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  1. Hi all; I'm wondering if you could use Telekinesis powers, such as Mind Over Matter, to fly? I've looked through the books and I can find very few powers that give a psyker the ability to fly or float, short of shapeshifting yourself wings with a spell or two. I feel like this misses something out; could you lift yourself with one of the telekinesis powers, provided your mental strength was enough to lift your own weight? And if so, how far/fast could you move, since Mind Over Matter doesn't really say anything about how fast an object moves. I'm looking for something akin to the telekinesis power that appeared in Dark Heresy: Ascension, which allowed you to lift things, throw things and also fly yourself, if I remember correctly?
  2. Well, thanks for your response, but I didn't actually edit my post at all? I do appreciate that most temple assassins are trained from a young age, but the vindicare does have a specific transition package to support people being recruited mid career, and in the case of a group as rare as blanks/nulls/etc... I would imagine that the Culexus would do something similar. As for what I'm looking for, I'm thinking of something a little more custom than just taking one ascended career and putting a different name on it. I'm wondering if anyone has done it before, or has ideas for the kind of skills a Culexus should have, or if there are any cool ideas for talents or traits, maybe an upgrade to the null effect or something.
  3. So, I'm playing an untouchable assassin in Dark Heresy at the moment, and I just took a little time to browse the Ascension careers and I can't really find one that I'm loving, so I thought I'd try and take a look to see if anyone has tried to put together a Culexus Assassin career, but no luck in that area. So, does anyone know of a decent homebrew one that exists, or, if not that, does anyone have any good ideas on how to go about making one? I was thinking of taking Vindicare and fiddling with it a bit.
  4. Hey all, just a question about the Rogue Trader adventures; which ones are actually any good? The reason I ask is because, having played some of the FF 40k premade adventures in the past and been pretty dissapointed with them (namely the Chaos Commandment series), I'd like to know if people have had good experiences with any of them, or at least can point out which ones they would recommend avoiding? More specifically, when we played the Chaos Commandment, we found the story pretty hard for the players to follow, and pretty nonsensical really. We always ended up having to try and understand why something was happening by sitting back and trying to link together pretty unrelated stuff. It just never seemed clear what was going on.
  5. Can anyone explain whether the Thousand Sons preview archetype is meant for play from game start or is it some kind of "advanced" career? It just seems… better?
  6. Of course, any supplies for a mission apart from standard kit probably have to be aquired via the always hillarious munitorum logistics roll!
  7. In the recent one-shot I ran, I saw similar problems. I ended up saying that any specialisation equipment was surplus to regiment standard; ie. ours was drop troops, so everyone had las-carbines, in addition to whatever they picked up from their specialisation. This resulted in some unusual stuff (for instance, an Ogryn with a lascarbine it's impossible for them to use…), but generally, we just regarded it as has been said above: "The regiment is 5000 men strong, the munitorum provides 5000 lascarbines. Whether yours makes it into your standard pack is your own call." As for ammunition, I pretty much planned to vary it based on situation. This was a drop infiltration mission, so I went for 4 clips for all guns they were carrying, but I probably would have erred on the side of 3 clips for a "standard" loadout, as they can always refuel at base mid mission for most scenarios. I think, as in reality, what kind of supplies troopers are issued with depends entirely on the mission parameters.
  8. Obviously, I'm aware Commissars aren't all heroic awesome friends of the average soldier, but they are political officers, they are trained to give rousing speeches and threaten verbosely and with great aptitude. While I agree people don't like them, they couldn't do their job by just striding around, executing people at random and yelling "Moar fighting!". I think Fellowship being their most expensive upgrade is slightly ridiculous.
  9. I think, if things stay the same with Only War, I'm probably going to end up going through all the specialisations and mocking up a list of costs for characteristic advances and seeing whether they match up with what the characters "should" be good at. I've heard similar issues with Stormtroopers and BS. I'd'a thought that crack troopers would also be crack shots…
  10. From the looks of things, and how I felt putting together a Commissar character last night, it may be that, unless FF do the legwork, a lot of GMs might end up reassigning or giving bonus Aptitudes to characters to make sure they're competent. I don't like the idea that Only War is going to have higher XP costs but give more XP per session. That just seems arbitrary and makes things hard to balance with the other games. Why not just make XP costs lower and give the same XP as every other game? With regards to my Commissar, since they don't get Fellowship or Social Aptitudes, Fellowship advances ended up being his most expensive characteristic advance! Seems like someone should have picked that up in playtest at least! I think if I were to play a full game I'd end up giving them at least one of those Aptitudes.
  11. I've had a look at the character sheet for Only War, and in putting together a character it seemed a bit limited. Firstly, there were no spaces to list Aptitudes; I ended up listing them in the Psychic Powers slots, which isn't ideal. Secondly, not much space for information about your Comrade. Lastly, the space to put in gear seems a bit restricted, and it might be a good idea to print on the sheet the standard guardsman's gear that everyone gets, to save space. Just some thoughts!
  12. Okay, so something that's been bugging me since I started looking at Only War is that it seems really hard for Commissars to get fellowship advances. They don't get either the Social or Fellowship aptitude from their career, so unless they get it as part of their regiment, Fellowship ends up being one of there most expensive advances. Considering that they get +5 Fellowship as part of their career, and they're meant to be charismatic individuals (not necessarily likeable, but certainly good leaders), lacking these aptitudes makes it really hard to be good at commanding… Anything I'm missing here? Is there some other source of aptitudes? Or do FF just think Commissars should be grumpy unlikeable gits?
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