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  1. Listing found here: http://boardgamegeek.com/geekstore.php3?action=viewitem&itemid=464276
  2. Not ditching the Naval Escort when the second Valar hit was probably the biggest hit caused by something missed by the two of you. I love this game but all these moving pieces can be so hard to keep track of when you're near the end of such an intense game. Awesome coverage.
  3. I played a Lannister City of Shadows deck that I took to 18th place, and I played against Greg and 2 other Lannister players. Maybe I saw a decent chunk of them, but it was more Lannister than I was expecting.
  4. Also, I'm surprised on how close a deck I made this summer is to what you guys ended up with. Mine was a bit slower, but I think could be a more negative NPE than what you guys had (when you were alone) . I only played a few games of it, as we don't tend to do much casual melee around these here MN parts, and I didn't bother to tweak it any because I decided to play Netrunner. Other than the Emissary, which I put in recently and never actually played with, this deck was wholly created in late spring/early summer (Burning was the restricted card, obviously). Martell Knight of the Hollow Hill Characters 2x The Red Viper 2x Maiden of Poisons 2x House Messenger 1x Rhoynar Emissary 2x Darkstar 1x Arianne Martell 3x Orphan of the Green Blood 3x Former Champion 2x Myrcella Lannister 2x Hellholt Engineer 3x Quentyn's Guard 3x Southron Mercenaries x2 Dornish Paramour 1x Flea Bottom Scavenger 3x House Dayne Skirmisher 1x Doran Martell 2x Arys Oakheart Locations 3x Dornish Fiefdoms 2x Streets of Hellholt 3x Summer Sea 1x Sunspear Tourney Grounds 2x The Brimstone 2x Lost Oasis Events 3x Burning on the Sand 3x Princes Plans 3x He Calls it Thinking 3x Red Vengeance Plots The Red Wedding To The Spears Condemned by the Realm City of Lies Loyalty Money Can Buy Retaliation Feast or Famine Not nearly as refined as what you guys developed, but close. Using Prince's Plans three turns in a row to get 3x Orphan and a Burning on the Sand back like I managed in one local game was pretty **** amusing.
  5. Atleast have the fortitude to post that hilarious troll picture on your main account!
  6. The Snares really do help, especially with the fast advance aspect of the deck. If you have a token on Autoscript and you drop a snare into a fort as your last action, the runner has little choice but to run at it. Sure it might get infiltrated, but you can always just replace it on your next turn and be none the worse as it's a wash click wise (which tends to favor NBN with this deck, if not most).
  7. subochre said: Force9 said: I dont think that this deck is supposed to do the "Tag´n Scorch" combo or? Because with only one SE its not very sustainfull^^ So what was the tactic? Fastadvance with some dmg output? Yeah, I'm betting it was mostly there to make the runner (needlessly) panic, but if they ever let their hand drop below four, so much the better. Always glad to see people playing NBN (especially when they do so well ) I'm a little surprised that you kept it at 21 agenda points instead of 20. Was the third Breaking News to get more use out of the Scorch and Closed Accounts? If so, did you find that you didn't need the SEA Sources as much? I felt the 3rd Breaking News was really important. The more chances I have of dropping and scoring an agenda without there being a risk of it getting stolen that way, the better. I rarely keep Breaking News on the table to be able to use the tags, as people were getting those just fine through Matrix traces, Data Raven tokens and SEA Sources. The playstyle of the deck is to be the aggressor, not to sit back and hope the runner cant build his rig up to match me. Lots of cheap ETR ice for early stalling while I set up some economy, snare to make sure running hand/deck is never safe and even 1 copy of SE was sufficient in either keeping the runners spooked or actually taking them out. The thing I realized is that the fear of a tag and what it can do to the runner alters their play just as much as giving them an actual tag does. Data Ravens are great for this, they end more runs than I expected. A few times I would SEA source with no real intention of doing anything with the tag except force the runner to decide if they could risk keeping it. Do they think they need to draw cards now instead of being able to run at that server I just installed a possible agenda into? Do they spend part of their turn working to clear it? The whole point is to give the runner more difficult decisions and not making it purely about rushing up their rig and chipping away.
  8. It's sure less boring than mine. Congrats on such a strong showing after picking up the game so recently. Had you played other card games in the past?
  9. There's only a little bit of regret. I'm glad I did so well, but at the same time I'm upset that two screw ups on my part basically cost me a chance to possibly make the final table in Netrunner and the cut to 16 in agot. I'm fine getting beat, less thrilled when I help my opponent do it with dumb mistakes.
  10. I actually just posted it on the deckbuilding subforum, figured people might want to see it as there wasn't much NBN in the field.
  11. Below is the NBN deck I played at worlds. It went 5-0 on the day (didn't play as corp in semis as I killed myself on a snare first game as runner before I scored anything and thus couldn't win, so we stopped there). NBN - MAKING NEWS Agendas- 21 points, 11 cards 3x Breaking News 3x Autoscript Pilot Program 3x Private Security Force 2x Priority Requisition Upgrades - 0 influence, 1 card 1x SanSan City Grid Assets - 6 influence, 7 cards 3x Pad Campaign 3x Snare (6 influence) 1x Melange Mining Corp Operations - 7 Influence, 13 cards 3x Hedge Fund 2x Psychographics 2x SEA Source 2x Closed Accounts 3x Beanstalk Royalties (3 influence) 1x Scorched Earth (4 influence) Ice - 2 influence, 17 cards 3x Enigma 3x Tollbooth 3x Data Raven 3x Matrix Analyzer 3x Wall of Static 2x Ice Wall (2 influence)
  12. I don't know the numbers for sure, it looked to be in the 20s. Jeremy also ended up winning that as well, quite the weekend for him.
  13. 41 Netrunner players, 57 AGOT melee and 81 AGOT joust are the numbers I know. John Bruno and I were the other players to make top 4 cut for Netrunner. John played HB/Crim and I played NBN/Anarch.
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