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  1. Therefore, if I choose to encounter the Patrol first & fail the check, I would be arrested without having to deal with Gnoph-Key or being sucked into Another Dimension.
  2. If 2 investigators are Lost in Time & Space at the same time, are they allowed to trade?
  3. On French Hill street, there is currently a Patrol, a Gnoph-Keh monster & Another Dimension Moving Gate. In what order does my investigator encounter these dangers if she moves to French Hill street?
  4. My investigator is in the 1st area of the Abyss when he draws this Other World Gate card for the Abyss: "You climb a long stone stairway towards Sarkomand. Make a Fight (+0) [2] check. If you pass, move to the Dreamlands. If you fail, you become exhausted and must stay here next turn". I didn't want my investigator to pass this Skill Check because there is no Dreamlands gate token on the board, but he passed it anyway. What happens now? Do I move to the 1st or 2nd area of the Dreamlands? The heading should say : "An Abyss Gate Card".
  5. Sorry, it's a Location card --- not a Mythos card.
  6. The card says that: "A monster appears. If you do not defeat it, you are Cursed." If the investigator runs away, is he still Cursed?" I think so, but I need confirmation.
  7. Check out the 3 new Guides which can be downloaded on Boardgamegeek that Wolfie has compiled & fine-tuned over the past few months. They are as follows: 1) Arkham Horror Reference Guide 2) AH Investigator Guide 3) AH Ancient Ones Guide These cover all expansions, components and terms. Wolfie's objective (which he achieved magnificently) was to have a single source for looking up rules questions, FAQ clarifications, investigator/AO details, and elements from the Wiki that made sense. These are indexed, consolidated, alphabetic reference guides. It will be my first source of reference whenever I start a new investigation. I commend Wolfie's efforts and highly recommend these Guides for both newcomers to Arkham Horror as well as grizzled veterans (such as myself). I know that he is very open to suggestions/omissions/modifications although it probably would be minimal at this stage because of the time & effort he has devoted to this labor of love.
  8. This Miskatonic Horror Mythos card instructs the first player to roll 2 dice. The following sentence states:- "If the sum of the result is 7, each investigator with no Clue tokens gains 1 Clue token and loses 1 Sanity." All of the 4 investigators in this game have at least 1 Clue token. If a 7 is rolled, do they still lose the 1 Sanity? in other words, is the second part of this sentence after the word "and" independent of the first part or conditional upon the first part?
  9. The Disguise skill card says: "After making any Evade check, exhaust to add 1 success to the result". What does this mean? The monster's Awareness is 3 & my Sneak is 2. Can I simply say I'm making an Evade check without rolling dice? Or do I need to spend 1 clue token to get the benefit of the Disguise (if I fail the roll)?
  10. This COTDP Mythos card allows the first player to choose one investigator to become Blessed & another investigator to become Cursed. Can he pick an investigator who is already Cursed --- thereby nullifying the negative effect of this card?
  11. Thanks Tibs. I didn't realize that all slumber abilities are still active after the AO wakes up to do Final Battle. Ultimately, it didn't matter because my 4 Investigators did not survive the Epic Battle.
  12. It says: "....you or your partner gains $1 or more (from any game effect other than this card), the other gains $1)". I would guess that a Retainer would count as a "game effect". Am I right?
  13. I play with the Variant where there are 2 Ally decks. The first deck (i.e. the Town Deck) has 11 Allies that are there only for the purposes of removal via the Terror Track. The 2nd deck is the so-called "Citizen's Deck", and I place 11 more Allies in there for use with Ma's Boarding House etc . I currently have 33 Allies in my collection to randomly draw from (many of them fan-based). My question is: where do you recommend I should take Charlie's Ally from & should it be a choice or a random draw?
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