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  1. Yesterday FFG released, under tournament resources, a file called KeyForge Open Play Game Tracker. Here the link: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/75/78/7578dec4-bbc3-45fb-9c95-1450be2bb41f/g19k1_digitalsignup_ffg.pdf I feel a little ..idiot as I can't figure out how to use it. Any help?
  2. Hi Tibia. (SpOrtacus, with the "O", not the "A) I considered Asterion Press, before they were2 acquired by Asmodee and became Asmodee Italia, the best italian publisher. Now they are Asmodee Italia, and I hope they will continue to work like they did in the past, despite of their growing and growing catalog. We will see, both for ex Asterione and for FFG.
  3. Asmodee Italia advertise now only (as far as i know) via their official social accounts. (They closed the "Filo diretto" at the "Tana dei Goblin" forums just some week ago) Keyforge is well publiced on their FB account (I don't have a FB but the posts are readable even without an account) and they officially support a Keyforge Italia FB group. Recently at the Asmodee Showdown, Asmodee Italia give a couple of decks (in english) to several stores. You can try the game if your store attended the Showdown and received the decks. I must anyway admit that there is lack (a big lack) of information on the home page of Asmodee Italia. I don't know what Asmodee France or the publishers of other countries advertise it.... I sometimes look at www.trictrac.net (the biggest french site abouit boardgame that I'm aware) and didn't notice some Keyforge advertising/marketing. Maybe I've just missed them. Sometimes I wander how may opportunity of advertise/marketing we have in Italy. We have only a bymonthly magazine (IoGioco), a site like Tana dei goblin and (a good number of), blogs and you tube channels. We have a news aggregator (giocareinscatola). Check this: https://www.giocareinscatola.it/scheda-gioco/keyforge-call-of-the-archons/3139
  4. It will be in italian too: http://www.asmodee.it/prossime_uscite.php We will not have a national lauch event, but I'll bet there will be many local launch events...
  5. Acrylic double sided promo??? First time I've heard of it....
  6. You can't The answer given by Matthew Newsman is reported here: http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33253-frequently-asked-questions-check-here-first-please/ Here it is: You cannot. It’s not technically a normal neutral card, since it has no level. Roland, for example, can include level 0-5 neutral cards, but cards with no level at all can only be included if something explicitly allows you to (in this case, the Deckbuilding Requirements section of his card). Same goes for scenario specific story-assets; if you earn a specific asset thanks to a particular scenario resolution, you can’t include a second copy of that asset by purchasing another copy of that expansion. (Note: the templating of investigator-specific cards printed in the core set is actually identical to that of normal level 0 neutral cards, i.e. the area for xp pips is still present under the cost. This will be fixed in future printings of the core set to to use the same templating as story assets.)
  7. Some of the recent spoiled card like "It's a trap", "Playing the odds" or "Datapad" don't have the artist info. Maybe the illustrations were not commissioned by FFG (for this game or the other star wars line game) but belong to the pool of images property of LucasFilm/Disney. As far as i know, FFG have always credited the artist in their LCG games....
  8. Force Choke is a blu card and has a die: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/25/f1/25f12ca7-f509-4aae-92d5-9ff53ae797de/swd01_force-choke.png And Millennium Falcon is yellow and has a die too: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/26/60/2660c364-7719-485f-a058-ec9e38fa8630/swd01_millennium-falcon.png I don't think that the colors of the cards represent the rarity of the cards
  9. That's why a ranged attack to an adjacent figure require an accuracy of 1. And that's why with Reach you can attack minatures that are up to 2 spaces away (counted as in Counting Spaces) It's obvious, in the above example, that the two figure are not adjacent since they are divided by a wall and counting space cannot go throgh walls. Edit: typos....
  10. No. I think instead that you were right, not Majushi. Check Ranged Attack (RRG pag. 21) and Counting Spaces (RRG pag. 9)
  11. You're too kind. Even the best tip need to be used by a skilled man. Your use of it is amazing. Oh, just a correction: "Superiorità Tecnologica" belongs to "Carte Classe Imperiale" (Imperial Class Deck), not "Carte Classe Eroe" (Hero Class Deck) Maybe "Carte Classe Imperiale" is too long. If so, you can shorten to "Carte Classe" for both Hero and Imperial. We have the color and the subtitle (Diala, Tattiche Sovversive, etc.) to make them diffent, just as is in french and german. Oh I like the new single card on the box side.
  12. I think you're on the right way with your fancy tray. In the meantime, for the damage of the imperial figures I've bought a (mini) bottle with 100 mini-dice (5 mm). One dice on the base showing how much damege has already taken. It works. The dice come also in many colors so I may use them for distinguish the group too. I like the idea of two matchboxes for the counters, one for setup and one for in-game counter. But I'd prefer that all the side were closed. It seems als to me that setup counters may require more than one tray. If so, what do you think of have one hull for all the setup tray? Again, thank for your work
  13. Just read the manual One card is for campaign only, the other card is for skirmish only
  14. Sure, you just have to convince me why this is better than a standard tuckbox Or just for the sake of variety? Nice site, btw, thanks for the link! I like variety and was looking for an excuse to pass you the link
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