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  1. soullos

    Fellowship Event Question

    From what I understand each kit comes with 4 copies of everything, not 3. (there's even an ebay listing for the entire kit). I hope the store is not keeping a few for themselves to scalp later or whatnot.
  2. soullos

    Worse than I Thought

    Caleb was gave that answer for the quests themselves. I remember seeing that FB post. Still a bummer that the quests are locked behind a CE though...
  3. Just sleeved the Woodland Realm, marveled at the Gandalf playmat, and I plan on giving a whirl tonight as well as the King's Quest using a sidequest Harad deck I found on ringsdb.
  4. soullos

    Journey UP the Anduin (WoR) help

    I hear ya, this quest has been kicking my butt since the Wilds deluxe came out. I eventually beat it recently and sidequests were the key.
  5. I think it largely has to do with the name. It's too similar and that is causing a lot of confusion. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the disappointed players' first look at the game was when the game went into EA and weren't following the game prior to that. To their surprise, it's not the same game. But yeah, a little bit of research goes a long way. As for my thoughts on the game, it's alright. My main gripes is the microtransactions, the name, and the grind. But it's a decent spin-off and has a surprising amount of polish. Plays well. But I can't for the life of me play digital card games. It just feels too 'hollow' (I feel the same with OCTGN). I don't know, it's hard to describe. I just need that tactile feel. And besides, I got my fix of cards disguised as egg shaped tokens bashing each other in the face from Hearthstone, so I doubt I'll see myself playing too much more of this.
  6. soullos

    Inside the collectors box

    Mine was scheduled for Monday as well but then it got delayed. No estimated date atm... >_>
  7. soullos

    Any interest in a solo league?

    ooh! I'd like this give this a go as well. I'm always looking for an excuse to play more. I'm assuming normal mode for the quests (I normally play easy mode, if so I'll have to dig up those gold bordered encounter cards)?
  8. At the moment, yes, it's the only way to get those 2 quests. But I would be shocked if the 2 player starter set wasn't released as a stand alone product at a later date, maybe a year from now. Let's hope it's a timed exclusive.
  9. I don't have it, but maybe FFG designed it that way to fit cards sleeved in FFG sleeves since I know those are taller than other premium sleeves on the market? Or is there too much space even with FFG sleeves?
  10. That is a huge oversight and FFG has no excuse because LotR has two Epic mode scenarios and those clearly say "Note: Epic mode requires three copies of 'blah'". (paraphrasing here, I was just looking at them not long ago).
  11. I don't do progressive style, I like to have all options available. I bought all these cards so might as well use them. I don't play as much as I would like, but it's random of what I will play. Currently the only cycles I've completed are Mirkwood and Khazad. The rest I've dabbled in, mainly the first few quests. I haven't even touched Dream-chaser deluxe/AP or the Sagas beyond the first box. Only played the first quest of Harad and so on and so forth. So I've got a lot left to tackle haha. but... I. Must. Collect. Them. All!
  12. I tend to do more collecting than playing for any game, even for this game which I've played the most and has been my favorite for years. I'm one of those weird ones who owns every nightmare pack to date, I get them the moment they're available, but I have yet to play any of them (I like to have a complete collection). I'm still playing Easy mode because I'm a scrub. I do intend to use them at some point, someday... Nightmare decks do have some of the best art in the game, so there's that haha
  13. I've been thinking of doing exactly that for a while now adding the removed cards back in and choosing/randomizing the replacements. Having a thicker encounter deck would take the sting out of the nightmare cards a bit (reducing the number of copies is a nice touch too, I like that ). Someone on the CotR discord coined the term "slightmare" and I think that is a fitting name.
  14. I use those pages and they're very good. I even sleeve my cards in FFG clear sleeves and they fit in these pages (FFG sleeves tend to be a bit taller than other sleeves). You can easily fit 2 copies of a card in each slot without much worry (maybe 3 in each if unsleeved?). I also use this binder: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C6TH16S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 With that binder I have 40 pages, and can fit another 10 more, but it's already quite heavy with just 40 haha.