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  1. Squats, and Ratings, heck yes! Complain all you want about some of the design decisions for including Dwarves and Halflings back in the day, but man did they add more variety to the Imperial Army. I love myself some Beastmen from Warhammer TD, so its fun to see them in this edition as playable. Looking very good as always! Keep up the great work! The campaign I was using the 2nd edition rules sadly fell apart, due to lack of interest on some of the players, but I do plan to use these again in the future for another campaign now with 3rd edition rules! Oh, and I wanted to share this, though I have no idea if you will ever use it, it is something I used to use back in the day, and it does give some interesting concepts you can carry forward, or not, at your leisure. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KFy979VNbX7Bfi17x4KcyC2OMbrJX7m_/view
  2. This is indeed fascinating. I look forward to seeing more!
  3. Very much appreciated, been keeping up with the updates. I noticed a few earlier posts, but wanted to clarify that even though FFG is dropping their RPG division, Asmodee is already amping up for continuing the work. So, expect developments in the coming months from them. Not sure how the forums are going to be, if they are going to rebrand, or if they are going to shuttle them here, and move to the asmodee forums. Till then, business as usual on our end at least, but definitely keep backups for anything you don't want to lose. Edit: Forgot to say, my bet is that its going to continue here, because Asmodee keeps links to the companies they own on their site and links directly. So FFG is linked from them, and will likely put money into RPG thus allowing them to either do it IN house, or OUT of house. Likely there will be a big announcement of their future plans, we shall see. I hope its more like the Black Industries to FFG jump for Dark Heresy, rather than the Star Wars D20 to FFG jump that wiped out much online content requiring a lot of work to find archives of it.
  4. My wife is also working on one for Genesys system, if it goes anywhere I will post what we have too. Right now its still in planning stages to see how we can handle some of the more complicated parts of Pokemon, or at least address them in system.
  5. Looking great! Love the Adversaries collection, and found the use of the template Glowing and Scorched to be useful as well.
  6. I saw! I looked through armory, and indeed, quite a bit of these are easy enough to modify based on campaign, from the base table. I still need to get started on Only War myself, given I have Only War, Black Crusade and Rogue Trader on the brain. Edit: I DO love what was done with Wrath and Glory, but some of this was already done in the Rogue Trader - Into the Storm, in terms of sanctioned Xenos, and Ork Freebooters working with the Inquisition and Rogue Traders.
  7. This is excellent! I will look into this at once, it seems great! Might use this next time I have vampires in a campaign since I love the way that they are handled in The Masquerade.
  8. AH! Found it! This is the collected Weapon Table from Page 251 from the Index of the Inquisitor's Handbook that has every single weapon from the game up to that pdf's release for your perusal.
  9. Loving every bit of this, can't wait! Also my group who plays Dark Heresy 2 might have input on gear and items. I see a few firearms missing from that can be found in The Inquisitor's Handbook in Chapter 6 "War Zones" page 177 is the table. and Warzone Infantry Gear Page 182 of the same PDF. The Lathe Worlds book has some amazing gear, especially for Tech Priest types, and other cybernetic beneficiaries. Integrated Ranged weapons is on page 60 of The Lathe Worlds Page 66 of The Lathe Worlds has some Cybernetics I don't see either. Some servitors on page 68. This book has a lot of stuff, not going to link it all, but figured I would share
  10. This is amazing, love the redesign and new layout! I admit, I am very glad to see Squads, Ratlings and Beastmen, been so long since I have seen them, heck many tend to forget they were ever a thing. They just know Ogryn nowadays.
  11. Give this one a shot. I use it all the time. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/84406117601398784/559519906748432404/Encounter_and_Loot.pdf
  12. Yes, we know about that. I think he means more that the final PDF isn't coming out clearly. Just an example of how it comes out. I have never gotten it to work properly, using any method I have of changing it to pdf.
  13. Yes, I have someone who summons regularly. I like it! It means we have something other than just strain and upgrading checks, or a crit to spend triumph on for magic actions.
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