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  1. I don't have it, but maybe FFG designed it that way to fit cards sleeved in FFG sleeves since I know those are taller than other premium sleeves on the market? Or is there too much space even with FFG sleeves?
  2. That is a huge oversight and FFG has no excuse because LotR has two Epic mode scenarios and those clearly say "Note: Epic mode requires three copies of 'blah'". (paraphrasing here, I was just looking at them not long ago).
  3. I don't do progressive style, I like to have all options available. I bought all these cards so might as well use them. I don't play as much as I would like, but it's random of what I will play. Currently the only cycles I've completed are Mirkwood and Khazad. The rest I've dabbled in, mainly the first few quests. I haven't even touched Dream-chaser deluxe/AP or the Sagas beyond the first box. Only played the first quest of Harad and so on and so forth. So I've got a lot left to tackle haha. but... I. Must. Collect. Them. All!
  4. I tend to do more collecting than playing for any game, even for this game which I've played the most and has been my favorite for years. I'm one of those weird ones who owns every nightmare pack to date, I get them the moment they're available, but I have yet to play any of them (I like to have a complete collection). I'm still playing Easy mode because I'm a scrub. I do intend to use them at some point, someday... Nightmare decks do have some of the best art in the game, so there's that haha
  5. I've been thinking of doing exactly that for a while now adding the removed cards back in and choosing/randomizing the replacements. Having a thicker encounter deck would take the sting out of the nightmare cards a bit (reducing the number of copies is a nice touch too, I like that ). Someone on the CotR discord coined the term "slightmare" and I think that is a fitting name.
  6. I use those pages and they're very good. I even sleeve my cards in FFG clear sleeves and they fit in these pages (FFG sleeves tend to be a bit taller than other sleeves). You can easily fit 2 copies of a card in each slot without much worry (maybe 3 in each if unsleeved?). I also use this binder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C6TH16S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 With that binder I have 40 pages, and can fit another 10 more, but it's already quite heavy with just 40 haha.
  7. Looks like Sauron took a page out of our playbooks to get an upper hand: deckbuilding! Custom built scenarios!? This is very cool. 😀
  8. Ooh, that big mat is cool, even though I already have the fellowship mat. The size of it is quite appealing. Minor annoyance: The encounter discard pile to the left of the encounter deck? Both Quest and Active to the right of that? And then finally the Active location to the right of the Quest?? What the... O_o I do the exact opposite for my setups haha (I do Active, Quest, Encounter Deck, Encounter Discard). I could do without the outlines mucking up the art.
  9. soullos

    New card from Dim Carcosa

    A good card for a grief deck.
  10. yeah, I'm with you. I've only played the first few quests (with the additional PODs too) of the 1st saga box, but I was under the assumption that the quests were designed for a set of heroes who take on the grueling challenge from beginning to end. When I do a campaign mode, that's what I hope to do. Shame the final quests buck that notion... O_o Do permanent boons also transfer when you swap heroes for free in these instances? I would hope so.
  11. soullos

    Rhovanion Heroes

    A bow that does some direct damage and costs 0? Yes please!
  12. soullos

    The Pallid Mask's Scrying Lvl3

    I wish this card was fast too (if only playing cards in this game didn't cost an action) but the ability to scry without taking an action once it's on the field is a much needed change to make the card actually playable. But 3 xp? eh.... maybe, I don't know. *shrug*
  13. soullos

    Digital Card Game Announced!

    One thing that concerns me after watching several of the streams is how disposable the heroes are and how it doesn't seem worth it to play a small ally when Sauron will one-shot it the first chance he gets... >_>
  14. soullos

    Card boxes like arkham

    I know LotR got a card box for one of the event kits, but that was years ago. It's a nice box too. (Glad we don't get those books though for LotR, locking 2 new mechanically different cards behind a book paywall never sat well with me). A box big enough to hold an entire cycle with nightmare would be useful for many players I assume.