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  1. UK Patriot Games Sheffield - 20th Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/181504252304623/
  2. Yeah Vader was where it came up. Seemed REALLY powerful as a combo.
  3. So in effect I could get 3 attacks per round off my e-Web Engineer??
  4. the imperial officer elite says that as an activation it lets a figure interupt to perform a move or an attack. Does the unit have to have an activation available or is this in addition to the figure's normal activations?
  5. I'd love a EU campaign featuring Thrawn and Joruss C'Baoth and then the noghri as some new grunts
  6. I'm coming back to LoTR LCG after a few years out and decided to buy the Saga expansions rather than each AP. One question I can't seem to find the answer about is that in the rules sheet for The Black Riders there is a decklist you can use if you want, which has Sam, Merry and Pippin as the heroes. But in the rules it says you must use Frodo. Is Frodo a fourth hero you must use in the saga adventures? Thanks Kieran
  7. Yeah that was the first thing that made me happy. In my opinion her and Thrawn are the best EU characters ever.
  8. So we now have an idea of how multiplayer is going to work. What do we all think? I like the idea of a 'uber-deck' that a team can fight against. This could make it really fun to play against. But I like the 2 v 2 more from what they are saying. Being able to pass cards across could be good. Especially if they are already out in play - It doesn't mention whether they have to be from your hand I don't think. Image, if you were playing Jedi and your partner rebels. You could play single faction decks and still have the possibility to field both factions.
  9. I don't see how this would come up? On your first refresh you have nothing out which can have a focus token on it to remove??
  10. Well FFG have got a booth and I'm taking a shed load of money down there so I hope so
  11. Just a quickie this one. Han Solo lets you re-roll all your dice once. Target lock lets you re-roll any of your dice. If I have a target lock from my falcon onto an enemy ship, and I roll bad, I can use Han's ability for a full reroll. Can I then use my target lock to re-roll any other dice I want if I don't get what I need?
  12. So, Admiral Akbar has the following "During an engagement, play this unit from your hand as a participating unit on your side' My question is can I play this after the edge battle in the action phase or do I have to bring him out before the edge battle?
  13. A good example of this could be using R2DS to attack and then using Target of Opportunity to deal 1 damage to an objective. While R2 can't deal any damage, if you didn't attack with him you couldn't play TofO. Therefore he should still have to focus as he participates.
  14. DailyRich said: But the text says "deal 1 point of that damage to another target unit instead." Not "target enemy unit," "target unit." So you could deflect that 1 point to one of your own units. I can't recall off the top of my head if such a card exists now, but there may be card effects that trigger when the unit is damaged that the Light Side player might want to trigger on their turn. I agree, but I still think it up to the LS player as the player of lightsaber deflection to say where that point of damage goes.
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