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  1. I was just thinking...a hospital/asylum or a university would also be a great expansion to add.
  2. Wouldn't it be great if everytime you played this game, the clouds outside darkened and a wicked rain storm ensued?
  3. Wouldn't random seeding work just fine as long as certain story specific cards (i.e., clues, actor cards, ) are discounted from the random seeding? I never liked putting specific items in certain rooms as it affects replay value a bit.
  4. For the next big expansion, I think a museum theme would work best. Essentially, bringing MoM back indoors, but with the more randomly seeded nature of the CoW expansion. I can see many new tiles and rooms (exhibit rooms) emphasizing the ocean deep, the ancient pyramids, the jungles, among others.
  5. I just ordered Forbidden Alchemy from coolstuffinc.com and my copy has the revised Mansions of Madness and Forbidden Alchemy cards. So it seems that, that is standard now in Forbidden Alchemy going forward.
  6. I play where "yes" the player would be able to enter the secret room or get the healing based on the actions the Remote Drone can perform for the character.
  7. First ing, the game is a great casual game. Easy to teach others and good theme. As for the characters, the choice doesn't matter so much. It would of been nice if each character had one special feat they could perform, rather than on option to determine a set of items they start off with. So while it's nice to have a choice of a character which each having flavor text on their cards, the choice doesn't really amount to much. Thoughts!?
  8. Correct, once the initial DF tokens and locked DF tokens are go, you must move onto a new room to collect more. At least that's the way I understand it too!
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