favorites, because of that extra difficulty...) Phase 2: Feeling the need to get a second core set, because of the limited deck building options. After that we started to build two new decks, one leadership/lore and one spirit/tactics, also "upgrading" to 50 cards per player deck. The impact of this was huge. And we played even more games after that... Between Phase 2 and 3 and during a holiday in Ireland I discovered the Cardboard of the Rings podcast! And the rest of the summer we waited for the arrival of "Hunt for Gollum". Phase 3: This is where the game really started to shine, because the adventure packs started to come out regularly! Since then we've continued playing, improved our decks and also went back to plow through some of the older quests. A short while ago and after the release of the Dead Marshes we went back to building mono-sphere decks which has turned out to be also great fun...
  3. I'm with you Mighty Jim! As much as I enjoy playing a two-sphere deck, it sometimes doesn't run as smoothly as I'd like it to. Two days ago for example I just drew cards from the one sphere, having a lot of unused resources on Boromir and never enough resource tokens to play all the spirit cards in hand...
  4. The quest is a breeze when you play spirit and have some trackers on the board. I think if you wanna have more of a challenge, you should try some other deck against it... I didn't dislike the quest as much as some other players here in the forums, but it certainly is one of the easier ones out there.
  5. Yeah, all the trolls engage you in the same turn. That's the reason why it's so important to keep your threat low during this quest. Once you have enough allies and support out you can take out one troll after the other. But if your threat is 34 or higher when you reach that step of the quest and you're not prepared, well then you're in a lot of trouble...
  6. Shiv@n said: 2 spheres will get 2 new cards x3 2 spheres will get 3 new cards x3 1 neutral card x3 2 Heroes = 35 players cards (this distribution was revealed on the french board) Does anyone else think that this distribution is a bit odd? Until now they spread out the player cards out evenly between all the spheres and now that. And will we have to wait until the next big box expansion to see the other two spheres getting their extra cards? Hm...
  7. I'm thinking about it, but mostly because I want to limit myself to just one of the spheres and try to build the best deck from that limited card pool. I see it as an extra challenge and a chance to try playing with some cards I've neglected so far. I think it could be fun to try some of the older quests with that new decks that contain most of the player cards from the first cycle. Of course multi-sphere is the more effective way to go in the current environment, especially with the songs. I like my Spirit/Tactics deck, but the deckbuilder in me is ready for something different...
  8. So, now that I had the chance to play through the Dead Marshes for the first time: I like it, but the escape tests triggered by Treachery cards without Gollum in the staging area are bothering me quite a bit. Who is trying to escape? From a thematic point of view I have some problems with this... On the other hand this would be a good reason to include Elfhelm in my Spirit/tactics deck, so I don't have to care too much about the threat raising... I like the mechanic as such, but these loop holes (that should have been noticed while testing this AP) are a bit annoying... Waiting for an official FAQ, but I'm afraid this is going to take a while ;-)
  9. I agree with Bohemond. The articles on game design on the MtG page are very well written and interesting to read! Haven't been there for quite some time now, because I more or less stopped playing Magic, but when I was playing it casually there was always something insightful to read. I sometimes wish the game designers at FFG would share there experiences of developing their games as well. It would be very interesting to get more information on the design process of LCGs like LotR or Game of Thrones. And - getting back on topic - these articles would also be the perfect place to discuss unclear rulings, card texts or certain game situations like the one mentioned by the OP. Just my two cents.
  10. Interesting... I was thinking that maybe mono-shere decks will get more playable in the near future. Running all 4 spheres in one deck? I don't think I could ever decide on which cards to include. Although, a dwarf-centred theme deck sounds quite fun!
  11. I made the mistake to try the A Game of Thrones LCG while waiting for the Dead Marshes to arrive here in Austria. Boy, that was a mistake I think, cause it looks like this will be eating a lot of time as well in the future... It's already sometimes hard to find enough time for all the great games out there. Currently I'm also buying all Thunderstone and Nightfall expansions as well, but LOTR is my top priority when it comes to bringing the new stuff to the table. So keeping up with the output of the Adventure packs can be difficult at times, but then again: We usually have to wait a bit longer than most players in the US, so that gives my playgroup enough time to beat the quests several times... What I'm more worried about right now is the amount of cards that never get played. I mean my gf and I have our two decks (Leadership/Lore and Spirit/Tactics) and we tinker a bit with them, but never really get to try out all the new player cards... which is a shame in my opinion.
  12. Just don't forget that some of the attachments you mentioned are unique: Horn of Gondor and Celebrian's Stone.
  13. Even though I'd consider myself a casual gamer (mostly because I'm not planning on attending any sorts of tournaments) I love my metagame as well! And I spend quit some time building decks, trying new combos etc. And I'm sure that if FFG will ever release a list of restricted cards that I will follow their suggestions (like I did with the 50 card decks). Why? Because I also play the game according to the rules and the FAQ. Unless their changes get ridiculous and in the way of me and my partner having fun with the game. Then I'd gladly use my own house rules... LOTR is the first living card game that I've followed from its very first release and I have every expansion so far. It's nice to see the game grow and develop and I think that's the reason why I react a bit allergic to people who talk about serious balancing issues and stuff. It's still really early in the game's life... and we've only seen very little. As a former Magic player I'll do what I did with MtG: I play with the cards that are the most fun, experiment with some interesting combos and try to have a good time! As soon as I have a deck that's too good or a combo or card that makes my gaming experience less fun (either because it makes the game to easy or for some other reason), I'm going to stop using it! As simple as that.
  14. Cards with victory points on them don't enter the discard pile and are never shuffled back into the encounter deck when a) they have been defeated by the players (enemies) b) fully explored by the players (locations) They do enter the discard pile when they showed up as a show effect though... Hope that clears that up for you!
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