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  1. Well, I was starting to convert Cthulhu Mythos, that was in the pathfinder system, which is when I realized, I needed to figure what which ones had what ranks of stats and skill, and boom, I made the sheet when converting Father Dagon. I figure, if I can convert Old ones, I can convert anything, and it indeed worked very nicely. Plus I made this little old sheet for a fallout equestria campaign, but it has the rules to create firearms and gives a guess at the price. Weapon Builder.xlsx
  2. Uh, did I ever share this here? I may have gone a bit overboard with this one, but I kind of lost my mind in converting things. I also decided to convert the NPC section of the Starfinder Alien Archives into this too. Once again, I may have lost my mind, a little bit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LssicV7D5VPVagX7GQirnPpgCNNbeta1RO5mLltH4_Q/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Lore wise, it makes more sense for them to have no soul at all, after all, that is indeed why they are immune, as the warp can't affect them. I would keep that the same in 2nd edition, if you want. I run DH2 all the time, and I rule that they are still immune, they also increase upgrade the difficulty of psychic powers used near them once. At least that is how I run them.
  4. Mathadar


    Having looked at it, I do love the talents, and the ninjitsu and so on. If I ever run a campaign using it, will let you know.
  5. Mathadar

    Rogue Trader for Genesys

    This is looking excellent. Given I have a rogue trader in my Kingdom hearts campaign, I linked him to your great work. Sharing this for your benefit, if you ever want to convert anything else. Weapon Builder.xlsx
  6. Mathadar

    Monster Making

    If it helps at all, I took the Pathfinder to Genesys document and extrapolated a bit of it into making a useable sheet. Perhaps someone might use it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LssicV7D5VPVagX7GQirnPpgCNNbeta1RO5mLltH4_Q/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Mathadar

    Castlevania Genesys!

    Sweet! I look forward to seeing more. Hmm, what about the whole holy water and whipping candle mechanic?
  8. Hey, slow progress is better than indefinite hiatus, since I have seen those, and been on the receiving end of those. I am very glad to just hear its not dead, and its being worked on. One RPG I was following for many years, they took a new teaching job, and then its been stone cold dead, as he said indefinite hiatus "this is not the last time you shall hear" and that was 3 and a half years ago.
  9. I am going to keep my ear to this, because I do love it so. I am already planning to run some of this, and the system for Vampires and Lycanthropes, is just too good not to use elsewhere.
  10. W&G looks interesting, but I am still very much a fan of converting more over to Genesys, given how much Warhammer 40k benefits from a Narrative Dice structure versus the hard pass fail dark heresy structure it was going with originally.
  11. Mathadar

    Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    Why not just use
  12. Mathadar


    Ok, so from the City of Heroes inspired approach we have Damages Ranked like the following, which can be used to help bring abilities over, or at least figure out what kind of Average damage we want to help work on difficulty of the check and what bonuses to add, since on average your primary weapon stat is 3. Melee Attacks Light (DMG 1) (Usually minimal damage, but with several abilities for buff/debuff.) Minor (DMG 1) Moderate (DMG 2) High (DMG 3) Superior (DMG 4) Extreme (DMG 5) (Very Rare to see, usually capstone abilities that are either prepare, slow firing, or exhausting (lose strain) to use) Ranged Attacks Light (DMG 4-5) Minor (DMG 6-7) Moderate (DMG 8-9) High (DMG 10-11) Superior (DMG 12-13) Extreme (DMG 14-15) (Very Rare to see, usually capstone abilities that are either prepare, slow firing, or exhausting (lose strain) to use) Example of a converted Brute Power Table **Battle Axe** (10 EXP) Beheader (+2 DMG, M:Heavy, Knockdown) (10 EXP) Chop (+3 DMG, M:Heavy, Knockdown, Slow-Firing 1) (10 EXP) Gash (+4 DMG, M:Heavy, Knockdown, Slow-Firing 1) (15 EXP) Build up (+ and +1 on attack roll until end of next turn, Slow-Firing 2) (15 EXP) Swoop (+4 DMG, M:Heavy, Knockdown, Slow-Firing 1) (20 EXP) Taunt (Make Coercion check (not sure what difficulty to make it), targets foe and all foes engaged with target, they must make you the target of their next attacks if the check succeeds, Slow-Firing 1) (20 EXP) Whirling Axe (+2 DMG, M:Heavy, Blast 2, Knockdown, Slow-Firing 1) (25 EXP) Cleave (+5 DMG, M:Heavy, Knockdown, Slow-Firing 1) (25 EXP) Pendulum (+4 DMG, M:Heavy, Knockdown, Blast 4, Slow-Firing 1) Let me know what you think, but if this tract covers well, I can figure out for the minions what their attacks will be, to basically build their weapons/attacks and price them accordingly, because its using the same concept for the spread of weapon damages. Next time I will do a ranged example.
  13. Mathadar


    Ah. I see now. I was more in desire of creating up to 6 minions 1 Rival Bruiser 2 Rival Enforcer 3 Minion Thugs 10 (Gang War) which can be run as a swarm so less individuals, like say 3 minion group of 4 or 5 max. I have been trying to figure out how to do larger minion groups for a PC control. I am fine with setting up before a battle and using the narrative concentration maneuver. I was looking at a way to not constantly spend strain on summoning them. This also applies to Necromancers and their zombies, Robot Minions (I saw you included a Robotic Butler as an option) I basically figure first turn summon weakest, then stronger, then stronger. I even had an idea for Augmenting them to help fill in the Mastermind's Equip (Minion/Rival) and Upgrade (Minion/Rival) Mechanic. If not, perhaps could do talents similar to the Signature vehicle stuff, but with summoned minions/rivals where they boost stats, similar to the robotic butler you described. Basically, if they do Superpower (Conjure) then they can't equip or upgrade, which I DID plan to use strain for that, given it gives them new abilities.
  14. Mathadar


    This has come such a long way. I love it. Mind if you try and adapt the hero that uses minions? Sort of like how Ant Man can use swarms of ants, or a mastermind has his own thugs/ninjas/zombies/robots that he can use to fight for him. Reference: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Mastermind
  15. Mathadar

    Expanded Archetypes for Genesys

    Looking good! I have had a few players make their own archetypes, and these fit nicely in with the base ones.