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  1. A; largely because my mind is always in the gutter with the other term 🤣
  2. Not a peep from FFG about this and Caleb was unaware of this existing, different rules in certain spots (i.e. drawing 3 cards at setup, their "Golden Rule" of ignore stuff if you don't know etc.) looks sketchy AF.
  3. I know this won't happen, but you know what'll be nice? If FFG just released these packs once a month like it was suppose to be from the start (hasn't been that way for years sadly). We get the last set of cards sooner, and the hiatus starts sooner as well. Just one last nod to the fans instead of languishing and waiting and waiting and waiting. What's the hold up FFG? /rant
  4. So, lately I've been reading my older D&D books, mainly 3e. In there, 3e had a revision early in it's life called 3.5. 3.0 content is still fully compatible with 3.5 content, with just a few tweaks. I wouldn't be surprised if the new iteration for LotR was a revision that is fully backwards compatible. A 1.5 if you will. It could be cleaned up rules, errata and balance for the 1.5 revision and a new way to deliver content that isn't cycles. Hmm... just a shower thought.
  5. Next iteration of the game? At least it's not a second edition, but what could a "next iteration" mean? Slower release schedule like boxes only, no cycles? Crossovers with the digital offerings? Cleaned up rules, as a revised edition but fully compatible? New core set and player facing expansions like a premade deck ready to go and then quest packs similar to Marvel LCG? Return to "X" like expansions? Bundled content so there's less SKUs on the market? Competitive mode being default but expanded? And them taking a break before the new iteration has my cynical self thinking they'll be shuffling around designers, maybe Caleb will jump ship to Marvel similar to what Matt did for Arkham? Hmm... I'm cautiously optimistic. And I guess this is the last cycle? Or do you think we'll see another one squeezed in before now and late 2020?
  6. I wouldn't even call these spoilers, just teasers (if you can call it that) wrapped up in a unnecessary obfuscated poem. It's a throwaway account, this is the only post they've made, so if that's the case and they do have some info, why not go all out and actually reveal something? Until actual spoilers are revealed, I'd give this guy's words a heaping pile of salt. I vote for elaborate troll.
  7. Not sure if this is what you meant by combining the two modes, but lately I have been trying my hand at using nightmare cards but not removing the cards based on the nightmare insert card (any conflicts just randomize or choose before the game nightmare or original version). So that means that the easiest cards (which are normally removed in nightmare mode) are still present and the encounter deck is much thicker so it's harder to combo off devastating results. Guess you'll call it Hard mode or something. If things get a little hairier add extra resources during setup as in Easy mode. It gives me an excuse to use those nightmare cards that have been collecting dust all these years. I do only play solo so I can't comment on the multiplayer aspect.
  8. Now Shipping! FFG also emailed me saying my preorder will ship soon.
  9. Both are fine (plus restricted lists), lots of card games do that. Even Arkham Horror LCG does that now in their most recent FAQ.
  10. I found it curious that they errated earlier cards in the life of the game now (if needed, really, it stings to see the errata but I can see why it was done. But seriously, Steward of Gondor errata please??). Then someone earlier in the thread made an interesting point about the custom scenarios which have competitive formats so now I can see why that might be the case. I've always felt the earliest cards in the game had wild swings of balance. So I guess it's not surprising that now with a competitive mode part of the LCG's roster that we see some way late errata for some old favorites. But then, I thought, if a competitive mode exists, why not also have a restricted and banned list too? I mean, Arkham Horror LCG has such lists in their most recent errata (largely for fun though) so I don't why we can't as well, especially considering we have a competitive mode and Arkham doesn't. I wonder if the new FAQ will have something like that? hmm...
  11. The Hunt is great. I feel any monolore (or with songs) deck I make will include it, unless my threat is too high. Target removal is a nice thing to have even for enemies that aren't big ticket items like mumaks. Sometimes you just rather get rid of an enemy that popped up at the wrong place and the wrong time. Compared to Fierce Defense, I feel this is less limited, or at least there seems to be more variety in decks of monolore with low threat than straight up valour decks to build around.
  12. ooh, some direct damage goodies! New Bilbo looks amazing (barring the 9 threat cost...) and with Sting equipped, yeah that is some consistent direct damage. Add in some goblin-cleavers for extra fun.
  13. Played against a warg/troll custom encounter deck using the cards from Wizard's Quest and Woodland Realm. I only played it once, but those wargs were relentless! A lot of the them have effects that key off having a shadow card with no shadow effect, so many kept bouncing back to the staging area or making additional attacks. Very annoying. In fact 11 of the 35 cards have no shadow effects. The subtle design from Caleb to have it be so synergistic using quick build mode is quite impressive. (I quick build using these seven encounter set: 6, 11, 12, 16, 22, 23, 28). Going to try out the other encounter decks later this week, one with spiders, another with orcs, and the last one being an evil deck of doomed and surging nonsense and a Nazgul. All 4 of these are built at once (no shared cards), so that's awesome.
  14. I'm very curious about Outmatched. It's the only trap I can think of that attaches to the first enemy that engages you, not through staging like other traps. You can easily control who gets trapped/outmatched by optionally engaging.
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