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  1. LotR (complete, including three core sets and all GenCon Expansions) AGoT (one core set as I got it as a birthday gift by someone who has two himself; we're planning on splitting the factions and thus plan on dividing all future cards into two incomplete collections, so I'll soon fall out of this group, since I won't have the majority of cards once the expansions start to hit, but currently I'm a member).
  2. Thanks a lot for some great ideas and suggestions. Very well put, and you gave us some great pointers! I think the most fair way is to give him full flexibility (so that he gets all the nine single playset neutrals you listed above). That way he gets twice as many neutral cards as me, which is exactly how it should be. Anyone else wanting to share their thoughts on the subject?
  3. ...equals one core set, I know, but only mathematically. I just got the core set from one of my brothers for my birthday. He has got two core sets himself, so we have a total of three core sets, just to be able to make every possible deck of the current cardpool. I have an idea which I have only briefly touched on in an SMS to him, but I'd also like to get some advice. I have no intention of playing in ranked play, so I don't feel any pressure to make tournament legal decks, when it comes to loyalty (all other rules should be observed). I'm thinking of splitting the card pool into 2/3 for him and 1/3 for me, but in a way that makes it possible for him to build viable decks (he's probably interested in playing "official" games), while I also get two cool decks that I could play with. I'm looking at letting him choose four houses that will be his main factions, and another two in which he'll get most of, if not all the non-loyal cards. I'll keep the remaining two factions as my main factions, while I get the loyal cards for the two houses that get split. He'll get four "House" factions and two "Banner" factions, while I'll get two "House" factions and two tournament illegal "Banner" factions (the same "Banner" factions as him). He can then split each of his "Banners" in two, so that two "Houses" will share each "Banner". Does anyone have a suggestion on how to split the factions? And what about the distribution of neutral cards and plots? I'm sure some of these work better with some houses than with others. Any help would be appreciated, as we're in no way seasoned veterans in this game.
  4. CJMatos said: You can even ready him to defend again… That's very true. Thanks for the heads-up!
  5. Angus Lee said: You're welcome! And welcome to the game! Wish you enjoy it. I think I will, and thanks a lot!
  6. CJMatos said: Dwarven Axe: tactics attachment - has the upset of being restricted. Hail fo Stones: tactics event; Miruvor: Spirit attachment - it's a little bit out of theme; Ancient Mathom: spirit attachment - to boost your card draw I'm extremely thankful! I think we'll initially go for the Dwarven Axe because it's the only real "dwarven" card of the lot. If we want to mix it up, we now have a few other options as well. Thank you!
  7. Angus Lee said: Take a look at the timing chart at the end of the rulebook, the combat phase are all green except the "deal shadow cards" step, so you can take actions generally during this phase. On pages 18 and 20, resolving enemy attacks and attacking enemies, "Players may play event cards and take actions at the end of each step." Therefore, you can take action, such as readying Boromir, after defending with him. Thank you very much! I only read the rulebook once before I started playing, and never again. Thought it was pretty straight forward. Then, I obviously trusted the timing chart (without consulting it's "heading) too literally, only letting us play actions whenever the timing chart said so. No wonder we're unable to finish any quests except the first one…
  8. It's just as frustrating with Gimli. It would be nice for him to be able to attack in the same round he got hit for three hit points. I know you would need other cards to ready him, but unless it's a response, you can't ready him until all the fighting is done.
  9. I know, but there's no "Action" window between defending and attacking. Meaning, if you decide to defend with Boromir, you cannot ready him until after all the fighting is done for the round. So how do you attack with him in the same round?
  10. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3404 Have any of you tried these two decks in a two-player game? I really like the idea, and I want to try them out, but: 1) There are three Dwarven Tombs and we "only" have two Core Sets. 2) The second deck contains only 48 cards (including the "extra" Tomb), so they either counted incorrectly, or one line's (or maybe even two are) missing from the deck list. These two problems are easy to solve, if you can find the ultimate card to add. Three copies of that single card will fix everything! Now, I only need to find out what that card is… Any suggestions?
  11. OK, what did I miss? I've seen a lot of people talking about using Boromir for both defending and attacking. It's even been mentioned in the official articles here on this web site. Unless there's an errata I haven't seen or noticed, you can't use him for both, at least not in the same turn. So, again: What did I miss?
  12. This post is a reply to Sprenger (as was the last one): Both the Leadership and the Spirit - Aragorn deck have three Wardens of Healing listed. I guess the most natural replacement card is Daughter of…, if not, I'd want your opinion on what card(s) to use instead. If I'm correct, how do you propose to divide these 3 Wardens and 3 Daughters between the two decks? Same problem with the Dunedain Warning. The Elves and Eagles - Tactics deck has listed two of these, while the Leadership deck has three copies listed. What's the best replacement(s), and how do you feel the final five cards should be divided between the two? I'd love to hear your thoughts on these matters…
  13. Fantastic! I've played collectible card and dice games for about twenty years, and I love tinkering with different combinations. Now, however, I'm a family man with three kids. My free time is precious, and my kids are too young to play this game (my oldest one is 8, and English is not our native language). The oldest one is intimately familiar with games like Dragon Dice, Dominion, and the LotRTCG, where I use different "starter sets". These are pretty straight forward, but the LCG is more complex (e.a. more text on each card). I only get to play this amazing game once in a while (about every other month), with one of my younger brothers when he comes to visit us. This weekend, however, I'm going to our cabin, and we are four people playing different games. I don't have time to "waste" on building decks, so your deck lists here are definitely an invaluable resource for us! Thank you very much!!! :)yvind
  14. Thank you very much for your insight and feedback! It's greatly appreciated! I searched for answers to my "question", and finally, I found what I looked for in the Core Rulebook, on page 25, under the heading of Paying Costs. It shows that you're right. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I went through all articles here (official ones) and the Errata/FAQ, and I came up with nothing. I therefore decided to go through the core rulebook again, reading it all the way through, and then suddenly… A bit disappointed, but at least we didn't spend too much time with the idea that we could play with two heroes from each of three different spheres at maximum efficiency. We'll have a look at your ideas in greater depth when we get the time. Thank you!
  15. I should also mention that we use two Gandalfs each in every deck, being the only cards we want to use in more than one deck!
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