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  1. I just wanted to drop in and say, that as the original degisner of these unit cards, I could not be more impressed with these card backs. Exactly the look and "functionality" I would have wanted to include with them. Excellent, EXCELLENT work. The Platoon builder on there? Brilliant.
  2. Heh. I just came over here to check too I started a similar thread on BGG to see what kind of feedback we could get: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/958591/close-combat-cover-and-obscurity-priority For those reading this, my interpretation was that since Close Combat negates the effects of Cover, obscurity was no longer checked, and therefore when assigning damage you don't follow any priority like you do in ranged combat - instead, the defending player is free to assign damage to any model since none are obscured. Will be interesting to see what people say, since I can see where Felkor is coming from, but have come to a different conclusion still. I suppose I relate it to the other ways related rules work. For example, you only need to be within range of one model in a unit in order to contribute close combat dice to the attack, however, when assigning damage, the defender can remove models from the unit that are actually more than 3 inches away from any of the attacking models. My understanding of this, was that the players are to assume that the models are actually in a constant state of motion, and therefore while in close combat, they are "figurtively" moving around. As shown here: at 18 minutes and 30 seconds in. So while you might think of some of the models as being obscured, in Close Combat, all of the models are moving around to attack one another, and therefore, can't duck down behind barrels or trees, as all the models are effectively "in the cover" as they actively move about to attack the target unit. As I say though, it's an interesting question and I can certainly see how I could have rationalized this incorrectly.
  3. I run a little video series called Watch It Played and we usually focus on board and card games, teaching how to play a game and then showing it played so you can decide for yourself if the game would be a good fit for you. We also try to involve our viewers in the play through, so you can help us make decisions between episodes. If you want to see any of our past videos, you can easily check out our Geeklist: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/85392/watch-it-played-video-series For this series, we took a slight departure from our usual games and focused on the instructions for the Core Rulebook of Dust Warfare, which many of you hear already know, I am sure. However, I thought some of you might be interested, or for using to help teach new players. Video 01 - Basic Requirements: Video 02 - Units & Movement: Video 03 - Attacking: Video 04 - Suppression and Reactions: Video 05 - Dust Warfare - Army Building, Heroes and Special Abilities: Video 06 - Dust Warfare - The Game Round: Video 07 - Dust Warfare - Setting Up The Scenario/Table: Video 08 - Dust Warfare - Gameplay Begins: Consider subscribing to our channel so that you will know when new episodes are released - I will try to announce new episodes in this thread, but the new videos will likely appear on my channel long before I update the post here.
  4. I don't know if I'm over or under thinking this one. This Special Order says it can only be used for miniatures lost in the previous game turn. Should it say “previous game round”? Otherwise, that would seem to mean to me that if the Axis were the initiating player in the Command Phase, would the previous game turn be, the last End Phase… that seems odd, so would it be the last turn in the previous Unit Phase (which could have been their own turn…)? Or if they were the responding player in the COmmand Phase, would the previous turn be the Initiating players Command Phase that just happened? If so, then if you lose a bunch of troops in the last Unit Phase, but ended up as the responding player in the Command Phsae, you wouldn't be able to use your Order on any of those damaged Units. I always read it as the "previous game round", but since I’m now seeing that the wording doesn’t say that, it’s making me think I made a false assumption. Thanks in advance.
  5. Typically you can divide up the weapons in a unit to attack multiple units, however, it says that in Close Combat, units may only use Combat Weapons with other Close Combat weapons. I'm curious if they've said "UNIT", when they should have said "MODEL". I understand that a model in my unit that uses a close combat weapon can not also use it's ranged weapon to attack another (or the same) target. However, can one MODEL in the unit do a close combat attack while a different MODEL in the same unit does a ranged attack? ie. one Grim Reaper close combats, while a different Grim Reaper in the same unit does a ranged attack against another target (or the same target for that matter). It also says only one unit may be attacked in a Close Combat action, but again, is that on a model by model basis? For example, could I have one model in my unit target "1" enemy unit, while a different model in the same unit targets a different enemy unit that is also within close combat. It seems like if I have my unit spread out (potentially one model could be 12 inches from another and still within 6 inches of the leader) then shouldn't one model be able to be in CC, while another is engaged in a different form of combat? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey gang, sorry I haven't been around much in case people have needed anything from the core set cards. Been quite busy with other projects, but I was contacted and told that the Allied Corps Officer Cards has the wrong infanty class score, which I have corrected and updated (it was 2, I've changed it to 3). All the best, gamers!
  7. felkor said: Yes, they both provide cover. However, if you moved your sniper just that quarter inch forward so it was touching the wall/window, then it wouldn't provide cover anymore. It's always good to make sure your unit leader is touching any terrain that he is close to. Also, terrain rules can pretty much be whatever you want as long as all parties agree. Last week I played a game where we both agreed that the ponds provided cover if you were in them, but not if you drew LOS across them. And that's perfectly fine too. Of for sure, I can see us house ruling a couple things. Just want clarification on the official rules. I'm going to have to skim through the rules again, I'm not clear on how touching the wall would remove the wall as cover. I get if you're touching the wall, but the LOS touchings your base before it tocuhes the wall, than the wall does nothing….
  8. I was playing my first game of Dust Warfare and I feel like i know how the rules are supposed to work, but there was a couple of times it didn't always feel right, and I wanted to clarify. Here are a couple of examples: * I have a sniper in a window and he's shooting through the window at a unit that is standing in an open field. * I have a walker 12 inches away from a unit of soldiers and both are standing in an open field, except that exactly 6 inches between the walker and the unit is an inch wall that tyically provides hard cover. Following cover rules I would draw line of sight from the leader in the unit (the Sniper and Walker in these examples), to each model in the target unit. In both cases I am going to cross some form of cover. In the first example, from my Sniper I am going to cross (almost immediately) the wall of the building I am standing a quarter inch from. For the second example, I am crossing a wall, even though the target unit isn't anywhere near said wall. In both cases, do the targets recieve benefit of cover? Accroding to the rules, it would seem like they do, since we cross a change in terrain (walls, in this case), and I can rationalize it based on streamlining the cover system and techically, I suppose both could provide "some" off-chance form of cover for the targets realistically, but it felt a little funny. Just hoping someone can confirm this is how it works, or that I am missing something obvious. Thanks!
  9. Nice to see the balls been picked up by other great contributors to get the SSU done. Finally had a chance to try my unit cards out in earnest last night. Played by first official game of Dust Warfare, while teaching 4 other people. My allied force was utterly destroyed, so I'm back to the table to work on that, but the cards really made things easier to track. I took the time to write Paolo a message on FB, but never heard back, I would love to be able to update some of the pictures on the ALlied and Axis cards, as I had to grab many of them from fan sites, etc. Anyone know if Paolo would be able to send me some of those, or how best to reach him. Hit me up at watchitplayed (at) live (dot) com if you can. And wow, the new units at GenCon looked great. Even through the glass, they were pretty exciting to see!
  10. I'll be awhile doing those cards, so someone else might want to step up - too busy to do anything with it for a few weeks at least. That said, I've updated the Corps Officers card as well, since I had it listed as command section of an Assault squad, when it should have said Elite squad. Shadow4ce said: 536RodneySmith said: I've re-upped the Crack Shots and the Sniper Grenadier teams so ensure that it is clear that the Spotter ability applies to the entire unit that the spotter model is in. Excellent. Thanks! Btw, I hope you're well rested & bored. Zverograd Campaign Book drops tomorrow. Most stores should get it by Wednesday. I'll be able and happy to help double-check the cards again as soon as I get my book later in the week.
  11. I've re-upped the Crack Shots and the Sniper Grenadier teams so ensure that it is clear that the Spotter ability applies to the entire unit that the spotter model is in.
  12. Shadow4ce said: 536RodneySmith said: Added the Axis Platoon Upgrades card. There. I think that's everything. Time for R&R you deserve before the SSU project hits in the next couple of weeks. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!
  13. Added the Axis Platoon Upgrades card. There. I think that's everything.
  14. I've added three new cards for the Battle Builder that give you the updated Battle Builder rules from the Tournament play document that was just released.
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