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  1. I saw! I looked through armory, and indeed, quite a bit of these are easy enough to modify based on campaign, from the base table. I still need to get started on Only War myself, given I have Only War, Black Crusade and Rogue Trader on the brain. Edit: I DO love what was done with Wrath and Glory, but some of this was already done in the Rogue Trader - Into the Storm, in terms of sanctioned Xenos, and Ork Freebooters working with the Inquisition and Rogue Traders.
  2. This is excellent! I will look into this at once, it seems great! Might use this next time I have vampires in a campaign since I love the way that they are handled in The Masquerade.
  3. AH! Found it! This is the collected Weapon Table from Page 251 from the Index of the Inquisitor's Handbook that has every single weapon from the game up to that pdf's release for your perusal.
  4. Loving every bit of this, can't wait! Also my group who plays Dark Heresy 2 might have input on gear and items. I see a few firearms missing from that can be found in The Inquisitor's Handbook in Chapter 6 "War Zones" page 177 is the table. and Warzone Infantry Gear Page 182 of the same PDF. The Lathe Worlds book has some amazing gear, especially for Tech Priest types, and other cybernetic beneficiaries. Integrated Ranged weapons is on page 60 of The Lathe Worlds Page 66 of The Lathe Worlds has some Cybernetics I don't see either. Some servitors on page 68. This book has a lot of stuff, not going to link it all, but figured I would share
  5. This is amazing, love the redesign and new layout! I admit, I am very glad to see Squads, Ratlings and Beastmen, been so long since I have seen them, heck many tend to forget they were ever a thing. They just know Ogryn nowadays.
  6. Give this one a shot. I use it all the time. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/84406117601398784/559519906748432404/Encounter_and_Loot.pdf
  7. Yes, we know about that. I think he means more that the final PDF isn't coming out clearly. Just an example of how it comes out. I have never gotten it to work properly, using any method I have of changing it to pdf.
  8. Yes, I have someone who summons regularly. I like it! It means we have something other than just strain and upgrading checks, or a crit to spend triumph on for magic actions.
  9. Well, I was starting to convert Cthulhu Mythos, that was in the pathfinder system, which is when I realized, I needed to figure what which ones had what ranks of stats and skill, and boom, I made the sheet when converting Father Dagon. I figure, if I can convert Old ones, I can convert anything, and it indeed worked very nicely. Plus I made this little old sheet for a fallout equestria campaign, but it has the rules to create firearms and gives a guess at the price. Weapon Builder.xlsx
  10. Uh, did I ever share this here? I may have gone a bit overboard with this one, but I kind of lost my mind in converting things. I also decided to convert the NPC section of the Starfinder Alien Archives into this too. Once again, I may have lost my mind, a little bit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LssicV7D5VPVagX7GQirnPpgCNNbeta1RO5mLltH4_Q/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Lore wise, it makes more sense for them to have no soul at all, after all, that is indeed why they are immune, as the warp can't affect them. I would keep that the same in 2nd edition, if you want. I run DH2 all the time, and I rule that they are still immune, they also increase upgrade the difficulty of psychic powers used near them once. At least that is how I run them.
  12. Mathadar


    Having looked at it, I do love the talents, and the ninjitsu and so on. If I ever run a campaign using it, will let you know.
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