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  1. The Hunt is great. I feel any monolore (or with songs) deck I make will include it, unless my threat is too high. Target removal is a nice thing to have even for enemies that aren't big ticket items like mumaks. Sometimes you just rather get rid of an enemy that popped up at the wrong place and the wrong time. Compared to Fierce Defense, I feel this is less limited, or at least there seems to be more variety in decks of monolore with low threat than straight up valour decks to build around.
  2. ooh, some direct damage goodies! New Bilbo looks amazing (barring the 9 threat cost...) and with Sting equipped, yeah that is some consistent direct damage. Add in some goblin-cleavers for extra fun.
  3. Played against a warg/troll custom encounter deck using the cards from Wizard's Quest and Woodland Realm. I only played it once, but those wargs were relentless! A lot of the them have effects that key off having a shadow card with no shadow effect, so many kept bouncing back to the staging area or making additional attacks. Very annoying. In fact 11 of the 35 cards have no shadow effects. The subtle design from Caleb to have it be so synergistic using quick build mode is quite impressive. (I quick build using these seven encounter set: 6, 11, 12, 16, 22, 23, 28). Going to try out the other encounter decks later this week, one with spiders, another with orcs, and the last one being an evil deck of doomed and surging nonsense and a Nazgul. All 4 of these are built at once (no shared cards), so that's awesome.
  4. I'm very curious about Outmatched. It's the only trap I can think of that attaches to the first enemy that engages you, not through staging like other traps. You can easily control who gets trapped/outmatched by optionally engaging.
  5. Studios outsource all the time in the game industry, from small indie devs all the way up to the AAA studios like Ubisoft and Rockstar, so I don't see why that's a mark against this. It's common practice.
  6. Just cracked open the new AP. I've been wanting new encounter player cards and new eagles and my wish is granted. Going to make an eagle deck soon.
  7. From what I understand each kit comes with 4 copies of everything, not 3. (there's even an ebay listing for the entire kit). I hope the store is not keeping a few for themselves to scalp later or whatnot.
  8. Caleb was gave that answer for the quests themselves. I remember seeing that FB post. Still a bummer that the quests are locked behind a CE though...
  9. Just sleeved the Woodland Realm, marveled at the Gandalf playmat, and I plan on giving a whirl tonight as well as the King's Quest using a sidequest Harad deck I found on ringsdb.
  10. I hear ya, this quest has been kicking my butt since the Wilds deluxe came out. I eventually beat it recently and sidequests were the key.
  11. I think it largely has to do with the name. It's too similar and that is causing a lot of confusion. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the disappointed players' first look at the game was when the game went into EA and weren't following the game prior to that. To their surprise, it's not the same game. But yeah, a little bit of research goes a long way. As for my thoughts on the game, it's alright. My main gripes is the microtransactions, the name, and the grind. But it's a decent spin-off and has a surprising amount of polish. Plays well. But I can't for the life of me play digital card games. It just feels too 'hollow' (I feel the same with OCTGN). I don't know, it's hard to describe. I just need that tactile feel. And besides, I got my fix of cards disguised as egg shaped tokens bashing each other in the face from Hearthstone, so I doubt I'll see myself playing too much more of this.
  12. Mine was scheduled for Monday as well but then it got delayed. No estimated date atm... >_>
  13. ooh! I'd like this give this a go as well. I'm always looking for an excuse to play more. I'm assuming normal mode for the quests (I normally play easy mode, if so I'll have to dig up those gold bordered encounter cards)?
  14. At the moment, yes, it's the only way to get those 2 quests. But I would be shocked if the 2 player starter set wasn't released as a stand alone product at a later date, maybe a year from now. Let's hope it's a timed exclusive.
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