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  1. I found two more errors: Page 170, Recoil Baffling "...The wielder suffers no penalty to hit when moving and firing on full auto." However, Full Auto Burst in the combat section (Pg. 236) does not include any information regarding moving and firing and there being a minus. The second error is that it fails to mention the increased range of jamming. In Semi Auto Burst (Pg. 239) and Suppressing fire (Pg. 239) there is mention of the range being from 94-00 and in the jamming entry "Weapon Jams," (Pg. 246) it says in the note section of the entry, "...Semi Automatic and fully automatic fire also increase the likelihood of jamming. This is described within the Semi-Auto Burst, Full Auto Burst, and Suppressing Fire action." From inferring, one can assume the jamming range is also 94-00, but much like the charging entry, it's nice to have definites.
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