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  1. That group includes BC/WA/OR. This is a more local group for Metro Vancouver: https://www.facebook.com/groups/514732972027591/ Both are great to join.
  2. Selling mine here. Will ship anywhere. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111191584490
  3. Well holy crap, time to sell my coin.. I hope it's not too scratched, since we use it all the time.
  4. Always looking for new players in the Vancouver, BC area. There are at least 3 of us that play regularly. Contact me if you're in the area. The more the better with the new multiplayer box coming!
  5. So 1 copy per player who wants to play competitively (assuming those pods are worth playing ), or 1 for the group. Sounds good.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Doesn't the box contain some "normal" 2 player cards? Are there 2 of each Objective set for those?
  7. Cool new preview today, looks like it could be a fun change of pace. The biggest question I have is, how many copies are needed? Will 1 box do for all 4 players, or 1 each?
  8. Good advice, thanks. I think I will re-order by set and number. It just makes more sense for the reasons you mention Istaril. It has the added bonus that things like Season, Naval and other chapter pack themes will naturally end up together. Plus I can see if I'm missing anything.
  9. How do people out there store their cards? If you have a complete collection, it gets rather insane. I have binders with card sheets, 1 per house and 1 for Agendas, Plots and Neutral cards. Multi house cards are all kept together in their own section, as are events (but by house). I think I will put the house only events with that house, but I'm not sure what else to change. I try to keep similarly traited cards together, but ultimately it's difficult as cards share many attributes with many other cards. Anybody else doing something innovative? Clearly what I want is to be able to browse my cards when I'm working on a themed deck and be able to see what might fit. Even if I'm building the deck online, I need them somehow organized logically so I'm not searching endlessly for certain cards.
  10. I'm patiently waiting for the "cancel a capture effect" card. I'm sure there's a good quote in the trilogy for such an event...
  11. Great summary, I agree with most of your points. Suddenly the Sith seem weak(!).
  12. Toqtamish said: Why not the best of both ? Big Red Bus (deck name credit to Ketricel on CGDB, love the name) Vader x2, Emperor x2, Devastator x2, Counsel of the Sith x2, Imperial Command x1, Deploy the Fleet x1. I'll have to check that out, not sure there's enough resources in there.
  13. Unopposed bonus makes trooper swarms more appetizing. I like it.
  14. With the new chapter pack I'm not sure what DS deck I want to take into my quickly approaching local regionals. My choices are: Sith Control 2 x Vader 2 x Palpatine 1 x Council of the Sith (for support) 2 x Killing Cold 1 x Shadows on the Ice 1 x Cruel Int 1 x Imp Command (for resources/support) vs. Navy Capital Ship beatdown 2 x Death & Despayre 2 x Endor Gambit 2 x Deploy the Fleet 2 x Imp Command 2 x mix of Kuat Reinforcements and/or Defense Protocol I've had some great results early with the Capital Ships. They crush objectives like nobody's business, and have plenty of ways to get them out early. Any thoughts? What are you guys seeing?
  15. I'm in. warren12 on OCTGN. I also replied on your TC post.
  16. I play on OCTGN. All of the automation in the OCTGN client requires some getting used to. I'm warren12 on there too.. or PM me here to setup a time to play.
  17. ShivesMcShivers said: I wish Pentoshi Manor was unique +1
  18. dbmeboy said: MasterJediAdam said: Spot reserved for future comment. Man, I need to get my cards; that is what I get for ordering online … You've done a few of these "spot reserved" posts now. I think someone should warn you that this forum's software is completely horrible and often won't let you edit posts after there's a response or tw, making such posts not work so well. If only this forum software allowed you to "subscribe" to a topic… what a space-age feature that would be. I find those reserved posts pretty annoying myself.
  19. What's not to love about Vader and Palpatine? And their pods… Do you find you have enough resources to get those big guns out, plus play stuff like Force Lightning?
  20. Hey guys, I have taken the liberty of starting a google doc for those who want to play online. We can start here by sharing email, languages, time zones, etc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjR2BNXmLnnSdExMVDIxLTFxMktHcmY4ZTN2bEo5ZUE Feel free to add your info, and other columns with additional contact info. I installed mumble but have yet to see anybody else online to start a game with.
  21. Hey guys, PM me with your email addresses and we can start there.
  22. Hey guys, I know there are OCTGN players out there. In Game of Thrones, there is a Skype group that helps somewhat in organizing OCTGN players, discussing strategies, etc. Is there anything like this for Star Wars? Skype doesn't do a great job of group chat, so I'm open to any other options or online community groups out there.
  23. So there are six sleeves, but no Martell. FFG, I am disappoint.
  24. Retype said: I just thought I'd put this here because i can never seem to find anywhere in the lower mainland that hold LCG events. I just got the core set and would love to play with someone who actually wants to play the game (i have a few friends i play games with but they don't really care about star wars). Hey, I'm in Vancouver (downtown). I picked up the core set and I've read the rules but have yet to play. The # of players seems to be limited around here. Do you play at a particular store? Feel free to PM me, I'd love to get playing.
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