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  1. So what are your thoughts about "Vengeful Impulses"? Please dont spoiler all to much, i havent played that one yet..
  2. It just feels really, really unfinished and is far away from reaching its potential. I feel like the basic idea of "Rising Tide" is a really good one! In the beginning it really feels like you would be investigating in a mysterious and deep story. So for the first hour of playing, i was really in love with this mission. But there are some bad mistakes (at least i would call them this way) that FFG did here: 1: The gigantic maps without all to much to find there. And again: The concept is really cool! I did really like the idea of visiting different areas of the city, choose where i go next and so on. But the thing is´: Out of the around 40 search tokens, that are going to appear in every area, only about 3 or 4 are really important for the story. The rest of them is (unfortunately) just a waste of time. A weapon here, another item there... we played this scenario 3 times now and it was evrytime the same: After a few hours of playing all of our investigators had their hands full of equipment... that they didnt need You dont need weapons here! And you also dont need about 95% of the rest that you might find! And that would be kind of okay, if there would be a way to figure out what is important and what is not BEFORE you are interacting with those search tokens. But, to be honest, you can not! Sometimes a token seems to be really important and it turns out to be another wepon (yay!) and sometimes there is a token that seems to be just another useless item and all other sudden it turns to be the main clue for the investigation. It feels really random. And to get so many items that you cannot use did also feel really frustrating =/ Why are they there? It just makes no sense. 2: No one of the suspects does respond to your investigation. Sometimes while you are investigating you have the feeling of finding something really interesting, or you might learn something about one of your suspects. For example (careful! spoiler!) when you find out that Bobby Foster is somehow connected with the marsh - family (end of spoiler). We were really excited when we got that information and walked straight to Bobby to talk with him about that. But we couldnt. You can never. It dóesnt matter what you are finding, you wont be able to have a talk with the suspects about that. But of course i can ask them again and again about what they can tell me about innsmouth and if they did realize something strange xD And all over sudden i completely loose the feeling of really "investigating" here. It feels more like walking from one token to another... 3. The story "variety". If you are going to play the mission multiple times you will see, that the story and a lot of the actions/discussions/etc. are almost completely the same. There are just minor things in the story that are different. But the cultists (in the end) were always completely different and (to be honest) most of the time really surprising for us. What does that mean: You cant solve the case by bour own mind. You maybe wont even guess in the right direction. And about 95% if the main story are not relevant for the investigation for the cultists because they are the same in each round. You just have to hope that you are going to find a proof for the place of the ritual or the cultists. And how do you do that? Just interact with all the search tokens, find a lot of useless stuff and hopefully find an important clue "by accident" That works fine for about an hour. And then it is going to become boring. For about 4 more hours. And thats just not how a mission of this kind should work in my opinion...
  3. Yeah, thats what i did want to say =)
  4. Yeah, true. Still: There is no need to announce it if its not coming! Dont like this...
  5. Same thing here =/ Was excited for one week and now this o.O
  6. Yes, this is one out of two ;-)
  7. Hey guys ;-) this is a question to all of you who do already own the "Beyond the Threshold" - Expansion: How is your experience with the new missions so far? Are they fun to play? Whats about the replay - value? I would love to hear some opinions ;-) All the best, Friedel
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