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  1. Ooh, that big mat is cool, even though I already have the fellowship mat. The size of it is quite appealing. Minor annoyance: The encounter discard pile to the left of the encounter deck? Both Quest and Active to the right of that? And then finally the Active location to the right of the Quest?? What the... O_o I do the exact opposite for my setups haha (I do Active, Quest, Encounter Deck, Encounter Discard). I could do without the outlines mucking up the art.
  2. New card from Dim Carcosa

    A good card for a grief deck.
  3. yeah, I'm with you. I've only played the first few quests (with the additional PODs too) of the 1st saga box, but I was under the assumption that the quests were designed for a set of heroes who take on the grueling challenge from beginning to end. When I do a campaign mode, that's what I hope to do. Shame the final quests buck that notion... O_o Do permanent boons also transfer when you swap heroes for free in these instances? I would hope so.
  4. Rhovanion Heroes

    A bow that does some direct damage and costs 0? Yes please!
  5. The Pallid Mask's Scrying Lvl3

    I wish this card was fast too (if only playing cards in this game didn't cost an action) but the ability to scry without taking an action once it's on the field is a much needed change to make the card actually playable. But 3 xp? eh.... maybe, I don't know. *shrug*
  6. Digital Card Game Announced!

    One thing that concerns me after watching several of the streams is how disposable the heroes are and how it doesn't seem worth it to play a small ally when Sauron will one-shot it the first chance he gets... >_>
  7. Card boxes like arkham

    I know LotR got a card box for one of the event kits, but that was years ago. It's a nice box too. (Glad we don't get those books though for LotR, locking 2 new mechanically different cards behind a book paywall never sat well with me). A box big enough to hold an entire cycle with nightmare would be useful for many players I assume.
  8. Digital Rules in PDF

    I think the guy who adds the PDF rulesheets fell asleep at the wheel again. >_> This isn't the first time there has been a huge delay. Last time it took months till we saw the rulesheets uploaded.
  9. If any changes to the Core would happen, I would feel a Revised Core would be a safer bet than an actual reboot of the game. Similar to Netrunner. Cleaned up rules, balance of the player cards and quests, and more importantly the rebalance of cards would be the standard going forward for future player cards and challenges for encounter cards. Shift the meta without scrapping it altogether.
  10. Ooh, more direct damage is nice. And it's guaranteed DD, no conditions or setup needed. Even better when you're in valour mode.
  11. At this rate we're on track for the one year anniversary for the announcement article for this AP.
  12. Hour of the Huntress

    *whoosh* Way to miss the point. BD Flory and many others have explained it quite clearly why having cards outside the regular LCG products goes against what LCGs were about - remove the collectable aspect of a CCG. No chase cards/promos, no randomness, no 'haves and haves not'; that's what drew me to LCGs in the first place. Buy a pack each month and the occasional deluxe box and I'm set. Alt art is fine, great even (I still have access to the original so I'm not missing out mechanically), but alt mechanics? Nah, not cool. These chase promos muddy the waters.
  13. Hour of the Huntress

    Exclusive new cards attached to a book I don't have any desire to read. Not happy about this.
  14. I think Fastred and Dunhere will work well together. If an enemy slips by bounce him back with Fastred, reducing your threat, and have Dunhere smack him about.
  15. The ring is also not restricted, which is extremely useful and also means Quickbeam can where the magic ring.