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  1. Are the existing expansions only available as print-on-demand?
  2. I own Lord of the Rings board game and love it. Is The Hobbit board game worth getting? Incomparison, at first glance it seems simplified.
  3. Just curious. My gaming partner and I have played this several times and have yet to get to the point of actually fighting the Kraken. We've successfully escaped the submarine twice in all the times we've played the game.
  4. My gaming partner and I have found a good strategy in focusing on eliminating the monsters that appear at the beginning of each game board. If you defeat all 30 monsters you win the game regardless of whether or not Frodo makes it to Mount Doom. We've won a few times using this strategy. We've also found that the more players one has, the easier the game is by default.
  5. Aurora, Colorado here. Thanks for setting this up! My Descent games are still in the shrink, just screaming from their plastic and cardboard prison to be set free and played!
  6. I just purchased a new copy at a local game store in my city. It's also still available at online retailers like Amazon.com. It's out there, don't know for how long, though. It's not a very well-known game, although it is quite fun, strategic, and flavorful. The artwork reminds me of The Dark Crystal.
  7. Can I just say that it's great that this card game appears to be set primarily during the original trilogy timeframe?
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