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  1. Thanks, didnt know about this book.
  2. Alright Lads One of our group has heard off someone online that 1 Mulligan is allowed in setup if you dont like your draw. We play the tourny rules as written in the rule book but I cant seem to find a mulligan rule. Can someone clarify please. Thanks in advance.
  3. RobotMartini said: For me, House Bolton works better when I've built less 'clever' decks around it. Cards like Imposter! Terror in the Dungeons and In Ramsay's Name can be effective in the right situation… but why worry about setting up combos when you have such cheap characters with high STR and war crests, and safety from negative attachments? They work great in a war-crest-heavy deck (bonkers good combo'd with frozen outpost or moat) And don't worry about including every character from the house. Aside from The Deadfort, the Bolton trait is less valuable than the cards it appears on. (I almost never run Steelshanks Walton or Steelshanks' reserves despite their strengths because they add too many more ways the deck can go wrong/implode on itself.) Completely agree. For me played as above in mind a Bolton deck will win more than it losses in " Joust "
  4. Yes got it. Bad wording from me.It does not cancel the effect it just means that target cant be chosen as recipetant of Lethal counter attack when it resolves but obviously if there was more than 1 target and other target is not immune then that target can be killed. So it makes sense to think if there is only 1 character that is immune to opponents TRs then the TR effect is not cancelled just target cannot be chosen to be killed at the end. Right ? Hopefully.. Again on the second one I understand I think. As there is no target to choose with ice then there is no effect to intiate. Its kind of what I meant but I used the term stop play and reverse action as thats what wed have to do if we didnt immediately realise. Right ? Fingers crossed..
  5. ktom said: Lethal Counterattack can initiate completely and the event be played before the restrictions of "immune to triggered effects" has any impact on the situation. can be played successfully - even though nothing happens in the end. Perfect. So if I trigger an effect that does not choose an immune target then the trigger can sucessfully resove unsucessfully with immunity canceling the effect. And if I choose to trigger an effect that does choose immune target then the play has to be stopped as there is no valid target. What do you think of the last part ktom " play effect has to be stopped " as a House Rule ? Thanks
  6. HI If PLAYER 1 initiates a MIL challange with 1 character who is immune to opponents triggered effects and player 2 forgetting he is immune decides to use event card " Lethal Counter Attack" and kneels 2 of his charaters. Question is; What happens next, does PLAYER 2 get to reverse his action and re-stand his kneeling characters and take Lethal Counter Attack back into his hand as the only target for the effect is immune to opponents triggered effects. Or; As its a triggered effect and the characters have been knelt the event card played ect, it gets to trigger unsucessfully on PLAYER 1. Thus discarding event card and subsequently kneeling 2 Stark characters. Im thinking the latter is correct as its a triggered effect PLAYER 2 chose to use.
  7. This threads drawing dangerously close to the fruity side of Mole town.
  8. ktom said: The complaint is from the attacker who says it's too easy to reduce their attacking STR to 0, so they can't win. No offense, but it's typical "it's unfair, therefore illegal" reaction people always have until they figure out how to deal with the cards and built their decks accordingly. Were fairly new to the game but Ive already had that type of problem with the Targayen players Dragon deck. I was getting hammered all the time and not seemingly able to even get out the traps. It took me a good few games to realise the strenght of his dragons were connected to his Dragon freindly locations and breaking the connection between each card was key. Ive been pleased with the results so far. Thanks
  9. Saturnine said: . I don't understand this part. In your example, what you end up with is an attacking character with 0 Strength. The attacking character is not removed from the challenge and the challenge continues to resolve. If you have defending characters with at least 1 total strength, you win the challenge. If you declare no defenders, nobody wins the challenge, but it still resolves. Sorry, I didnt phrase that sentence too well. I just meant that the challange cant be won by him if we take it as the attacking player had no way of responding by upping his strength in anyway, thus he was stuck on 0 STR. Thanks
  10. Hi There Can Shaggydogs ability be used again on the same attacking charcter, basically, can I kneel a Direwolf to trigger ability then after action window is resolved kneel another Direwolf on same attacking character. Example. Player attacks me with STR 4 character. Can I kneel Shaggydog as the direwolf to trigger SD ability on above character, then kneel another Direwolf card to give above attacker another -2 thus nulling his chalange per say barring any effect or responses attacking player may have. I think I can due to his triggered ability not being, eg, " one per phase " I thought it was a no brainer but two players have raised the issue of the Rob Stark and Direwolf attachments mechanic as bieng way too strong, so I thought I'd better double check. Thanks
  11. Thanks guys. I did check in the FAQ book but failed to check the official rule book on that one.
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